American Idol 12- Mac’s Top 4 Power List

I could have just copy/pasted last week’s Power List. But I didn’t. I promise.

4) Amber Holcomb- In the past week, I’ve seen some odd support vs backlash against Amber. There are her supporters who are glad that the judges are fighting hard for her, and there is the backlash against Amber for her getting a pass on mediocre performances (she got a standing O for MacArthur Park?) and instead being praised for being current, despite choosing Power of Love for her “Contestant’s Choice”. She has now been in the bottom THREE times. Candice has been bottom once, and Kree has been bottom once. Amber is statistically the weakest link heading into this week. If all that pimping last week couldn’t keep her out of the bottom two, I don’t know how they can save her this week.

3) Kree Harrison- In some weird world where Amber or Candice don’t go home, lives the the alternate reality of Kree going home in 4th place. She was “safe” this week, but unlike Angie, she’s hit the bottom before. If her fanbase assumes she’s safe this week, and allow her to be surpassed by a surge of voting for Amber and Candice, then she could be in trouble. That, and the judges have started to bus her performances. Looks like Uncle Nigel talked to the label, and they don’t want Kree to win.

2) Candice Glover- She SHOULD see a surge of voters who saw her in the bottom two last week, which should at least keep her from going home. Statistically, she’s been in the bottom less than Amber. I don’t think their being the bottom two is a coincidence. I think they are sharing a fanbase, and those people are vote splitting. Stylistically, they are the closest two contestants. Kree and Angie are different types of music, and Angie and Candice are different types, and Kree and Amber are different types, etc. I think Candice and Amber are both trying to be pop/R&B, and that’s why they were the bottom two. After Amber goes home, I think Candice will absorb votes, and she’ll get in to the finale against…

1) Angie Miller- She’s singing Diamonds by Rihanna this week, which just screams “piano” and “white lights”. I also don’t think we’ve heard the last of Angie’s “originals” on the show. I’m betting that Top 3 week includes an original from her that will launch her into the finale. Considering she’s never been in the bottom, even when I think she MIGHT be in the bottom, she’s the closest thing to a sure thing while also being the most obvious SHOCK elimination in a season of non-shocks. I’m betting though that she’ll survive Amber.

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