American Idol 14 – Vote To Send A Singer to Hollywood

Check out the latest “twist” for American Idol 14:



This year, for the first time ever, AMERICAN IDOL XIV is letting fans choose one hopeful who will receive a coveted ticket to Hollywood via an online vote. IDOL has once again combed the country to discover the best breakout talent, but America can choose among four new contenders who have been added to the mix and given an opportunity to advance to Hollywood Week.

Check out the audition videos and vote now at You can also vote for your favorite contestants using the hashtags found on on Facebook or Twitter. See the four hopefuls sing their hearts out and tell America about themselves for a chance to claim the “America’s Choice” Ticket to Hollywood.

The videos will remain open for votes until 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Additional information and how to vote can be found by visiting

Maybe it’s just me, but I could not get the videos to play. The names of the hopefuls are Emily Claire Schlesinger from Dallas TX, Kay Leon from Brooklyn, NY, Raven Symone Basden from Miramar, FL and Tyler Clark from Ephraim, Utah.

I’m assuming these videos came from hopefuls who applied online? The press release from FOX, above, doesn’t specify. As we spoiled recently, the Hollywood Round will begin in Los Angeles on October 25.

American Idol has posted the Video to You Tube:

Kay Leon – Does Kay Leon have what it takes to go to Hollywood? You be the judge! Watch as she sings a soulful rendition of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy.”

Raven Symone Basden sings Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”

Emily Claire Shlesinger sings Disclosure’s hit song “Latch.”

Tyler Clark sings “Impossible” by Shontelle

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  1. I was going to ask how they decided on which hopefuls the public is allowed to vote on. Why just these 4 auditioners?

  2. the vids don’t work for me either, but I did find YT vids for Emily and Kay (Emily is better :o )

  3. Since the show is not currently airing, how are they notifying the general public about this contest?

  4. it hit my facebook feed just long enough for me to copy/paste… then the post disappeared… maybe someone jumped the gun with the announcement… but… we only have until tuesday to vote

  5. Was it a promoted post or do you “like” Idol and get all their posts in your feed?

  6. This sure looks as if it’s aimed at the active-engaged fans, not the general public.

    FWIW, I can get the videos to play in Chrome, but I’m at work so not putting sound on right now and not sure I’ll bother later.

  7. Ultimately, it will come down to which of the 4 singers has the most social media juice.

  8. Raven and Tyler’s videos don’t work for me, but Kay isn’t very good. Looks like this is going to be a slam dunk win for Emily.

  9. So I checked these vids out.
    Emily has one of those pretentious affected voices, I lasted 30 sec. Yuck.
    Kay has a nice look but an average, nothing special voice, kinda boring.
    Raven was funny, but her voice wasn’t good.
    The dude Tyler made me laugh the most. He’s a dweeby WGWG type with a wimpy voice and his video was shot in his bathroom (the shower curtain behind him was distracting, lol.)

    Not really impressed with any of them to be honest.

  10. “Not really impressed with any of them”

    Why those four? They are all fodder, nobody has a spark to catch the attention. Is this the caliber of talent the New Producers are planning on sending to Hollywood this season? DISS – appointed already.

  11. the big question I have is… will the winner of the “coveted ticket to Hollywood” get sent home from the airport hangar? that would be so awesome…

  12. I’ve been assuming they’re all fodder and this whole vote is just to see how gals of various configurations fare against a WGWG, with Idol’s core audience.

    Trying to get Idol viewers to make some sort of preliminary emotional investment in a contestant and then smashing it would also be totally in line with the current producers’ way of doing business.

    This is why I feel my time is better spent speculating on What It All Means than on actually listening and voting as such.

  13. maybe you and I are the only ones that noticed it’s a WGWG against 3 “gals of various configurations”…

  14. Lol. The actress has been out, she spoke with Oprah regarding the “labels” people are obsessed with giving others.

  15. lol, without checking out the vids I’m assuming this isn’t Raven Symone the actress but someone who was probably named after her?

  16. I rejected your advice and now regret it. I made it through about 15 seconds of singing from each one before deciding that my life would be equally complete and fulfilling if I didn’t have to hear any more of that.

    Let us not forget that for the past two seasons, I’ve been in the minority with mostly liking and praising the Top 5, so it’s not like I’m ultra-picky at this stage in the game. Bleh.

  17. But he’s the most ridiculous of the 4, IMO. If that was the ‘plan’ why not put up a more serious WGWG contender against them instead of a ‘S12 type’ of contestant? Seriously, all he’s missing is one of those stupid little hats.

  18. “But he’s the most ridiculous of the 4, IMO. “

    Exactly. They all have problems; he has the most problems. None of these are serious…I hope. That would be too sad.

  19. my guess would be that’s just part of the plan… this is simply a test balloon being floated past the fervent few to see how many “real” WGWGs need to be in the final mix…

    the “real” WGWGs are being kept in a secret location underneath an abandoned Nicaraguan drug cartel airport hangar…

  20. I voted for Kay the prettier and less whiny voice tone version of briana Oakley her runs could be a threat in the competition

  21. Not really sure who I’m gonna vote for, if anybody.

    Emily wishes she were Sara Bareilles basically. When she belts, though, she goes more generic which is what her voice really is. I made it through 3 min of that song, about 2:30 more than most it sounds like, and it started to repeat again at which point I went ‘oh heck no.’ If those are her songwriting skills, she needs to pick it up. She’s no Kez Ban, Angie Miller, or Jessica Meuse. Not as bad as that guy who blew his wild card shot by singing one of his own songs for the judges and making America go ‘oh God, no more songwriting for you, ever.’

    Kay’s actually better than she seems here, I think. Her lower range is not strong, and she’s trying to be Beyonce, but the breath support needs work. She needs to not go 0 to 60 when she hits the chorus when it come to volume. Her voice is more pop than she’s letting it be. Calm down with the attempts to sound like ya got soul. She needs to act her age rather than try to be precocious-Beyonce.

    Raven, just, no. If you’re gonna upload a video of you singing, I’d try not to do it where I sounded that flat if it were me.

    Don’t hate me but Tyler’s voice is actually more interesting and in tune than the others. It’s got a curious tone. He just needs to get work on his breath support. He’s got lousy technique but if he could just get that in gear, he wouldn’t be getting slammed for intonation by Harry, that’s for sure. My bigger concern would be his commercial viability because I personally wouldn’t put him in country. There’s not the natural twang (well, not in this song at least, maybe in a country song it’d come out). Might not do Idol any favors if he did make it. It’d be the kind of guy that would win and then go nowhere because how do you market him? He’d need to skew hipster with his vibe to make anything happen and is he really ready for something like that? To seem like an artist? He’s no Alex.

  22. Of course it’s not the real actress. If I were her, I’d let the name thing be a way to get people’s attention, even with a snicker, then cut it to Symone Basden. Raven Basden (long A on Basden as she says it) just sounds weird.

  23. Thank you for your analysis. Why would Idol go through all this trouble to present below par singers? When are they going to get serious? Is this a test just to see who is looking forward to Season 14?

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