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The Galveston auditions were SUCH A MAJOR improvement over last night’s snore-inducing Aspen outing.  The producers really mixed it up, finally.  The show featured the most bad auditions of all the cities so far, but I didn’t mind that, because there were a few outstanding auditions to balance things out.  I may have only looked at my clock once tonight.

And we finally got some disagreement between the judges. Even if it looked a little manufactured at times, it was a welcome change to the gang speaking in unison.

Fifty-four Galveston auditioners advance to Hollywood.  The best of the night were two country girls– Baylie Brown and Skyler Laine.

Phong Vu – 25 – Houston TX – Unbreak My Heart – He’s a big Steven Tyler fan! The best part of the day is “all the camera action in my face.” Well, that’s an interesting way of putting it.  Phong is full of all sorts of aphorisms like “Today my spirit will come alive. I will make you shock and wow and OOOO.”   He should put that on a T shirt.  His lack of grasp of the English language make his utterances even funnier.  He also cries a lot. I’m not sure what’s going on with this dude, but I think he’s totally serious.  “It’s just so phenomenon [sic]. It’s amazing!” Indeed.  He loves girl songs!  Phong wants to channel Toni Braxton! He channels something, but I’m not sure what the hell it is.  “There’s not enough of you in it,” says Steven, “The melody was missing.” Steven can’t bring him self to say, “You sing like two strangled cats.”   But wait! Phong wants to show the gang his iconic moves.  He jumps around a little and says, “That’s me! Phong Vu!”  You go. dude!

A parade of bad auditioners are next:  Cameron Dobbins, Lamounte Hall, and others. EEP! It’s just like old times.   No Season 11 montage is complete without a hopeful butchering “Your Man”.   I think I sense a trend here.

Skylar Laine – 17 – Brandon MS – Hell On Heels by Pistol Annies – Why HECK. Kristy Lee Cook Skyler likes 4 wheelin’ and huntin’.  “It’s time to get changed,” Sklyer informs us, “And go kill a deer.” THANKS FOR SHARING.  Now we get a tour of her trophies.  She’s got the head of a deer she killed when she was 15 hanging above her bed.  Just your average American girl. Dead animals for the win!  Her family owns a restaurant but it’s fallen on hard times.   Putting aside the icky stuff, Skyler has a voice that’s full of character. She makes you sit up and take notice.  The judges advance her enthusiastically.

Baylie Brown – 21 – Nashville, TN –  Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi – Poor Baylie Brown, she was a favorite during the Season 6 auditions, but was sacrificed in Hollywood for the sake of good TV.  Baylie was in a group with those “Jersey girls” Antonella Barba and Amanda Collucio, whom Baylie could sing rings around. Guess who was eliminated after the group round? Baylie.  It was quite shocking at the time.  But now, Baylie is back, older and wiser and an even better singer.  She’s got a powerful rangy voice–effortlessly hitting those high notes. Great choice of song, too.  She should make it further than Hollywood this year. “Baylie is back,” says Randy.

Kristine Osorio – 28 – Amarillo, TX – “One and Only” by Adele – Kristine is a newly single mother of 3, trying to get back in the show business saddle.  She’s got a big voice, but has no finesse.  She’s very very shrill on the high notes–unpleasant even.  The judges seem to enjoy it. “I love where you go upstairs,” says Steven, “Your tenderness is beautiful.”  It’s 3 yeses from the judges.

Reagan Wilson – 23 – New Braunfels, TX, Cheyenne James – 17, Conroe TX, Linda Williams – 24 – League City, TX – This next segment turns into a “battle of the sexes” with Jennifer completely at odds with the boys over a trio of contestants.  I was completely on Jlo’s side on all three.  The first two had great voices, but for some inexplicable reason, Randy and Steven didn’t want to put them through. “Are you CRAZY!” shrieks Jennifer.  And the third? WHAT THE HELL. Linda Williams was horrendous, yet Randy and Steven say yes. She was so bad, it makes me wonder if it was a setup for the cameras.

Alejandro Cazares – 26 – Houston TX – Looking Up by Paramore –  Alejandro wants to be in front of the judges BLOWING THEIR MINDS.  It’s the first day of the REVOLUTION Y’ALL.   “Grant me the power to bring the revolution! A world where the underdog wins once in awhile. A world where people like Lady Gaga become platinum sellers. A world where a man like Barack Obama can become president.”  “Isn’t that the world we live in?” *crickets*.   This dude is terrible. He’s also a plant.   After Jlo attempts to shut him down, Alejandro begins rambling and begging, before Randy interrupts, “Honestly, the voice is terrible, a career in singing for you is not going to happen.”  Steven adds, “I wrote Dream On back when the Dead Sea was still sick.” Har. After some super-fake crying and begging, the security guards finally escort him out.  “I’ll be back next year!” Geez.

DAY 2!

Cortez Shaw – 20 – Garland, TX – Someone Like You by Adele – Cortez grew up in a single parent household and it wasn’t easy. He was homeless for a few years.  Cortez totally revamps the Adele weeper as an uptempo soul tune.  I’m not sure it works, but it’s original. He certainly has my attention now. When Randy raises his hand to stop him, Jlo pushes it back down, annoyed.  Randy wants to hear something else. Not sure why he’s skeptical, because Cortez has a great voice.  Jlo is  smitten. She says yes. “You’re a really good looking guy,” says Randy, “Not like me and Steven.”  Randy says yes anyway.  And Cortez is on his way to Hollywood.

Another parade of bad auditioners, including Julie Shuman, Vanessa Hernandez, Erin “Nire” Kettl.  Julie has SUPER NOISY PANTS!  “I bet you’re crazy in…on the dance floor,” says Steven. “I didn’t like any of it,” says Randy, “I thought it was all screamin and screachy.”  Vanessa sings “I Heard it Through the Grapevine…I’m just about to lose my mind.”  “Me too,” says Randy.  During Erin’s song, Randy is laughing so hard, he has to hide behind Jlo’s chair.  “I’m sorry, baby,” says Jlo. But I’m not.

Ramiro Garcia – 28 – Houston TX Amazing Grace – Ramiro was born with NO EARS.  The doctors told the hopeful’s parents that he wasn’t going to be able to hear or speak. But after many surgeries, not only was he able to speak and hear, but  sing as well.  His performance of Amazing Grace is good enough for the church where he leads worship, but it’s not American Idol material. But with that courageous backstory, who the heck is going to say no? Not these judges. Ramiro is off to Hollywood.

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