American Idol 11 – Final Judgement Pt 2 – Recap and Videos

So…look at that Nigel Lythgoe coming up with a twist that he managed to keep secret!  I’m not sure why he’s bringing back an extra boy rather than an extra girl. Does he figure the more boys the more vote splitting that will take place?  Because I’m sure TPTB want a female winner this year.

The choices: David Leathers Jr. was a no-brainer. He was robbed, if you ask me. The judges referred to some struggling during Hollywood. But so many contestants struggle a bit in Hollywood–that kid has obvious raw talent. I would have picked him over  choir boy Even Frankewitz if a choice had to be made between the teenagers.

Bringing back Johnny Keyser is either some fake story arc Nigel cooked up a la Simon Cowell and Melanie Amaro, or the producers took note of the mini-riot that erupted when he was cut.  Either way, Johnny tweeted tonight that he had no idea about the wildcard. Isn’t that strange?

I’m not a fan of Johnny’s, particularly. I think he over sings.  Other than Heejun, I’ll probably be rooting for a girl this season.

Richie Law’s return has to be about drama, because that last performance of “Folsom Prison Blues” sucked ass.

Speaking of which–we’ve got a super-strong field of girls in the Top 24, and I can only hope they don’t get picked off early like they did last year.  But I think this season’s girls are a stronger group than last year, so let’s hope they prevail.

UPDATE: ONE of FOUR cut boys will be brought back on Tuesday to make a Top 13 guys  (Corrected)

David Leathers Jr.
Richie Law (Cowboy)
Jermaine Jones
Johnny Keyser

The Top 13 guys perform LIVE on Tuesday, Feb 28, The Top 12 Girls on Wednesday Feb 29. The results and Wildcard round air LIVE on Thursday March 1.

Johnny Keyser just tweeted this!

REALLY? The producers didn’t tell them beforehand? WHAT?

I’ll be live blogging tonight at Entertainment Weekly. Do join me there if you’d like! I’ll be back here as soon as the episode ends on the East Coast to post videos, polls and a full recap!

Entertainment Weekly Live Blog

Adam BrockTop 24

OMG. This guy and his annoying crying.  Worst. Cliffhanger. Ever.  No way this guy makes the Finals.

Jeremy Rosado – “I Know You Won’t” – Top 24

Carrie’s song was an interesting choice.  Jeremy has a good voice, but he sounds a wee bit old fashioned. He did a nice job here, however.

Shannon Magrane – “The Trouble with Love Is” – Top 24

Shannon seems like a nice girl, but I always get the sense that she’s imitating her favorite singers when she performs.  She needs a few more years to develop her own style. She’s got the raw materials, however.

Scott Dangerfield – “Folsom Prison Blues – CUT

Whoa. Scott was cut. I have to admit, that last performance was overwrought and not as tuneful as it could have been I’ve heard him sound so much better.

Skyler Laine – “Fancy” – Top 24

Why can’t I remember what Skyler sounds like? All I can remember is that she likes to shoot stuff, and that big dead animal she had hanging in her bedroom.

Hallie DayTop 24

Chase LikensTop 24

Aaron MarcellusTop 24

Three Top 24 contestants were announced without any singing or extra backstory.  I smell fodder!  I felt sorry for that handful of hopefuls who were cut that were deemed so unworthy, they didn’t even get a name check.

Deandre Brackensick – “This Women’s Work” – Top 24

Deandre has a beautiful falsetto, and since I’ m a sucker for a nice falsetto, I quite enjoyed his take on “This Women’s Work”

Jermaine Jones – “I Believe in You and Me” – CUT

His vocal is alternately beautiful and creepy.  He’s a wildcard, and to be honest, I don’t think I could take him in competition. I’d want him off my screen as soon as possible.

Hollie Cavanaugh – “Change” – Top 24

Shelby TweetenCUT

Ariel SpragueCUT

We haven’t seen much of Hollie in this competition. Let’s see if she can pull a Jason Casto or a Bo Bice and get herself noticed next week.

Eben Francewitz – “You Are So Beautiful” – Top 24

David Leathers Jr. “I Want You Back” – CUT

Damn. I could not believe they saved the two kids for last. That seemed a little cruel. Maybe watching tweenagers fall apart on X Factor has made me sensitive.  They both handled it really well, especially David who had to be really disappointed.

The Top 24 Reveal!

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