American Idol 10 – New Orleans Recap Live Blog

I’m still loving me some Steven Tyler!  Funny, sensitive and smart, I’ll be so bummed if his extraordinary presence ends up being only a result of good editing.   I’m on the fence with Jennifer Lopez.  When she cried during Paris Tassin’s rendition of “Temporary Home”, I immediately thought ACTRESS! I dunno. I’m just not feeling her.

Still not impressed with the talent yet.  But then, sometimes these kids don’t blossom until Hollywood or even further down the road.  For instance, asshat with a stupid haircut is how I thought of  David Cook after his audition Season 7.  By the end of the season, I was a fan.

If I didn’t fall in love with anyone, a couple of hopefuls caught my attention.  Teen tenors Brett Loewenstern and Jaycee Badeaux both have the potential to break out big.  They’ve got that whole geek with a good voice vibe thing that worked so well for Clay Aiken back in Season 2.  Idol voters love ugly ducklings and underdogs.

But, my favorite voice tonight was Sarah Sellers. Lovely tone, great phrasing…wrong l00k. Bummer.  That whole ugly duckling deal that will help Brett and Jaycee? It won’t help plain-Jane Sarah at all.

  • Watch  official interviews with all the New Orleans Hollywood Bound contestants HERE.

So peeps, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Drop your thoughts in comments!

Video and Live Blog after the JUMP…

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest head to New Orleans to audition hopefuls on American Idol, beginning at 8/7c pm.

Tonight’s episode is only an hour long, so we get a bit of a breather until we’re back to 2 hours next Wednesday, when Idol hits Milwaukee, WI.

Spoilers! New Orleans contestants to watch out for HERE.

Stick with me as I live blog tonight’s episode.

The episode begins with Blake Patterson who sings “Smile”. He won’t be going to Hollywood, because he sucks!

6500 hundred strong auditioned in the Crescent City. Steven has feathers in his hair! Randy is in his home turf. Jlo says Randy is going to be extra tough. Flashbacks of Ryan speaking horrible French in New Orleans in Season 4.

Jordan Dorsey – 21 – La Place, LA – “Over the Rainbow” – Is a musician and music teacher. He wants to show his students how to work hard. Mom tells Ryan he looks tall on TV. He jazzes it up in the second verse. A little too much messy melisma, but not bad. Less is more people! Wonder if he’ll play piano in Hollywood? Nevertheless, Jenifer is feeling it. “I have goose pimples all over my body.” Three very enthusiastic yeses. “That’s how you do an audition!”, says Randy. – VIDEO

Gator country! Look at them gators.

Montage of talent-free, delusional contestants…

Sarah Sellers – 28 – Richardson, TX – “Make You Feel My Love” – “Where did you get those lips” asks the large lipped Steven! Very nice tone, great phrasing. I like her. Unfortunately she doesn’t have “the look”. “You had me sold the second you laid eyes on me.” says Steven. What? “One of the best we’ve heard, ” says Jennifer. It’s 3 yeses! – VIDEO

Jovany Barreto – 23 – Harvey, LA – “Contigo En La Distincia” (David Archuleta covered this) – A Cuban shipbuilder. He brings his whole family along to his audition. He’s in LOVE with Jennifer. He’s even MORE in love with Marc Anthony. Well he’s very….LOUD. Jovany sucks up to Jennifer, trying to manipulate a yes out of her. “You have a very powerful voice..I feel like you have the talent, ” she says. “Very delicious I really liked your voice, ” says Steven. Big, giant yeses from all three. I dunno, too much of a Screamy McScreamerton for me.. Finesse is your friend, dude. Soooo… Jovany Steven and Randy are performing a strip show for Jennifer. Uh. “What the heck just happened here!” says Jennifer. – VIDEO

Fun Louisiana facts! Zzzz. Randy’s brother Herman is in the house!

Jacquelyn Dupree – 24 – Summit, MS – “I’ll Stand By You” – She brought photos of Randy when he was in high school. Look! Randy goes to the prom. Oh, this chick’s father coached Randy in football. Aw, a high school reunion between Randy and his coach! Back to high school! “Did you ever paddle his ass?” asks Steven. OMG.Jacquelyn has a big voice with a bit of a country hitch. It’s three yeses! The coaches kid is on her way to Hollywood. – VIDEO

Brett Loewenstern – 16 – Boca Raton, FL – “Bohemian Rhapsody – Aw. Brett was picked on in high school.Sads. Before I looked up at the TV screen, I thought Brett was a girl. He’s got a very Chris Colfer-like high pitched voice. Brett wants to inspire people through his music. Once inside, Brett and Steven trade hair tips. Important stuff! Brett sings. He’s a big-voice super tenor. Very pure. He looks older than 16. “Holy mackerel, ” says Steven, “You were fabulous.” “You were hot” says Randy. “Goose Pimples, ” shouts Jennifer. THREE YESES! ” His hair was very well conditioned! Jennifer adds. Tje mommy-types are going to fall in love with him. – VIDEO

A montage of very happy Hollywood bound contestants.

Gabriele Franks – 24 – Baton Rouge, LA – “Bad Romance” – Won a Steven Tyler look-alike contestant. Steven says Gabrielle looks like Mick Jagger. “You have MIck Jagger’s mouth…I know him well, ” says Steven. Hm. He sings. OMG. Soooo. Alrighty then. CRAY CRAY EYES. NOOOO. Now I’m skeered. It’s a no. – VIDEO

On to a montage of CRAZY CONTESTANTS.

Alex Attardo – 18 – New Orleans, LA – “Proud Mary” – He’s a graduate of Idol camp. Remember Idol camp? Whatever happened to that? Oh my. He didn’t learn much at camp. Tuneless shouting for the win! Picking “Proud Mary” is always a bad sign. “I guess the camp really worked” laughs Randy. Alex is shocked, hurt. Steven steps in to soften the blow. “You strayed so much from the melody, ” he says. Randy, channeling Simon, is blunt, “Seriously it was terrible dude.” – VIDEO

Jaycee Badeaux – 15 – Lafayette, LA – “Sitting on the Dock of Bay” – He looks younger than 15. I wonder if his voice has changed? He’s got a very sweet, soulful tone. He’s cute, but overweight. He’s got vocals the tweens could love, but not the looks. “Your voice is really beautiful, ” says Jennifer. “A thing of beauty, ” says Steven. Three yeses. – VIDEOVIDEO


Paris Tassin – 23 – New Orleans, LA – “Temporary Home” – Got pregnant at 18 years old. The baby had hydrocephalus. The doctors suggest she terminate the preganancy, but she decided to go forward. Her baby has hearing loss. Paris is singing for her! Wow. She’s like a Carrie Underwood impersonator. But you know, she’s not. That’s going to be a problem. Jennifer begins to cry real tears. “I felt it, ” says Jennifer. Paris chokes up, “I did that for my daughter. I want her to follow her dreams.” Of course they say yes! – VIDEO

37 hopefuls move on to Hollywood from New Orleans.

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