American Idol 14 Top 11 Redux 80’s Week Song Suggestions

AMERICAN IDOL XIV: TOP 11: L-R: Adanna Duru, Maddie Walker, Joey Cook, Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani, Daniel Seavey, Rayvon Owen, Quentin Alexander, Jax, Tyanna Jones and Qaasim Middleton.  CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © FOX BROADCASTING CO.

What’s up, guys?? It’s Adam here again with song suggestions for 80s week! The American Idol Top 11 are back (after last week’s save of Qaasim Middleton) and preparing tunes to perform on Wednesday’s (March 25) two hour performance/results show airing at 8/7c pm on FOX.

Is anyone else really afraid going into this week of competition? The fact that 2 (!!!!) contestants are going home this week while a mediocre singer (but a good performer) will get to ride waves of safety for at least two or so weeks, has me super worried for a few of my favorites. I’m not going to go into my frustration with how the save was used (SARINA DESERVED IT MORE), but I will just sum up my thoughts about it short and simple: if you are not going to give it to someone who could actually win the show, then don’t use it at all. Unfortunately, we are now open to a Pia like situation where someone who actually can win gets booted, but I’ll try to stay positive and just hope Daniel and someone else who never had a chance of winning goes home. Anyway, on to the theme week!

I think I might be in the minority, but 80s week is actually one of my favorite Idol themes, no matter if it has been done to death. For me, the 80s is my personal favorite decade of music, and I could go hours listening to songs from that era. Anyway, since 80s week has come to Idol 14, I have compiled a list of suggestions for the Idols! I tried hard to steer away from those really overdone songs (even though we ALL know someone is going to end up doing a song like Against All Odds, True Colors or Alone), so please don’t beat me up in the comments. I hope you enjoy my suggestions!

Adanna Duru

People are saying they are worried about Tyanna this week, but for me, I am more concerned for Adanna. Nothing against Tyanna, I just think Adanna is more at risk this week. Adanna has been doing pretty well lately, but I’m really nervous about the death slot and Daniel’s fans being her downfall. If she does get to perform this week, she really needs a solid moment to try and get her into front runner status, because if not, I worry she is destined for a 9th, 8th or 7th placing at most.

1- We Belong, by Pat Benatar. I think Adanna could slay this song. I would love to hear what she does with it.

2-  My Prerogative, by Bobby Brown. Adanna said on Twitter that she is bringing back the claws this week, so I feel like she will be doing a song like this. If she goes with this I think she could pull it off.

Clark Beckham

Clark is in an amazing position going into this week. The singer has been consistently solid without any major missteps, and I think this week, like the others, he will deliver again. I really hope the judges tell him he still has room to grow, because I still want to see something completely out of his comfort zone one week, like a dramatic rearrangement or something.

1- That’s All, by Genesis. I love this song and I would love to hear what Clark does with it.

2- (I Just) Died In Your Arms, by Cutting Crew. It would be a different kind of song for Clark, but I think he could still pull it off.

Daniel Seavey

Oh, hey look! Daniel is still around! I still can not believe Scott Borchetta, or anyone behind in production for that matter, did not tell Daniel last week that a song with the lyrics “best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand” and “so let’s get drunk” might not be so age appropriate for him to sing to millions of teenage girls across the US. Anyway, I don’t want to bash the kid any more then he has already gotten from everyone else, because after all, he can’t really be blamed for still being in the competition. That fault lies in the people who keep voting for him over other brilliant singers (coughsarinacough). The thing is, he is here…. and he probably will be for a (hopefully) short while more. Lets just get on to the songs.

0- Never Gonna Give You Up, by Rick Astley. Just kidding, but oh my gosh this would be hysterical!

1- When You Say Nothing At All, by Keith Whitley. A sweet, simple and tender song. Daniel would not need to do much with this song to produce a pleasant and enjoyable product, so I think it would be a fit.

