American Idol 11 – Top 12 Girls – Take The Polls!

AI 11 Top 12 Girls – Who Was Your Favorite?

Who Did It Better?

Jen Hirsh and Elise Testone both sang Adele’s “One and Only”. Who sang it better?

One And Only – Jen Hirsh

One And Only – Elise Testone

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  1. I voted for Elise but i would have like to register a vote for Hollie too.  Elise is more mature as a performer and artist but Hollie is something in the making i think

  2. liked jessica and hollie the best. 

    elise has a nice tone, but could not get past all the breaks and croaks in her voice tonight when she pushed. see 1:30-1:40 in the video up there. 

  3. My 5 picks: Elise, Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, and Shannon

    Wildcard: Jen

  4. Slightly surprised, but overall my favorite actually was Erika. There were several who were really good though, way better than the boys yesterday all in all.

  5. That wasn’t fair to have to pick only one. lol… My #2 and #3 are Jessica and Skylar.

  6. Who I want through: Erika, Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Hallie, Skylar
    Who will get voted through: Jessica, Elise, Shannon, Sklyar, maybe Hollie
    I hope they wildcard Erika and/or Hallie, but they WILL wildcard Jen.

  7. Jen is not as good as some people say she is…Jessica is the best on the girls side followed by Elise..and those are the only two i can recall without looking at a list of all the girls names

  8. Its about time the AI Exec play dirty to ensure a girl winner; AI need to have another Kelly, Carrie, JHud to stay as the no 1 singing contest.  All 3 wild-cards give it to the LADIES!!!  By the way, my current fav is Jessica :)

  9. Brielle = Haley lite (S10)

    The girl who sang Reflections (sorry, getting all the halleys haleys hollys and holys all mixed up) sounded almost exactly the same as Xtina (if not as polished but raw talent nonetheless).

    The girl who sang Sweet Dreams – rebranding herself as the Rock Chick (even the alt rock chick) was smart – good way to differentiate herself from the pack and get herself into the Top 13. Next time she’ll sing Dog Days Are Over.

  10. My favorites were Erika, Jessica, and Hollie. I thought their performances were great, but I ALSO loved their video packages. Haha.

    (Kind of off topic, but I hope one week the video package is “Make fun of all the other contestants” because the videos this week were BORING.)

  11. “Brielle = Haley lite”

    So true.  Jotted down notes during the show and wrote “Poor man’s Haley R” for Brielle.
    ETA: I was thinking of Haley R. from last season not Haley J. this season.

  12. Skylar did another Miranda Lambert impersonation.  I heard from a huge Miranda fan that Miranda often sings “Stay With Me” at her live shows, and that Skylar sang it just like Miranda, just as she’s been doing all along.  Skylar does not have her own sound.

  13. “Brielle = Haley lite”

    Maybe…. Brielle’s voice is even MORE unpleasant to listen to.

  14. After season 9’s top 24 girls, I was convinced that there was no way the guys could be any worse.  The guys proved me wrong the next night. 

    After last night’s top 24 guys, I was convinced this was finally a girls year.   The girls proved me wrong tonight. 

    Neither of this season’s groups were as bad as two years ago, but they were still both big disappointments. 

  15. Does anyone else think Skylar even looks like Miranda? They have the same body figure and those round, cheeky faces.

  16. Hollie Cavanagh – A-
    Jessica Sanchez – B+
    Shannon Magrane – B+
    Erika Van Pelt – B
    Baylie Brown – B
    Elise Testone – B
    Jen Hirsh – B-
    Hallie Day – B-
    Chelsea Sorrell – C+
    Brielle Von Hugel – C-
    Skylar Laine – D
    Haley Johnsen – D-

  17. If I had to pick, I’d send Elise, Jessica, Skylar, Hallie Day, and Erika through, with Hollie and maybe Shannon through as wild cards. 

  18. “Does anyone else think Skylar even looks like Miranda? They have the same body figure and those round, cheeky faces.”

     Me! :)

  19. I LOVED Hollie, Jessica, and Elise tonight. Right now they are my top 3 girls. I voted above for Elise, but it was a tough choice.

  20. Question:: Was anyone else bothered by Elise’s pronunciation? 

    Around the 50 second mark, do you hear it?? It totally distracted me from enjoying the song.

