American Idol 14 Chat with M&M – Power Ranking The Girls

Tonight, the GIRLS take the stage at the Fillmore in Detroit to perform for YOUR votes. Mac & MJ rank the Top 12 ahead of the performances!  How would YOU rank the girls?

MAC: 1) JAX– Like there could be anyone else at the top of the girls powerlist? She’s had a ton of screentime, we’ve been reminded that her father is a 9/11 hero, and she plays instruments. I think she’s the apology for mishandling Jena, and she’s the best chance the girls have at winning this season. She’s also a risk taker, which I love.

MJ: 1) Sarina Joi-Crowe – Sarina tops my list this week because she is simply, the best female vocalist in the Top 24. It’s literally criminal that it took Idol 4 years to hop aboard the Sarina-Joi train. She’s been perfection from beginning to end.

MAC: 2) Sarina Joi-Crowe– Also on the redemption train is Sarina, who has had more screentime this season than her previous three seasons combined. Sarina also is an instrumentalist, and I have to believe that after being in the competition for 4 seasons, she’s adept at playing the Idol game. The big question is, can she now get people to vote for her?

MJ: 2) Tyanna Jones – This young lady has something REALLY special. Her “Love on Top” performance was assured, mature and current. She had some vocal issues early on, but she seems to have that under control.  I’m liking her chances for the Top 12 more than yours, Mac.

MAC: I like Tyanna too… but I’m shocked that Jax isn’t #1 or even #2.

MAC: 3) Katherine Winston – I was trying to decide between a few girls for the next few spots, and Katherine won because her song choice this week is great. I think it’ll be a breakthrough for her with the Idol viewers. She’s been a solid performer, and she might just start getting noticed this week.

MJ: 3) Jax – After that little stunt she pulled at the HOB, Jax lost a few point with me.  When she stopped singing, it wasn’t dramatic, just confusing. I agree with Jlo that the performance revealed she’s still a bit green. Jax has proven that she has what it takes. No need to try so hard! She could easily wind up back in the #1 spot, where you have her Mac, with another great performance.

MAC:: I see your reasoning… but I raise you Jax’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The coverage that Jax has been getting over the other contestants is almost unfair in some ways.

MAC: 4) Lovey James– Did you know that she has 76 thousand twitter followers? It’s considerably more than the 16K that JAX has, and way more than the rest of the girls. Those 76K followers are going to come in handy when she starts asking for votes. Even if people missed the show, they might be compelled to vote for Lovey. I can’t help but think that won’t help keep her in the game for a while. Plus, her song choice this week is pretty solid.

MJ: 4) Katherine Winston – Katherine has had so little screen time, that I figured she didn’t stand a chance. But her impressive cover of Rhiannon at the HOB, brought her out of the shadows. Now I’m thinking she definitely has a shot at the Top 12.

MAC: 5) Tyanna Jones– Tyanna’s fun and current. If Tyanna is trying to prove anything, its that she can be on the radio right now. She’s performing a super current song this week to help solidify that fact about herself. I don’t think she’s a lock for the Top 12, but I do think she’s safe this week.

MJ: 5) Lovey James – Although I’ve ranked her a little lower, I agree that Lovey’s social media presence could make a difference for her when it’s time to vote. Plus, I thought her performance of Wings at the HOB was her personal best.

MAC: 6) Maddie Walker – I’m trying to decide whether or not us watching Maddie get cut, and then get offered a chance to regain a spot in the Top 24, is going to work against her or not. Right now, I’m putting her in the middle of the pack. I think she’s very much living in a world where she needs strong performances to help get her a fanbase, and a spot in the Top 12. She’s not a lock, but she could be after these next two weeks.

MJ: 6) Loren Lott – Loren had a REALLY shaky beginning on the show. Her audition was awful. But her Hollywood rendition of  “Skyfall” was pretty impressive, and the show promoted the hell out of it. She may not be able to keep up the momentum–her HOB performance of “Heart Will Go On” was pretty cheesy– but for now, she’s sitting pretty.

MAC: 7) Loren Lott– A pretty face that can “make Idol money”, but her vocals leave some to be desired. I loved her Skyfall, but can she recreate that every week? Loren and Adanna are both in the same boat, and practically tied in my book. Loren has a bit more showmanship, so I put her at 7. But they both need to really blow us away this week, and next week, to make the Top 12.

MJ: 7) Joey Cook – I like Joey more than you do, Mac. She can’t win, but she’s quirky and has a unique sound. I thought her HOB of “Sweat Pea” was engaging. I think she has a shot at the Top 12.

MAC: 8) Adanna Duru– Not all of Adanna’s performances have been perfect, and that kind of week-to-week shakiness, the same thing that plagues Loren Lott, may be the thing that keeps them from Top 12. However, if they’re consistent, they could also change the game. Right now, they’re both midpack.

MJ: 8) Shannon Berthiaume – Her performances have been mostly screamy, nervous and terrible. But at the HOB, her Piece of My Heart actually impressed me. It may be a little too late.

MAC: 9) Shannon Berthiaume– It’s possible that Idol voters may vote for Shannon to scream at them for a second week, but I’m going to be probably not. Her choice this week isn’t groundbreaking. I don’t think she got a ton of screentime in Hollywood, nowhere near Jax. Arguably, she shares a fanbase with Jax, and Jax is going to soak up those votes. Sorry Shannon.

MJ: 9) Maddie Walker – She was totally set up by the producers. But the way it was seemingly made to look as if Maddie “stole” Rachel’s spot will not reflect back on her well. Unlike you Mac, I would not even put her in the middle of the pac. A really great performance could redeem her, though.

MAC: 10) Joey Cook– She’s too niche, and she struggled a lot in Hollywood. I’m sure her fans will love her to death, but will there be enough of them? She’s playing accordion, an instrument that is niche for a reason. I get that she’s the kiwi in the basket of fruits, but the kiwi’s usually don’t make the Top 12.

MJ: 10) Adanna Duru – I keep having to remind myself what Adanna sang. Not only has she been shaky, she just hasn’t done enough to distinguish herself from the pack.

MAC: 11) Alexis Gomez– I liked her in her audition, but I don’t think Hollywood week was that kind to her. She’s not bursting with personality, and seemed to struggle her way through. Plus, Maddie Walker and Katherine Winston are both gunning for the same “country girl” votes. One of them is likely to lose out this week, and I’m betting its Gomez.

MJ: 11) Alexis Gomez – Like Adanna, Alexis hasn’t done enough to break out of the pack. Good on her for singing a country song in Spanish, but I don’t think viewers were that impressed.

MAC: 12) Shi Scott– I can’t imagine anyone was like “YES! They picked Shi over Jelly!” last week. I think everyone probably groaned. I think Shi’s the least likeable contestant in the Top 24. We all saw the judges tell her to stop copying Amy Winehouse, but her voice is still as affected as ever. Four girls go home this week, and I have to believe one of them is Shi.

MJ: 12) Shi Scott – That whole Shi/Jelly showdown was bogus. Nevertheless, Shi’s continued advancement is a real head scratcher. She’s tentative and pitch impaired and the show has given her bad edits throughout. I can’t see her making it to the Top 16, let alone the finals.

MAC: Again, we have the exact same bottom two. Even though our girls are much more mixed up than the boys, we can still agree on the weakest two.

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