American Idol 13 Top 5 Results – Live Blog and Videos (POLL!)


The American Idol 13 Top 5 will become the Top 4 tonight! We’ll be live blogging the results right here! Stay tuned.

Man. That was crazy! Sam Woolf’s head was on the chopping block, and the producers attempted to save him, while creating a little drama on the side! I don’t think the producers were trying to push Sam into the finale. Chances are, he would have been eliminated in the double elimination next week.  But why not make a play to keep Teen Idol another week, while creating a little drama on the side!

I’ll bet the producers expected the remaining contestants, who have been together for weeks now, would vote to keep the group together.  But NO. Two very competitive contestants voted no. Or maybe Sam figured he was a goner and he sacrificed himself? Unless a contestant decides to spill (and I bet they aren’t allowed to say) we’ll be left to speculate.

Like I said in my live blog–kudos to the two contestants who voted to SAVE America’s vote.  The producers may be a little disappointed, but not entirely. Either way #IdolTwist got fans talking.


OMG. Ryan is pimping the shocking twist at the top of the show! He says its something the contestants won’t see coming. He’s calling it a “game changer.”

The Top 5 look REALLY REALLY nervous. Harry tells the Top 5 he’s proud of them all. They did an amazing job.

Next, it’s the “round table recap”. Jlo says, “This is always interesting.” Jess thinks America picked good songs for everyone. Caleb demonstrates his rock scream. Aw. Poor Sam tripped.


Ford Video: The FAB 5 has a little party. Look how much room that Ford car has for balloons and stuff.

Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick introduces their fellow judge, Keith Urban, who sings “Good Thing” from his album, FUSE. The word “truck” isn’t used even once in this song. Go Keith.

Judges WASTING TIME. C’mon. Let’s get on with it.

Randy’s Reactions. Everyone is trying to win this, says Captain Obvious. Jena had an amazing night last night. So proud of Alex I was in it from jump to end. Jessica has an amazing, strong voice, but performance wise didn’t have the best of nights. Sam started shaky, but by the end, he had it going on. Caleb tore the roof off the whole thing.

All 5 are on stage. Ryan is giving the contestants 2 options. They can decide that the person with the lowest number of votes goes home. OR nobody goes home. He handed them all ballots. It has to be unanimous.


I’M CALLING BULLSHIT ON THIS TWIST. Betting the producers didn’t like the result. So, they hand the contestants an offer that is tough to refuse, or risk looking like an a’hole. Idols are supposed to love each other. Keep the group together. One for all and all for one!

After the break, Ryan reads the result of each anonymous vote, one by one. TWO CONTESTANTS VOTED NO!  AWESOME. I bet the producers weren’t expecting that.  TWIST BACKFIRED.

Now, on with the elimination.  Sam Woolf received the lowest number of votes and is eliminated!

Sam leaves with a performance of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. Yes. Sam. You had a good run and should be proud of yourself. Now It’s Time.  When the dust settles, Sam should work on his craft. Get out into the world and live life.  Once he comes out from behind that wall he performed behind, there will be no stopping him. He’s got the raw talent and the potential to blossom into a real artist.  Oh. SCREW THAT TEEN IDOL CRAP.  The producers were forcing him to be something he clearly was not. He’s better off without that nonsense.

Nice try, producers, trying to save Sam TWICE.  Seriously, I want to kiss the two contestants who had the stones and SENSE to vote NO.  The producers were, in effect, attempting to invalidate America’s vote.  So glad it didn’t work. Thanks to those two brave contestants who essentially saved the integrity of the vote.

I AM LAUGHING SO FREAKING HARD. I want to KISS the finalists who voted NO.

Which finalist voted no?

The AMAZING Final Results

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