American Idol 10 Top 11 Redux – Recap Roundup!

‘American Idol’ Live Dispatch: Comeback kids, Idol Twitter ‘wars’ and about that ‘haunted’ mansion

After last week’s “American Idol” judges’ save that shook the world, the stakes are higher than ever for the Top 11. The harsh reality hanging over their heads for Elton John theme week is that not one but two of the contenders will be sent packing on Thursday’s telecast (Mar. 31).


American Idol Recap: The Pitch Is Back!

You can’t teach an old Dawg new vocabulary words, but pretty much everything else on American Idol‘s daft, delightful tenth season is subject to frequent, sometimes thrilling change. On Wednesday night’s Elton John-themed performance telecast, Naima Adedapo and Stefano Langone adopted unexpected and unusual accents. Ryan Seacrest got a daring (unfortunate?) new ‘do, and one contestant was allowed to utter the phrase “hardcore bangage” without so much as a bleep. Heck, even Nigel Lythgoe embraced the mood, putting his favorite punching bag Haley Reinhart in the pimp spot and not dousing her with a bucket of pig’s blood during her show-stopping cover of “Bennie and the Jets.”

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‘American Idol’ on the scene for the Top 11 (take 2) performance night: Scotty’s grandma and James flaming piano

“Oh is Justin Bieber coming tonight?” asked the perfectly coifed woman named Eileen, prior to the start of last night’s American Idol. Eileen looked about the Idoldome in a mild panic, her green eyeshadow matching her jade jewelry matching her dusty green denim outfit, i.e. the Hip Grandma Look, which only accentuated the beautiful strangeness of her question. Finally, Eileen threw back her head in a jarring roar of laughter. “I don’t think he’s coming!”


‘American Idol’ recap: Haley and the Jets

Gotta say, I appreciated how narrow the theme was this week. My my, isn’t that Elton looking mighty thin lately? I liked hearing songs I knew very well in a more coherent jumble than usual. Sometimes the random song selections of broader theme weeks come together as a playlist you’d force yourself to listen to until you completed some treacherous task, like cleaning your bathroom, or paying your obscene cable bill, or shopping online until you found the same pre-Memorial Day white pants as Steven Tyler. Plus, I could always use a reminder of how amazing Elton John is. So talented. A true artist. Wise. Iconic. Fashionable. Knighted.


‘Idol’ Top 11 Elton John Night: The Taming Of The Casey

Just when I’d finally recovered from last week’s heart-attack-inducing results show, this week’s “American Idol” top 11 redux episode had my life, or at least Casey Abrams’s life, flashing before my eyes once again, as I relived in stomach-churning slow-mo last Thursday’s pulse-pounding moments: Hulk Hogan’s surprise Seacrest body-slam, Casey’s weak-kneed onstage meltdown, Jennifer Lopez’s flushed-faced outrage. The point of this dramatic rehash was, presumably, to remind us all that the Judges’ Save was used on Casey last week, and that as a result two contestants will be going home this week. As if we could ever forget!

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‘American Idol’: ‘Eleven Finalists Compete Again’ Recap

Tonight’s two-hour Elton John extravaganza was jam-packed with reggae flavor, flaming pianos, mowed-down beards and highly flammable Mohawks. Just the way Elton would want it.

After an obligatory introduction to the ‘Piano Man, ‘ John’s writing partner Bernie Taupin and their shared musical legacy, the Idols got down to the business of trying hard not to be one of the two going home tomorrow night.

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Dawg, you’re wrong! Tyler calls out Randy on ‘Idol’

Steven Tyler continued to say nice things about everyone on “American Idol” on Wednesday … except one of his fellow judges.

Tyler hasn’t met an “Idol” contestant he doesn’t love, clearly viewing every week as a referendum on his role in getting them here in the first place. But he particularly loved Pia Toscano, who ignored Randy Jackson’s plea not to sing another ballad when she went with “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” as part of the Elton John theme week.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Haley Reinhart Rules Elton John Week

The Top 11 returned to primetime because Casey Abrams was saved last week. (“Saved” in the “Idol” sense, mind you. Lord knows if he’s accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.) Producers were keen on trumping up the drama as much as possible, even going so far as recapping last week’s results show with a graphic that mimicked a screenplay. “Hope has been renewed. But no more second chances, ” the Courier font typed out. Because if there’s one thing us diehard “Idol” freaks love, it’s having Nigel Lythgoe imply that last week’s intense results were manufactured by a writer. Whoops!

