American Idol 10 Spoilers! – Meet 4 Rumored Hollywood Contestants

With the American Idol 10 callback auditions wrapping up in San Francisco last week, it’s time to look forward to Hollywood Week.

As she does every year, Joes Place blog is tracking the progress of  potential Idol hopefuls on her website.

Gangreen has volunteered to help cover spoilers this season. She’s got an introduction a few interesting hopefuls who are rumored to have made it to Hollywood below. Have you been tracking the spoilers? Who are your favorites?


The wonderful Joes Place has begun compiling spoilers over at  Joe’s Place Blog, and some Hollywood contestants have already been spoiled!

I have always been a spoiler addict. Just last season I remember seeing Crystal performing a cover of Ray Lamontagne before the season even started and I had an instant favorite. I’ve chosen 4 interesting contestants to highlight for now, but there is even more spoilage at joesplace!

Brandon Parsons

AI Experience winner. Has a very deep, powerful voice. Vocals remind me a bit of Eddie Vedder, but he seems to be more of a balladeer.  He reminds me a bit of Clay Aiken, and if the AI stylists get a hold of him and polish him up like Clay he could go far.

Hallelujah cover

Remember When it Rained cover

I Pray- original song


Caleb Hawley

The dreaded WGWG!! This guy is actually pretty talented.  He has a sweet sounding voice, but he might not have enough vocal power for the show.  Excellent guitar player, and certainly has the look that could attract a large following

Other Side of It All-original song

I Wish- Stevie Wonder cover

That’s Just the Way it is- Bruce Hornsby cover


Megan Pflueger

A lot has been said so far from the judges and Nigel about the country voices this season. Meagan has a definite country sound, and the power and vocal control to do well on the show. She has a fairly versatile voice as well, as I could see her sing something jazzy, bluesy, or even some straight up pop like her Poker Face cover.

Crazy by Patsy Cline (performing with the Charlie Daniels Band)

The National Anthem at Country Thunder 2009

Poker Face by Lady Gaga


Sarina Joi Crow

One of the dreaded 15 year olds!! Definitely has one of the youngest sounding voices of anyone I’ve ever heard on idol, but it could have matured since these videos were taken. Good power but has control issues at times. Could blossom on the show, or flame out I think. She definitely seems bubbly and cute enough to make the show if her vocals hold up in Hollywood.

Listen by Beyonce

Somehwhere over the Rainbow

At Last

Now go over to Joe’s Place to check out some of the other great spoiled contestants!

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