  21. My top 3 picks –  Jessica, Hollie, Shannon
    to make it five, hmm.. Elise and Skylar probably. 

    Jessica, IMO, was by far the best of the night.  She can sang. 

  22. Brielle reminded me of Mikalah Gordon from S4. I definitely didn’t get a Haley Reinhart vibe. I loved Jessica. That girl is top 2 if her voice holds up.

  23. I thought most of the girls were really good. Much stronger overall than the guys last night. My favorites were Elise and Jessica.

  24. I do NOT want all the wildcards to go to the ladies.  I do believe they had a better night but all in all in my opinion I couldn’t really pick a standout.  Now the guys there were plenty of standouts.  They might not have sung better than the girls but they stood out to me much more.  That might be what counts on this night.

  25. Shannon played the game well tonight: Beautiful prom dress (that covered the boobs), not too much make-up, and an inspirational song. The grandma types are going to eat that up! She is a lock for the top 5.

    Hollie also played the game well, but I don’t think she knew she was! lol IMO,it was all a nice little accident. She is another lock for the top 5.

    Skylar and Jessica brought it tonight and they will be in the top 5 as well.

    Jen and Elise are going to fight it out for the 5th spot, but whoever doesn’t get in will be the first wildcard pick.

  26. I don’t get why people are loving Hollie so much. She added nothing new to Reflection and she had this really weird accent the whole time? Something strange when she pronounces her s’s? I’m not sure. Also may I note her lack of a distinct tone… her voice just blends in with so many others.

    Jessica was amazing. Ugh, just on point. You could tell that she felt every word. And her stage presence was unbelievable!

    Elise was also pretty good. I like how unpolished her voice sounds. However, some of those notes were really pushed and forced. Everything felt very pressured, rather than effortless, if you get what I’m saying?

    It’s really weird how many similar names there are this year…took me forever to figure out who was who.
    Hallie, Hollie, Haley, Bailey?
    Erika, Elise?
    Jen, Jessica?

  27. I think that the reason why it’s hard to pick a stand out, other than Jessica,  is because they either barely or didn’t get any airtime before tonight, which makes it harder to remember them.  Conversely, some of the guys who bombed yesterday will be given another chance just because of all of the camera time that they received during the audition and Hollywood rounds.

  28. And then there’s Skylar for the gramps and tween guys.  Something for everyone.

  29. I think Hollie’s accent and tone are very interesting and distinctive. I don’t think it was the greatest song choice, but she has the type a voice that I’m excited to hear on a song.

  30.  I just hope with the new system that if too many of the great ones get
    squeezed out on the vote, that they extend the wildcards to two picks
    per judge…..give us a top 16 if need be and eliminate two each week
    the first couple weeks.

    I think the backstories may backfire on them (and I think they have in
    the past sometimes) by giving undeserving singers more fans than people
    who shine in nights like this, and people that may have been awesome
    down the stretch and gotten more fans and (would have) sold more records lose out to
    the people they pimped too much in the beginning.

  31. Jessica was by far the best of the night!  She has the whole package!  Performance, stage presence, vocals, fashion choice were all outstanding!  I’m always surprised to hear that she is only 15/16 years old!  Compared to all the other girls, she’s so much better and mature on stage than everyone else!
    Elise is a close second. She looks older than she is, but is a seasoned pro on stage!  Loved the room service flowers in her hair! 

  32. My favorite is Elise, I like her tone. I also enjoyed Hollie’s performance, and I think that she could go far as she has potential to show growth.
    But I prefer husky vocal tones to high pitch female voices so am rooting for Elise and hope she makes it through.
    I don’t see what other people do in Jessica. She is a good all round artist, but her voice and style leave me cold.

  33. Erika is actually a friend of a coworker. I thought she was decent but got swallowed up. Overall, very underwhelmed. Holly, Jessica and Elise were the standouts for me. No one is a favorite. I thought Brielle’s phrasing sounded like Haley in places and found her more interesting than some of the others.

  34. Wow, looks like Baylie has fallen way out of the top at least based on this poll. Like Johnny, she had all of the early coverage but so far, not working out.

  35. Carriefan1 wrote – “Skylar Laine – D”

    I know its subjective, but you are clearly projecting some sort of jealousy or petty hatred in your grade of Skylar Laine.  I dont like country and her performance was still one of the best of the night.  Her talent is undenyable and you only make yourself look silly with your little letter grades.  She’s a natural performer, you may not like her style, but dont delude yourself that she was some how bad because you cant see past your own ego.

