American Idol 10 Top 13 – The Results!

The judges vote unanimously to eliminate Ashthon Jones after she performs “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” to save her life.

Well, that was a no brainer. Good by Ashthon. We hardly knew ye.  It was an all girls bottom 3 this week. Ashthon sat beside Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez. I would not be surprised if a girl went home next week too.

The judges’ save is back again this year. I have mixed feelings about it.  Matt Giaraud’s save in Season 7 was fantastic TV,   Mike Lynche’s last year? Not so much.  I think once the finals begin, the voting chips should be allowed to fall where they may.  But, really, the save is all about good TV, not really about giving a contestant another chance.

I find it really hard to watch an ousted contestant grovelling for a second chance. Tonight was no exception. And Ashthon, if you wanted to stay, why the hell would you sing the song that got you voted off?

Casey Abrams was MIA tonight.  He made his second trip to the hospital today–his first was last week–missing tonight’s results show.

THR is reporting that Casey had two blood transfusions while in the hospital. His condition: Ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease which affects the lining of the large intestine.

He tweeted around midnight ET, “hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. People at Idol & Cedars are treatin me real good.”

He also tweeted a goodbye message to Ashthon, “I love you girl. I know for a fact we will meet up again in the near future. And your hair better be even bigger next time.”

And Season 9’s Crystal Bowersox, who almost had to quit her Idol run when SHE became ill due to diabetes complications, tweeted “…stay in this game, Casey. Don’t be afraid to say no sometimes. I’m rooting for you.”

Adam Lambert came back to Idol to perform an acoustic version of aftermath and there are reports coming back from the reporters who attended the taping tonight that he had a long talk with James Durbin, who tweeted thanks, “It was a pleasure meeting you tonight man. Thanks for the kind words. He’ll Yeah I Will!”.

Zap2it reports that after Adam sang and chatted with Randy Jackson for a bit, he made his way to the couches to speak with the contestants.  Adam hugged them all, but spent most of his time with James who “looked really excited” to talk with Adam.  The reporter overheard Adam tell James that he thought he was “amazing” last night. (Photo: @dizzyfeet)

Adam also met the new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  According to Hollywood Life, when Adam met Steven he said, “It’s an honor to meet you!”

So that’s it. What did you guys think of tonight’s show?

Nigel Lythgoe confirms via twitter the show will is going live, “In 5 minutes we go LIVE to the East Coast. In fact we’re LIVE for every week now! Scary.”

Live blog after the JUMP…

It’s a big night tonight on American Idol. The first finalist will be eliminated, Adam Lambert performs a sweet acoustic version of “Aftermath” and David Cook’s cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” will play as that first bootee says goodbye.

A club mix version of Adam’s “Aftermath” is available at, with proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project.

For International/Non-Eastcoasters watch American Idol LIVE Online.

THE JUDGES’ SAVE IS BACK. Same rules as before. The decision has to be unanimous. They can use it only up until the Top 5.

Ryan Seacrest announces that Casey Abrams is sick and in the hospital. No further deets on his condition. This is Casey’s second trip to the hospital. I hope he’s ok.

The “electric Idol Alum” known as Adam Lambert will perform tonight, says Ryan–so will Diddy Dirty Money. That should be awkward!

Ryan sez 30 million votes came in last night.

First up..The Idols check out their new digs–an ostentatious mansion in Beverly Hills! Ohhh Whee.

TIME FOR THE POINTY POSE. The kids dance and sing to Michael Jackson

The Ford Video is all about the Focus. The kids build a stage! “The World” No Casey in the Ford video.

Ryan interviews the star of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Now, everyone at the premiere. Casey looks like a Werewolf!


Jacob Lusk is first. He says he definitely messed up, but got back on track by the end of the song. Karen Rodriguez is next. She said she couldn’t hear herself last night. She promises to make it better next time. Stefano Langone is next. Not getting voted in by America did not shake his confidence.

ALL ARE SAFE…except Karen. Poor kid. Ryan pulls a  FAKE OUT:  “Everybody is safe…but Karen.”

Adam Lambert takes the stage to sing an acoustic version of  “Aftermath”.  He’s got 3 band members performing with him. Although it’s acoustic, it’s fairly upbeat. The tempo is faster than I’m used to hearing.  Still really good, though.

Adam says the message is the most important part of the song. That’s why he stripped it down tonight. There’s some chat about the dance remix and donations to the Trevor campaign.  Jennifer is doing the Dougie!  And now all the contestants are. Jlo says she’ll teach Adam how to Dougie later.

Back to the RESULTS. Lauren Alaina, Ashthon Jones and Haley Rienhart take the stage. Lauren is first. Lauren says the judges were right. Her performance last night was bad. She’s about to cry.  LAUREN IS SAFE.  Ashthon and Haley are next. Ashthon says she should have picked a song that everyone knows.  Randy wants to see more of Haley’s “husky tone”.  In other words, WE DON’T WANT YOU SINGING COUNTRY. THAT isn’t the box we put you in!

OMG. Another Seacrest FAKE OUT (mean) Haley thought she was safe for a minute.  BOTH Ashthon and Haley are in the Bottom 3. Everyone else is safe.

Diddy Dirty Money featuring Skyler Grey perform.  Yeah Yeah Yeah. I wonder if Jlo is enjoying this? Aw. Jennifer is clapping and smiling for her ex. How nice.  Oh, now he’s giving the kids advice, “You have to keep on practicing keep on rehearsing, never stop reaching your dreams. Keep God first in your life.” Cliche cliche cliche.

THE RESULTS.  Karen is SAFE…  Going home is….Ashthon.  Haley is safe.

Ashthon sings “When You Tell me That You Love Me” to save her life. Does she want to go home? WTF? No way are the  judges going to save her. They take like TWO seconds to decide. Ashthon is crying. “I’m sorry baby, ” says a tearful Jennifer, “It was unanimous.” the judges don’t save her.

Ashthon gets a quick goodbye while David Cook’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” plays, and we’re OUT.

Bottom 3

  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Ashthon Jones
  • Haley Reinhart
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