American Idol 10 Top 11 Redux – The Results!

Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia are eliminated!

A teaser at the beginning of the show tonight warned us: “…and you won’t believe who is going home…”

Uhm. yeah. I would believe it. Although I thought a guy and a girl would go home, I figured both Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia would end up in the Bottom 3, at least.

I was a little surprised Paul McDonald didn’t go home once he hit the B3, but I would not call tonight’s elimination “unbelievable”. Thia and Naima have been on the verge for weeks now. Both had to perform well to stay out of danger. Both had middling (Thia) to weird (Naima) performances this week. So, buh bye.

Paul was probably a near-victim of the “Save Casey” campaign, as I would imagine the two split votes. The biggest surprise for me was Stefano Langone not hitting the B3 at all. But he probably does not split votes with Casey. But, unless he stops performing like a Jersey lounge act, he’s going to be toast soon. Idol is running out of girls to eliminate.

Speaking of girls. The 4 women eliminated so far are 2 African-Americans, a Hispanic and Asian. The 3 remaining girls are white. In fact, the Top 9 are all white, except for Jacob. If he is eliminated next week, it’s going to get a little crazy.

The thing is, the elimination order is influenced by several factors. Don’t forget, Casey was eliminated at 11. All 4 contestants eliminated so far didn’t perform that well on the weeks they were cut. The save, performance order, vote splitting all influence the vote. So I wouldn’t be so quick to pull out the race card, but others looking for an easy angle might. So look out for that.

I’m going to miss Naima. She was talented and creative, but just could not pull her performance and her vocals all together at the same time to create that perfect package. She could have had a moment, but it was not meant to be. She’s going to be hella fun on tour, so I look forward to that.

Thia needs a few more years to rid herself of those pageant tendencies. The original Idol pageant-bot, Diana DeGarmo has blossomed into a fine singer in the 7 years since she was a 16 year old contestant on Idol. Thia’s got the potential, it’s just going to take time.

The small group performances sprinkled in between the results was a cool idea. However…maybe I’m in the minority, but I just hope the group numbers haven’t been abandoned entirely. Some things should never change, and the big cheesy group number is one of those things.

Next week’s theme will be The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Constantine Maroulis is scheduled to perform.

Video and Live Blog after the JUMP…

Two contestants go home tonight! Who will it be? I’ll be live blogging the action right here.

@maskedscheduler tweets, “Gentle reminder.. #IDOL results show will be a bit different 2nite. I realy hope you like the change. We do listen to the audience.”

…and you won’t believe who is going home…Oh really?

55 Million votes last night. A new record for this stage of the competition.

The pointy pose is ditched tonight for duets. What? I didn’t ask for this . BRING BACK THE POINTY POSE.

First up, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery singing “I Told You So” a duet originally sung by Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis. I won’t say the obvious. Nice try though kids!

Scotty and Lauren take center stage. BOTH ARE SAFE.

Looks like the Idols will sing before being declared safe or in trouble. Interesting.

The Top 11 pimp the Ford Music video challenge. Whoopie. Ford Commercial: Kryptonite. Flash back to the 90s!

Chat with the contestants! Casey says he probably won’t shave the beard. James got a WWE belt from a fan.

Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk are next. They sing Ashford and Simpson’s “Solid”. Nice duet. “Solid” is SOLID. Heh. Sorry. POINTY POSE! Better than nothing.

Are they safe? Naima is in the B3 Jacob is SAFE.

The Fabulous Fantasia sings her new single “Collard Greens and Cornbread”. LISHEN! Fanty goes totally old school. Major Motown vibe here. I keep hearing “Heaven must have sent you from above…heaven must have sent your sweet love…” Ha ha. Fantasia finishes the song and says, “Steven, I love you!” Cute. Ryan chats a bit with her. Keep good people with you, who aren’t yes people. First love must always be the music, she tells the kids.

Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia and Pia Toscano sing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. The beginning was a little shaky, but nice harmonies from the trio!

Who is safe? Pia is SAFE. Thia is in the B3. Haley is SAFE

KRIS ALLEN IN THE HOUSE! Ryan introduces him in the audience. His wife Katy is also there. I wonder where Zorro is? At the doggie sitters?

Video package: A week in the life of the Idols – At Celebrity Fight Night a few weeks ago. Oh. The mansion is leaking! So the kids are packing up to FLEE THE HAUNTED MANSION OMG. The in-house shrink is spending time with a newly-saved Casey Abrams. He’s crying. Aw. The post-boot shrink meetings are being filmed now? Alrighty then.

Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Stefano Langone debut their house band! Casey, James and Paul are on guitar, Stefano on keyboards. They sing “Band on the Run”. That was kind of a trainwreck, but they probably didn’t get much time to rehearse.

Who is safe? Casey is first “If you knew how many you got you’d be very proud” says Ryan. Really? He’s safe. James is next. Of course, James is safe. Stefano and Paul are left. ohhhh. Stefano is SAFE! Paul is in the B3.

Jamie Foxx and sing “Hot Wings” from the animated movie Rio.

Back! Lauren Alaina is in tears. Paul is safe! WHOA. Two girls are eliminated tonight. We’re left with a sausage fest! Only 3 girls remain. 3 WHITE girls. Wow. The first 4 eliminated were not only women, but women of color. The goodbye video plays. Hello Cookie! Goodbye Naima and Thia.

Bottom 3

  • Naima Adedapo
  • Thia Megia
  • Paul McDonald
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