  36. If it is indeed a girl’s year (and that remains to be seen)- I don’t see any of them going on to be a “star”. I was never a huge Lauren fan, and was not crazy about her personality when she was on Idol- but something about her screamed “success story” from day one. I don’t get that vibe from any of these kids. So far,for me, AI11 is AI9 all over again.

  37. Based on the performances, my Top 5 girls are Erika, Jessica, Elise, Hollie and Jen. Hallie, Brielle (as much as she sounds off in some parts, she reminds me of Haley Reinhart, but she might be a longshot due to the edits) and Baylie (not fond of her heavy country inflections but she has spunk) toss-up for the wildcard. I think I liked Elise’s version than Jen’s (but around the middle and last Elise kinda wobbles a bit), but don’t understand why they are permitted to sing the same song in the same night (as much that it is a practical way to compare the 2 girls), as heavy comparisons might arrive.

  38. Playing “dirty” with the girls will only make the audience less likely to vote for the girls. It’s the same reason why running the bus over the least favored contestant on Top 2 night will guarantee them the result they DON’T want (not that the judges have noticed this).

    Plus, I seem to recall the last time TPTB insisted we HAD to have a girl winner we ended up with . . . Lee. A girl winner will not automatically give them the instant CHR success, multi-platinum records, and reversal of the ratings tide that they want so desperately. If they couldn’t force this to happen for Adam Lambert, no amount of trying is going to help with whatever girl they eventually favor.

  39. The problem is Skylar doesn’t have her own sound. She is basically copying Miranda Lambert.  There are several peformances by Miranda on Youtube of “Stay With Me,” which Skylar sang last night.  She’s been getting by with copying Miranda so far all season.

  40. Erika, Elise, Skylar, and Jessica were my favorites last night, but I also really enjoyed Hallie, Hollie, Shannon, and Jen. Even though she had a bad song choice I would still rate Jen my overall favorite. There is something special about her.

  41. You’ve pretty much describe how feel about people on other blogs when talking about Idol, LOL.

  42. So far, I haven’t picked a favorite this year.  Lots of contestants with talent, but so far I’m not really behind anyone.  My sort of favorite, Erika, was a bit disappointing last night, so I’m hoping that she has more to give.  I think that a main reason for promoting Deandre so much is that Idol thinks that he is a commercial, current, male pop star (a “type” who hasn’t won the show yet).  I don’t think that his voice and singing style is good enough, but his appearance fits the bill and they can fix the vocals in the recording process.

  43. It’s really weird how many similar names there are this year…took me forever to figure out who was who.

    It’s an indictment against the average American’s inability to think up unique names for their children, like Moon Unit, Pilot Inspektor, Kal-El, and Apple. Get with it, America!!!

  44. I liked Jessica, her voice actually sounded like  Jennifer Hudson to me. I also thought Hallie Day (Feeling Good) had an intriguing quality to her voice, and Elsie has great performance skills to go with her voice.Good be able to pull a Gaga.

  45. Jessica was by far the best of the night!  She has the whole package!

    Both India Arie and Jennifer Hudson commented on her stage presence, which just made her voice that much better, even though it was clear that she wasn’t feeling well.

    She carries herself in a way that can’t be taught.  A lot of the contestants can sing, but they need that extra something that says “I know that I belong here, and I know what I’m doing.”  That’s what separates a commercially viable artist from a good singer.

  46. Well…I thought this was a night that, for me, definitely favored the young ones. They were the ones who hid their nerves the best and were able to play to the audience…so I’m going with (in no apparent order) Jessica, Shannon, Hollie, and Skylar.  As long as those four make it I won’t much care who the other one is nor will it matter about a wild-card, for me.

      And, as far as Skylar….well, for me Skylar is in direct proportion to Miranda, as Miranda is to Reba, as Reba is to Dolly. 

  47.  I do NOT want all the wildcards to go to the ladies.

    The judges/producers would be mad to pick the girls for all the wildcards.  It’ll be just another one of their deranged decisions this season.  Most of the girls are just OK-ish, there isn’t really any point in picking them just to have them kicked off in the finals.   Better to have fewer girls who can succeed than many girls who would fail. 

