American Idol 12 – Baton Rouge Auditions – What the Critics Say

Here’s what critics around the interwebs are saying about last night’s American Idol 12 Baton Rouge auditions. You can read my recap here.

‘American Idol’ recap: Southern Proper – Tonight’s auditions road trip deposited us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — a rich source of Idol talent, or “YO, MY HOME SLICE TOWN!” if you ask Randy Jackson. I feel like no one asks Randy Jackson questions anymore. What would be the point? Let’s quickly blaze through the singers who made it through during this one-hour adventure, which blew by so effortlessly that it now makes even less sense that most audition eps are a whopping two hours. How did we ever survive before this cosmic shift? The quicker hit of crazy on a Thursday night was just the (golden) ticket. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Recap: Mad About Bayou [Updated] – American Idol traveled south tonight to Randy Jackson’s hometown of Baton Rouge, LA (city motto: “For Me, For You, We’re Sorry About the Dawg”).
I half-expected a visit to the local elementary school that houses the “Randy Jackson Memorial Alphabet Wall” (it contains only 11 letters) or maybe the Randy Jackson Museum, a damp cardboard box in a back alley that’s filled with mutilated copies of Haley Reinhart’s debut CD. (Nope, I’ll never get over dude’s mistreatment of one of the finest vocalists in show history. #EarthSongBlasphemy!) Perhaps we’d get to hear Randy name-drop Baton Rouge mayor Kip Holden (“Yo, yo, yo! Check it out: I was on the phone with Mayor Kip last night, yo!”). – Read more at TV Line

American Idol Recap: #idolaccidentallyinspire – We begin right at the top of the food chain, with Miss Greater Baton Rouge Megan Miller, who was in a car accident three days ago, is supposed to be in the hospital, and is covered in scrapes and scabs that are straight-up disgusting to look at. She does “Something Got a Hold of Me,” better known as “The Song That Provides the Hook for ‘Levels’ and ‘Good Feeling,’” and she kills it with the confidence only a Miss Greater Baton Rouge can possess. She uses her crutch as a mike, and it’s all very peachy and charming, and she goes through to Hollywood, by way of surgery. Randy says, “It just goes to show: If you can sing, you can sing on crutches.” True! – Read more at Vulture

Four Reasons You Probably Saw This Year’s “American Idol” Winner Last Night – Last night’s American Idol showcased the auditions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and maybe it’s just the generally improved tenor of the tryout episodes compared to last year, but I had a pretty positive feeling once the hour was over. So positive, in fact, that I have a sneaking suspicion that last night’s episode showcased the winner. Here are four reasons why this is so! – Read more at Popdust

‘American Idol’ Recap: Mariah Carey Cries in Baton Rouge – Mariah Carey cried last night on American Idol, but it wasn’t because of Nicki Minaj rolling her eyes extra hard at her. No, Mariah was crying because Burnell Taylor’s rendition of “I’m Here,” from The Color Purple, drove her to tears. The timbre and tenor of his voice also made Keith Urban momentarily forget he was on camera, close his eyes and start swaying. When the last note drifted lazily from Burnell’s mouth, Randy Jackson, Keith and even diva Mariah were on their feet clapping. (There’s a slight possibility that Nicki may have been glued to her chair.) Mariah declared, “Burnell made me cry!” while Keith sighed, “Somewhere there’s a spotlight just waiting for you to walk into it.” Burnell was quickly handed a golden ticket. Outside, Ryan Seacrest tells him, “You’ve changed that panel forever, my friend. ” Burnell’s dad looks skeptical and asks him, “You that good?” – Read more at Rolling Stone

‘American Idol’ Goes Askew In Baton Rouge – “American Idol” went totally askew (or Askew) during the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, auditions this Thursday–but in the most awesome way possible. Although much of this tricky 12th season has so far focused on the icky infighting and Springer-style drama behind the judges’ table, on Thursday a brilliantly bizarre boy brought so much sunshiny rainbow-striped radness to the show, he may as well have entered the audition room on a unicorn. – Read more at Reality Rocks

‘American Idol’ Gets ‘Chills And Goosebumps’ In Baton Rouge – “American Idol” hit the bayou on Thursday, visiting Randy Jackson’s hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to see what talent awaited them. And whether tensions have eased between the judges since Nicki Minaj walked off the set in North Carolina or the season’s first hour-long installment simply didn’t have enough time to spend on the Nicki/Mariah feud, aside from a few shifty glances, the judges played nice with one another during the episode. – Read more at MTV

‘American Idol’ recap: Baton Rouge does the dawg proud – “American Idol” trimmed itself down to a modest hour Thursday night for the first time this season to swing through Baton Rouge, La. — the hometown, we were reminded, of the “dawg” himself, forever judge Randy Jackson. That meant that interspersed with the auditions were lots of shots of leafy bogs and hungry reptiles, and oft-expressed speculation about whether the next Idol winner would be “born on the bayou.” We also got to see Mariah Carey give Jackson a special spiff-up for the occasion (Who knew she was a beauty school dropout?) and were treated to an interesting jambalaya of contestants. – Read more at the LA Times

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