American Idol 14 Top 6 Polls – Who Goes Home? Fav Performance (PHOTOS)


Tonight went just as most of us expected. Rayvon Owen and Quentin Alexander in the bottom two, singing for the twitter save. Rayvon Owen saved for the 4th week in a row. Quentin’s fate was sealed last week after judge Harry Connick Jr. called him “disrespectful.” I think that’s all it took to end Quentin’s run on Idol. Even if he had kept his mouth shut, he still would have been punished America. Because if Harry says Quentin was being disrespectful, then he must have been. The end.

He didn’t really make it any worse, trying to clarify his intent. No, Harry. I don’t think American Idol is wack. I’m upset that my two friends are in the bottom 2! Nevermind that Ryan Seacrest got the ball rolling by goading Quentin to explain why he looked upset. “You looked like you were going to hit Harry!” said Ryan afterward, adding fuel to the “angry black man” fire. Because, yeah, there were a ton of racial overtones to this whole scenario. Reading comments on several sites made me really uncomfortable, if I’m being honest here.

I will never understand some viewers desire for their American Idol contestants to be bland and obedient. For a minute there, I was really starting to believe that a talented, quirky artist could go far on the show. I remember writing early on that Joey and Quentin and their freewheeling, unconventional ways would be too much for America. And alas. I was absolutely correct.

At some point, I’m going to do a longer post mortem on the season. But in short, the new format isn’t working. Mixing the results up with the performances equals extra nervous contestants. The performances have really suffered. And this twitter save thing has been a bust. It works better on The Voice, because it’s between THREE contestants and one is saved. Rayvon ending up in the bottom and winning the save every week is probably NOT what the producers were expecting. Every week Scott Borchetta swears Rayvon can’t survive another bottom 2 appearance. Every week he’s been wrong.

I’ve been a big defender of Harry Connick Jr. all season, now he’s just annoying me. His antics, his ego, his often rigid analysis. It’s just annoying me. Another season of American Idol gone wrong. That makes me sad.

Tonight’s performances: What were your favorites? For me, it was Jax “White Flag” and “Boyfriend” from Clark Beckham. I’d give Quentin Alexander an honorable mention for his take on “Shake it Out.” Rayvon Owen’s “I’m Not the Only One” was right in his wheelhouse. His “Go Your Own Way” was probably the worst of the night, though.

What are your favorite performances? Vote for your favorites! Also, who do you think will leave the competition next week? Sound off below.

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