2- Don’t Dream It’s Over, by A Crowded House. Picking a song for Daniel this week is tougher then any of the other contestants! Anyway, this song is best in how simple it is. For Daniel, I think if he connects, he will be able to really to pull of a believable sweet performance. What song would you like to hear Daniel do?


After the Thursday Idol show, I actually got the privilege to get a phone call from JAX herself! After all my annoying fanboying and blabbering, before she hung up the phone, I got to ask her a few questions and gave her my suggestions for what I wanted to hear her sing during 80s week. She responded super nicely that she had already chosen her song for the week, but gave me a coy hint before she hung up. My suggestions for her this week will reflect that hint that she gave me.

Spoiler alert: It is a Bon Jovi song.

1- I’ll Be There For You, by Bon Jovi. My number one pick for JAX this week, I think she could crush this amazing song.

2- Living On A Prayer, by Bon Jovi. I see you starting those negative comments! Let me explain first!


I only suggest this song for a slow piano driven arrangement and reinterpretation! I would love if she did something that isn’t a rock version of this song, because I think it would earn her huge artistic points with the judges. I feel like this is going to be the song she has chosen for this week, so I just hope she does something different with it if she decides to go there. Please slow it down and bring back the piano for this song, JAX! I really just hope above anything else that she does not decide to go with You Give Love A Bad Name and sing it straight as the original.

Joey Cook

Joey is amazing me, week in and week out. At top 16, I thought I would grow bored of her, but she just keeps on impressing, and her performances have been absolutely phenomenal! I am at a point right now were I honestly would not mind seeing Joey possibly in the final 3 or even 2. Keep it up Joey, you now have my undivided attention! It is like she has suddenly just realized in the past few weeks how good she truly is, and now that she has, she is hungry for a competition.

1- Every Rose Has Its Thorn, by Poison. This would be an interesting song to hear Joey take on. I’m curious what she would do with it.

2- Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns And Roses. There are some versions of this song I found online that are slowed down, and even piano driven that have moment written all over them. I found a particular version that I would love to hear Joey take on by a band called Taken By Trees, which I suggest you look up. This is my dream song to hear her sing sometime this season.

Maddie Walker

Poor Maddie, this week has not been kind to her. Amidst a week of controversy regarding how serious her condition was, she really got dumped on by the judges for her performance. For the latter, Maddie really needs to take most of the blame though, I mean, why would the ONLY country singer in the competition not stick to country music as close as Guy Fieri sticks to food shows!? I don’t want to pile on Maddie, because I have heard some harsh words said about her, but if she is lucky enough to perform again this week, she needs to write country all over herself. Her performances need to scream “I am country!” or she will be leaving, if not already this week, then very soon.

1- Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ol’ Days), by The Judds. A great emotional country song from the 80s is the exact kind of song Maddie needs to do this week.

2- He Stopped Loving Her Today, by George Jones. This is a very emotional country song from the 80s that can really pull at the heartstrings. Maddie has a hard time trying to emote, but if she can figure out how to give a believable performance, she should be good.

Nick Fradiani

Nick is one of my top 2 favorites going into top 11 redux week, but I acknowledge he has a bumpy road ahead on his Idol journey. Nick’s main hurdle in the competition this season is Clark, and if he was not in the picture I would say Nick is the obvious WGWG destined to win this season. However, with Clark here, he is splitting those precious WGWG votes and honestly, in the past few weeks he has been coming up short of him. Nick needs a moment fast to pass Clark, because one of them is probably going to be going home before the top 5 so the other can win. This kind of reminds me of how in season 11 they built up a similar scenario with Colton (Nick) and Phillip (Clark), and we all know how that turned out. I love Clark and Nick a lot, they are even my favorite top 2 guys, and even though I know down in my heart that Clark is destined to be the one to go further, I still want to see Nick give him a run for his money.

