American Idol 11 – Top 12 Girls – What the Critics Say

The American Idol 11 Top 12 Girls performed last night. Read my Recap. Now, read what the rest of the blogosphere had to say about the performances. Includes on the scene reports!

‘American Idol’ on the scene: Top 12 girls sing, one contestant has an insanely good time, and Randy earns the audience’s respect – Applause for Randy? After Jennifer Hirsh’s rendition of Adele’s “One and Only,” Randy mentioned that the judges may have been too lenient when the Top 13 Guys performed. Of course the judges were way, way, way too kind to the guys on Tuesday night, but Randy’s confession was at least a step in the right direction. And for that, a number of people in the audience applauded him. – Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ recap: 12 Girls Just Want to Have Won – A few performances into Wednesday’s Ladies’ Night, Randy Jackson admitted that the judges hadn’t done any judging on Tuesday for the Top 13 Guys. “I must say, Ryan” — because Mr. Lythgoe’s been checking the internet again and my NigelNotes are telling me to — “We were a little lenient on some of the boys. Some of them were a little…. Not….” – Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ ladies split into contenders and pretenders – Recap: “American Idol” went heavy on the cookie-cutter country-girl vibe this year in picking its top 12 girls, and the result was a whole lot of repetition on Wednesday night. It seemed like every other singer who took the stage came from a quirky small town with farm animals and charming locals. We had a Hollie, a Hallie and a Haley all sing, and if you can tell off the top of your head which one was which, then you’re way ahead of most viewers. We even had two women, Jen Hirsh and Elise Testone, sing the same song (Adele’s “One and Only”). – MSNBC

‘American Idol’ Recap: Top 12 Girls Face Off; Jennifer Lopez Gets ‘Goosies’ – It was girls’ night on Wednesday’s American Idol as the 12 lady semifinalists faced off for a much-coveted slot in the finals: a handful of frontrunners emerged while others fell flat. Everyone either sang Adele, or got compared to Adele. (Our verdict: too much Adele.) – The Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ 2012: Top 12 girls perform – f one of tonight’s performers wins “American Idol” it would mark the first time in five seasons a female had won the singing competition, show host Ryan Seacrest tells us at the top of Wednesday’s broadcast. It would also mean guys had started watching the show again. – Washington Post

‘American Idol’ season 11 recap: top 12 girls – Clearly, Nigel Lythgoe told the judges tonight to be more critical than they were last night. He even had Ryan Seacrest feed Randy Jackson a question about it so Randy could acknowledge they were too “soft” on the guys. The women, in the end, showed more highs and lows than the guys, who were relatively consistent overall. It was nice to hear the judges even occasionally be critical. (Yes, the word “nightmare” came out of Randy’s mouth twice!) – Atlanta Journal Constitution

‘American Idol,’ Season 11, Episode 14, Female Semifinalists Perform: TV Recap – Tonight, the 12 remaining girls, including one Hallie, one Haley and one Hollie, took the stage on “American Idol,” but by the end of tomorrow night’s show only half will remain. The guys gave it their best shot last night. The judges, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, were much, much harder on the girls and more open with their criticism. Asked to compare by Ryan Seacrest, JLo and Randy (in between “yo’s”) suggested the excitement of the first night might have caused them to let a few guys slide. – Wall Street Journal

‘American Idol’ Recap: Cheerleaders, Debs and Country Girls – Welcome back to American Idol! Last night the men delivered a round of mostly lackluster performances, but as you know, girls just want to have fun (and sing Adele, probably), so I had high hopes for tonight. Ryan Seacrest kicks things off doing a little cheer because Scotty McCreery is contractually obligated to return to the show in a few weeks. He then introduces the judges: Jennifer Lopez! Randy Jackson! The “controversial” Steven Tyler, who seems mostly asleep until someone mentions a girl in a short skirt. He’s like a pervy dormouse. – RollingStone

‘American Idol’ Recap: The Top 12 Girls Perform – After a decidedly lackluster night with the Top 13 male vocalists, it was the girls’ turn to take the “American Idol” stage. While things started out wobbly for a number of singers, by the latter half of the show, we’d had three powerhouse performances that easily blew the guys out of the water. I think critics say this every year, but I truly believe that a number of these women have the talent to break the four-year streak of young, white, male winners — we’ll have to see whether America agrees. – Huffington Post

American Idol Top 12 girls try to end five-year drought – There has been a lot of talk about it being a “Boy’s Season” this year – and before Wednesday night that seemed like a safe statement. With standouts like Phil Phillips and Creighton Fraker, who left an indelible impression throughout the American Idol early rounds, few girls could say the same thing. The one who seemed to generate a huge amount of buzz early on, Lauren Gray, vanished as quickly as she emerged. But on Wednesday, the Top 12 girls made it obvious that it is way too soon to make assumptions because if America voted for passion alone, the girls just left the boys in the dust. – Christian Science Monitor

The Top 12 Girls: American Idol Recap – I think my own personal feelings about American Idol at this point can be summed up in two words: cautiously optimistic. While the girls had a couple more train wrecks than the guys, they also had a few more standout performances. Again, I’ll address song choice and judging at the end, so here are the grades for performance and relevance, as well as a few side notes about attire. – TVOvermind

‘Idol’ Top 12 Ladies Recap: It’s Different For Girls – “Is one of these faces our first female winner in FIVE seasons?” Ryan Seacrest asked dramatically, and possibly rhetorically, at the start of Wednesday’s “American Idol” top 12 girls show. His question was quickly answered when he walked by an assembly line of mostly blonde Hollies, Haleys, and Hallies, and I realized I barely recognized any of them. Ryan’s referring to these ladies, talented though they may be, as “some of the most buzzed-about people in the nation” was a little bit of a stretch. – Reality Rocks

American Idol 11: Top 12 Girls Sing Songs As Bad As Their Dresses – Whether a blessing or a curse, I’m not quite sure, but the Comcast DVR decided to crap out on me once again, likely begging me for a re-set after last night’s first snooze-inducing live episode of American Idol so tonight, you’re only gonna to suffer through what? 2 or 3 girls with me? (I’m not sure how many are left. – TopIdolBlog

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