American Idol 10 Hollywood Part 3 Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ recap: Giant Holding Room On My Mind

Tensions ran high at the end of Hollywood Week’s solo day. The kids who knew how to play instruments could breathe a little easier, but not if they knew what was good for them: a few more solid hours of gut-busting anxiety. Even the judges felt the pressure as they traipsed around to four different American Idol-branded jail cells. “This is the worst part for me so far, ” whined J. Lo, and considering the ridonkulous black sparkly shorts she was wearing, I had no choice but to believe her.



American Idol Recap: Investment Opportunities

Some things in life are certainties: Steven Tyler’s penchant for profanity. Jennifer Lopez’s ability to add sparkle to just about anything (her eyelids, a pair of mom shorts, the Glinda-like bubble that perpetually surrounds her). And the way that, despite Ryan Seacrest’s best efforts, American Idol‘s “Holding Rooms of Doom” episodes are never really all that suspenseful.

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‘American Idol’ Recap: Chris Medina Among Those Getting a Ticket to Vegas

Part 3 of Hollywood week began dramatically enough, with Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson “laying it all out on the table” in the form of a final judgment to this first major hurdle. It would all lead up to the dreaded four rooms — where the not-as-strong are weeded out, bringing a possible Top 24 into sight.



‘Idol’ keeps its ’emotional time bomb’ ticking

The Night of the Four Rooms is an “American Idol” tradition, second only to the group performances for its ability to provide both audience entertainment and contestant terror. But season 10’s rendition of this classic was a huge letdown, thanks to the lack of time and drama devoted to it.

As always, the remaining 100 hopefuls were split into four rooms, with two advancing to the next round and two getting kicked to the curb. Unlike in previous seasons, however, we didn’t get to that point until 53 minutes past the hour, after a long slog through clips of the solo performances.



‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week Ends With A Ticket To Vegas

And then there were 50. If you thought Wednesday night’s “American Idol” was harsh, the final night of Hollywood Week really brought down the hammer.

Unlike the previous night, when the show dithered away with group dynamics, Thursday night’s (February 17) show jumped right into it, presenting what host Ryan Seacrest promised was one of the most talented group of Hollywood finalists ever assembled. And, for once, he wasn’t just blowing smoke, as some of season 10’s standout singers brought it and punched their ticket to next week’s Vegas round.



‘American Idol’: The Rooms of Doom cut very few favorites

The brutal cuts and the Group Day are over. Now it’s time for more solo performances and the patented “American Idol” Rooms of Doom, but we are not learning the semi-finalists Thursday night (Feb. 17). They still have the Las Vegas rounds yet to come.

Haley Reinhart is first with “God Bless the Child” and she has such a bluesy, growly voice, it’s wonderful, though a little theatrical. She is followed by Asthon Jones and Thia Megia, who also both blow it out (despite Thia’s crazy Cosby sweater).



‘American Idol’ Hollywood Round, Part 3 Recap

Earlier Thursday, Nigel Lythgoe told the press two things that come to mind right now: We’d see a lot of second chances this season and a lot of great performances tonight. A man of his word, that Nigel is.

Our third night in Hollywood was littered with false starts leading to do-overs. In some cases, like Haley Reinhart’s, contestants made good on their second chance. Reinhart fumbled her way through the group performance, but found “redemption” as J.Lo put it, with Billie Holiday’s “‘God Bless the Child.’

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‘American Idol’: The Cream Rises to the Top, The Clunkers Don’t

The stars came out on the final day of “American Idol” Hollywood week, with a pair of 15-year-old phenoms, dueling performances of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogatives, ” a batch of impressive takes on “Georgia on My Mind, ” one of them played on a stand-up bass, and the requisite meltdowns.



“Hollywood Round #3”

OK, I knew there had to be some other vetting round after tonight’s top 100 was cut down, so the surprise that Ryan promised us wasn’t totally surprising, but we’ll get to that later. More urgently, we heard all three judges sing tonight! Shouldn’t we get a free ice cream cone for that or something?

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‘American Idol’ Season 10: Hollywood Week Continues

Tonight’s “American Idol” started with 100, but by the time the sun set on Solo Day a smaller group of hopefuls was left standing.

The gals set the bar high at the top of the show. Haley Reinhart, who barely made it through group day, had the judges using words like “redemption.” Ashthon Jones and Thia Megia stood strong as well.

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‘American Idol’ 2011 rolls on through Hollywood Week

Thank you “American Idol” for ratcheting down the drama on Thursday’s solo night in Hollywood-on-Pasadena, so we can catch our breath after Wednesday’s interpersonal relationship-a-thon.

Thursday’s show opens with three consecutive chicks who are just entertaining singers.

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‘American Idol’: Nutty Ashlee, Cute Jaycee — and Where Did Jacob Come From?

Flying by the seat of their (sequined hot)pants, newbies Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler survived their first Hollywood Week intact, though Tyler looks like he could really use a keratin treatment. Trimming the fat to 60 hopefuls was no easy feat; Randy reckoned that these 100 kids could be the most talented group “Idol” has ever heard.

That being said, this round almost seemed like a formality, as numerous contestants progressed to next week’s Beatles Round despite lackluster performances.

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Hollywood Part 3 Recap: Nuts of Wonder In Your Jeans

On tonight’s show, this is the first time the audience gets to see what these contestants might perform like when they get to the live shows. We’ve seen them audition, we’ve seen them sing in groups, but now we actually get performances with the backup band. The results were about as bad as I was expecting – which is to say, most of these contestants suck and I love it. If the live shows are anything like this, VFTW will have a hard time choosing between all of the train wrecks. This season might not be so bad after all.


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