    To me none of the girls are great.  The one obvious stand-out is Elise – her voice is different and special enough from the rest.  The other girls who deserve to get into the finals based on their semifinal performances are Skylar Laine (she has the personality even if I find her enunciation annoying),  Hollie Cavanagh (she looked like a different person, keep her hair up I say), and Jessica Sanchez (even though I don’t understand why people are raving over her, it wasn’t really that great a performance).    As for the rest, I don’t really care for their performances, although I would choose Haley Johnsen simply because she has the balls to do something different even if it turned out to be somewhat of a disaster.

    I suspect people are just more sensitive to different voices – I hear faults in the girls’ singing all over the place, they aren’t really that much better than the boys.

  48. How the heck did you give Bailey B a B?  She was really bad last night. 

  49. I think those name overlaps are going to affect the voting and not in a good way for some performers.

  50. One thing I remember about Adam Lambert-every word was pronounced. Perhaps it was his training, theater background etc. The singers on AI this year?  Can’t figure out a single word they are singing.  The last time I got excited about watching AI WAS Adam Lambert…so far this year…meh.  I guess I like Elise as I lke smoky bluesy vocals..but the rest? Meh. A bunch of cute girls and some screamy guys but no one at the Adam Lambert level.

  51. I loved the tone in Elise’s voice and also the down to earth personality:  I think (and hope) she will go far with her dirty voice.  Jessica should win, probably will, because she is far and away the best of the competition, but her very poise and uber-talent makes it hard to root for her:  she simply does not need the show.  I sense her win in the same way I did Scotty McCreary’s last year – inevitable and not much fun.

  52. Baylie Brown was the absolute worst last night.  So flat and pitchy.  Poor thing.  I think it was nerves.

  53. Wow—I disagree. Elise was far and away the best, imo. She was the only “unreheased’ sounding natural strong vocal. The others were ‘pagenty’ or arguable subpar. Erika wasn’t bad..and Jessica…well, she lacked real power behind her vocals—very forced and seemed to overly-prepped, unatural. Elsie is a natural. A+ for her and yes…the grading is on a scale…and Elise gets the highest mark still.

  54. My favorite girls were Erika and Elise, then Hallie and Hollie; the fifth spot goes to…Jessica, Skylar, Shannon or Jen.
     I saw a lot of talent last night-it’s hard to pick just five. I would choose Skylar out of those last four, but I only understood about 20 % of the words she sang, and I’m from the South. She’s a little firecracker, though, and fun to watch-I’m sure she’s staying.
    I’m pretty sure the top 6 girls will include Jessica, Skyler, Shannon, Elise and Hollie. I’m hoping my girl Erika will be a wildcard pick if she doesn’t get through in the voting.
    I thought Erika did a great job last night-I love a girl who can rock out without getting shouty.

  55. Elise!  Best of the night, imo.  I like distinctive voices…. 
    Then Erika. 
    Then……I’ll let the rest of you decide for me. :)

  56. Neither did that song very well, I love Adele but that is my least favorite song of hers – Hollie and Erica did well and then Jessica and Shannon

  57. I liked the girls and thought they were much better than the boys.  Jessica really is miles ahead in terms of talent, stage presence and marketability.  I really did notice the vocal tricks.  However, Elise was right behind her.  Those were the stand outs if you take away the pure likeability coming from watching the progression of the show. 

    I think the girls would be happy if all the wildcards were boys.  The boys would  split the vote and the remaining girls would stand out more (than a pack of blondes).  I didn’t think Deandre was good on Tuesday, but I do like him.  I think he’s got a fantastic chest voice and if he uses that with occasional falsetto (learns the best way to use his immense talent – he is very young) then I think he can win and be marketable. 

  58. Surprised Hollie was so popular, but I like her. LOVE Jessica and Elise and Skylar the most, though…

  59. I just watched two or three performances from yesterday, but I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be seeing Skylar until top3, at least. She’s a good singer, good performer and she is that independent country woman with a strong personality and country tastes like hunt and guns (just what majority of AI voters like). And she’ll be picking all the time easy country songs, with small risks of being a trainwreck

  60. I don’t know how be like miranda Lambert is bad thing. In the country world you can be like everyone else and still sell tons of albums

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