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So, is it just me, or was tonight’s Nashville audition episode short on talent and long on Southern stereotypes? I know for a fact there were a number of talented Nashville hopefuls who were not featured on tonight’s show. I know the episode was only an hour, but I think the producers could have done a better job showcasing better talent.

The big pimping was saved for Lauren Alaina. The almost-16-year-old closed out the show. Not only did she get to duet on “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with Steven Tyler, but she got to tell a big ole’ sob story about a cousin with brain cancer. Two words for you Lauren!  David Cook! He won, and he didn’t need that shiz.

Come to think of it…Nigel must not really want Lauren to win, because the OTT pimping is going to backfire. By now, Nigel must know that.

I love you Steven Tyler, but why are you telling hopelessly talent-free contestants to go home and practice?  Thank my higher power (that’s right, Steven) that Randy Jackson is stepping up to the plate to dish up some tough love and tell it like it is. Randy is the new Simon! I loves it.  Jennifer and Steven chiding Randy for being mean is pretty damn funny.

My favs tonight were Adrienne Beasley, Rob Bolin and Paul McDonald. How about you?

Austin, Texas is up next Wednesday!

Videos and Live blog after the JUMP…

Tonight, the American Idol 10 crew heads to Nashville! Here are the hopefuls you need to look out for, via JoesPlaceBlog.

Watch out for Lauren Alaina. Nigel Lythgoe has been pimping this 15 year old as the next Kelly Clarkson and the hopeful who could very well win American Idol.

The Idol panel will judge contestants at the historic Ryman Auditorium, once home of the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

The hour-long episode begins at 8 pm ET. Hang out with me while I live blog the episode, will you?

The Nashville auditions begin with the screech heard round the world. Oh my.

17K auditioned at the Bridgestone arena according to Seacrest. Now, some Carrie Underwood pimping. Uh uh uh uh Undo it!

Christine McCafferey – 27 – West Palm Beach FL – “I Hope You Dance” – Chick with an annoying sing-songy voice walks into the audition room singing…God knows what. Does she think she’s good? She sounds like a demented parakeet. “Really?” says Randy, “You’re not serious, are you?” I’m not sure if she’s kidding or not. Randy doesn’t think she’s serious. She thinks Steven Tyler said yes. Er, no he didn’t. I have no idea what was going on there. – VIDEO

Chelsee Oaks – 23 – Nashville and Rob Bolin 23 – Nashville – “To Love Somebody” – Exes auditioning together. A new Idol gimmick! Brilliant. Rob is still in love with Chelsee, who has moved on. Sads. The new boyfriend is along for the ride. Double sads. The duo sing beautifully together. “The deepest passion comes from friction, ” says Steven. Rob sings alone. He’s got a beautiful tone, with just the right amount of grit. Chelsee has the goods too. It’s yes to both. – VIDEO

Allen Lewis – 26 – Franklin Furnace OH – “Simple Man” – What the heck. This dude sounds like he’s trying to pass a giant turd. “I feel like you’re more of a band guy, ” says Randy. It’s no, but after giving a heart felt speech “Everything happens for a reason!” he leaves with a small on her face. – VIDEO

Stormi Henley – “Father Can You Hear Me” She was Miss Teen Nashville. “You’ve got a beautiful tight little squeaky voice.” Steven says. Is that her voice that you think is tight Steven? Sorry. Couldn’t resist. He thinks she could “belt it out” with some work, so he says yes. Jennifer doesn’t think she’s ready. She says no. Randy is the deciding vote. Of course, he caves and says yes. She wasn’t great, but the judges have passed worse on to Hollywood. – VIDEO

A montage of nos…

Adrienne Beasley – 22 – Wickliffe, KY – Adrienne is African American, but was adopted by white parents when she was 2. We see shots of her working on her parents farm. She sings with a beautiful, heartfelt country vibe. I like her a lot. “Very nice” says Randy. Steven is visibly moved. He thinks she’s got something special. “You really felt that, ” says Jennifer. 3 yeses. Adrienne, in tears, wants to give back to her parents what they gave to her. – VIDEO


Nashville Day 2

Kameela Meeks – 28 – Oak Grove KY – “Sweet Thing” by Chaka Khan – Holy screamathon. This is painful. Randy sticks his fingers in his ear. “C’mon girl, oh my goodness, ” says Randy. Steven tells her she should go home and practice. Randy says, “Uhhh…no. This isn’t for you. That was horrible, ” says Randy. He really is the Simon of the auditions, with Steven reprimanding him, taking on the Paula role. Not what I expected. – VIDEO

Jackie Wilson – 28 – Nashville, TN – Aretha Franklin – She’s got a big soulful voice. “You blew it out, ” says Steven. “A million percent yes, ” says Randy. The judges are into it. They say yes. Whoa. Jackie’s got a boyfriend who looks old enough to be her father. Alrighty then! – VIDEO

LaToya “Younique” Moore – 26 – Nashville, TN – “When I Close My Eyes” – This chick is dressed like she’s ready for the red carpet. She brings in her CD. OMG. Of course she’s terrible. “The tone is not good. Almost annoying, ” says Randy. She can’t believe they think she sucks. She sings her way out. Jennifer calls Randy an idiot. She and Steven think Randy is mean! – VIDEO

Paul McDonald – 25 – Nashville TN, Jimmie Allen – 25 – Franklin, TN, Danny Pate – 23 – Auburndale, FL – All going to Hollywood! – VIDEO

I hear “Falling Slowly” Time for Kris Allen fans to SPAZZZ!

Matt Dillard – 27 – Cheatham County, TN – “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban – He’s got a very pure vocal. He’s dressed like a hayseed, though. What’s up with that? Jennifer says no. She’s not impressed. Randy gives him “a small yes”. Steven is on the fence, but eventually says yes. What was wrong with that guy? I thought he was pretty good. – VIDEO


Lauren Alaina – 15 – Rossville, GA – “Like We Never Loved At All” by Faith Hill. – This is the girl Nigel has been pimping non-stop. OMG her cousin had a brain tumor. She starts crying talking about her cousin Holly. Kill me now. She did a fund raiser for Holly. Holly joins Lauren in the audition room. Nice voice. But uhm. NO SHE DOESN’T SOUND LIKE KELLY CLARKSON NIGEL. Hello. She’s very generic. “You’ve definitely got a gift, ” says Randy. “You are going to make 40, 000 people cry, ” says Steven. They all yell YES in unison. Now she’s singing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with Steven. Over-pimpage. What a way to set your fav up for a fall, Nigel. – VIDEO

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