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‘American Idol’ Elton John Night Boosts Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams

Theme nights are always tricky, and on Wednesday (March 30), the “American Idol” top 11 had to take on the imposing catalog of Elton John. Some soared and some crashed, and a couple of recent cellar dwellers — Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart — appeared to pull themselves out of the fire with gutsy performances.

As always on non-country theme weeks, the question was “What is Scotty McCreery going to do this time?” He made the obvious choice, the obscure “Country Comfort, ” which he picked because it had the word “country” in it, but also because it’s one of Elton’s only country-leaning tunes.


‘American Idol’ Pays Tribute To Sir Elton

Last week’s surprise elimination—and subsequent save—of Casey Abrams was obviously on everyone’s mind on Elton John night, with the only real risky move that of Naima Adedapo, whose spirited reggae version of “I’m Still Standing” drew the most tepid response from the judges, even if it fit her situation perfectly.


‘American Idol’: Elton John, James Durbin’s Flaming Piano, Casey Abrams’ Comeback

Elton John’s songwriting genius is such that one can experience its poignancy in virtually any medium — 8-track cassettes, Broadway musicals, and, of course, animated features starring adolescent lions with existential crises. Though it’s hard to surprise the audience after last week’s shocker of a results show, I am floored by the skill with which the Idols interpreted Sir Elton’s classics this week. And let’s not neglect to mention his long-time writing partner Bernie Taupin.

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‘American Idol’: The Top Ten Plus One Perform Elton John Songs

The top 11 hit the stage, one more time on “American Idol.” Just before they got to the performing, the show relived the drama of the Casey Abrams judge-save from last week, which will result in a double elimination tomorrow night.

The gang had a week of makeovers ahead of the show, getting glammed up, outfitted and photographed.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Haley Reinhart Wows Judges on Elton John Night

Tonight’s show had it all — shiny, bedazzled, flowered outfits, sky-high heels, Howie Mandel, and Taio Cruz in the house! (Also seated in the audience, according to Idol Worship’s own Shirley Halperin: Nicolette Sheridan and Glee’s Heather Morris, who, curiously, only stayed to watch Scotty McCreary.) To quote Jimmy Walker: “Dy-No-Miiiitttee!”


Top 11 (Again) Recap: Wednesday Night’s Alright for Worsters

It’s Elton John week and I’m going to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind. What the fuck is up with Ryan Seacrest’s hair? Seriously, it’s got this stupid part or something in it now that makes him look really awful and it’s just weird and flat looking. Someone missed a trip to go get his hair did before the live show. Looks like he has too many jobs and not enough time in the dressing room with a mirror, mmkay? Besides the obvious hair tragedy, some of the Idols did perform well but others bored me to tears. So since we have a double elimination, can we knock off 2 of the boring people who populated the middle of the show? As predicted, Paul, Naima, and Lusky Stank brought the goods, but Casey was too busy receiving fellatio from the judges to remember to actually be interesting.


American Idol Recap: Paul F. Tompkins on Elton John Night

Tonight’s theme is Elton John, and I wonder what the ratio of early/good to late/garbage will be in the songs we hear. Jimmy Iovine is still hanging around, and he reminds us that the stakes are high: “Tomorrow night, two people will be going home, so tonight eleven people have to kill it — or they’re out.” That makes it sound like if all eleven don’t “kill it, ” they’re all out. Oh, to live in Jimmy Iovine’s wonderful world, where the show would end tomorrow night, and we’d have as many baseball caps and tinted glasses as we could eat!

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Blake Lewis: ‘Casey Abrams Killed It, I’m Over Scotty McCreery’

Last night, the Idols performed the music of Elton John and I was really looking forward to it, as my friends and some former contestants came over to watch.

The night started off with Scotty McCreery doing his country thing and it was all right. I’m personally over it and I want him to go now. He did a good job, I’m just not that into him compared to the other ten contestants.

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