1- Faithfully, by Journey. Look, I know this song is dangerously on the border of being one of those aforementioned overdone songs, but what Nick needs right now is a moment and I really think this song could give him one. If he put down the guitar for this song and connected with the words it would be a total moment.

2- Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns And Roses. I suggested this song for Joey, but I would equally love to hear Nick take on the same kind of interpretation. Pulling it back and going for the moment song is what I think Nick should try to do this week. I really want to hear Nick take this song and switch it up into a slowed down emotional version. People sometimes miss out on how powerful the lyrics of this song are because they are so amazed by that boss guitar solo at the start, so if Nick took the guitar part out and slowed it down focusing on the lyrics I think it could be amazing.

Qaasim Middleton

MJ summed up in her recap exactly what I think Qaasim should do going forward after receiving the save. For Qaasim, what he should do now, is ignore all advice to strip down songs to show his vocal ability, because there is none. Qaasim should ride this out and keep doing these fun high energy performances for as long as it will last him. Qaasim should go as crazy as he can with the performances and antics, because that is the only area that he really does well in. If he tries to slow a song down all it will do is expose his lack of singing ability even more, so the safest thing Qaasim should do from now on is just play to his strengths.

1- Smooth Criminal, by Michael Jackson. Dance and put on a show. Just keep doing what you’re doing and ride this as long as it will carry you.

2- Bad, by Michael Jackson. I just really want to see him do an MJ song this week if you can’t tell. Qaasim needs to stick with the songs he can put on a show with.

Quentin Alexander

Quentin is the man. Every week, he has come out and given us something different and amazing. All I can really say about him, is I’m just excited to see what he does next. I think I picked some songs he could really pull off. Take a look.

1- Everybody Wants To Rule The World, by Tears For Fears (Lorde’s version). Lorde has a super dramatic take on this 80s hit, and I would love to hear Quentin’s take on it.

2- In The Air Tonight, by Phil Collins. I know Phillip Phillips took on this song a few seasons back, but I really think Quentin could have a totally different take on it. It would be interesting to see what he would do with it.

Rayvon Owen

I’m worried for Rayvon this week. He is in serious danger, and what looked like a clear frontrunner back at the auditions is now starting to flounder, and personally, I’m finding it kind of heartbreaking to watch. I had high hopes for Rayvon this season, and what has just keep putting holes in his boat are his subpar song choices! If Rayvon gets to perform this week, he needs to go balls to the wall and have a moment, because if not, I think we will be saying goodbye soon.

1- Listen To Your Heart, by Roxette. A slow piano driven version would work wonders in showing how amazing of a singer Rayvon is. I just hope he picks a good power ballad this week if anything else.

2- Take On Me, by a-ha. I would really like him to slow this song down just a beat or two so he won’t feel rushed doing it. That said, I think he could slay this song.

Tyanna Jones

Tyanna had an off week, and while many people are worried for her, I think honestly people should be more worried about Maddie, Rayvon, Daniel and Adanna. I mean, come on! One off week doesn’t end a contestants’ nearly perfect run!-

*ring ring ring

Where did this phone come from? Hello? Oh hey, Sarina Crowe!!!!….. Oh…..

I kid of course, but I really hope Tyanna is safe this week. It would be a crime for her to go home so early, and I think she would definitely win the award for most robbed-

*ring ring ring


1- What About Love, by Heart. Yes people, I know it is overdone, but you are going to have to face that no matter how overdone some of these songs are, some contestants are inevitably gonna end up singing them come Wednesday. That said, Tyanna could slay this song.

2- We Got The Beat, by The Go-Go’s. Before Tyanna tried to strip it down with Circle of Life, she was slaying those uptempo high energy songs. I really want her to go back to doing those kinds of songs, so this one I think would be great for her to start with.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Are you pissed about who the save was used on, or do you think it was the justified right choice? Sound off in the comments! Thanks for reading again, and if you liked what you read, you can always follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel.

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