Amazing Race 22 Episode 5 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Poll*

Last week we were treated to seeing a team be eliminated while holding onto an Express Pass. Someone had mentioned how this is worse than being eliminated on Survivor with a Idol and I have to agree. There is no element of surprise on the Amazing Race and John was just being stubborn/stupid by not using it.

This week we get a Double U-Turn which should cause some drama depending on how it is used. The previews make it look like other teams discover the alliance between Team YouTube and the Derby Moms and are out to get them so we will see how it all plays out.

I’m also looking forward to seeing if Conner will have to actually do a Roadblock challenge anytime soon.

Here are last weeks rankings:

  1. David O’Leary and Connor O’Leary (Team Kick Ass)
  2. Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung (The Besties)
  3. Max Bichler and Katie Bichler (The Newlyweds)
  4. Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle (The Stealing Angels)
  5. Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (Team YouTube)
  6. Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (The Derby Moms)
  7. Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia (Team Hockey)
  8. Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall (The Old Timers)
  9. Jessica Hoel and John Erck (Team Young Love) Eliminated

For last weeks poll almost 99% said they would have used the Express Pass in that situation. Not sure why the 2 people who voted no did so. Most likely they just wanted to be different. I would like to think that most people would be smart enough to just use it if you had it.

Come back later tonight for my recap and feel free to discuss the episode below.


Team Kickass are the departing first thing in the morning and must fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once landing they must make their way to the center of the city and find the Rap Cong Nhan Theatre and go inside Gallery 22 for their next clue.

Apparently David was told that he needed surgery within 7 days so the end may be near. They head to a travel agency.  Team Besties and the Newlyweds are next to leave and meet up with Team Kickass who inform the other teams that they will be eliminated when they land. The Newlyweds say they want to U-Turn both Young Love and YouTube.  Obviously they finished so far ahead that they were not aware who was eliminated. It is evident that the teams are well aware that there is an alliance between YouTube, Young Love, and the Derby Moms.

The first flight to Vietnam includes Team Kickass, The Newlyweds, and the Besties with all other teams on the second flight out. I have a feeling that Gallery 22 will be closed until the morning allowing all tribes to group up together. And I am correct as they do not open until 9 Am.

The lay down for the night as the second flight lands and the teams are off to the next stop. They all meet up together and the Besties lie about Team Kickass eliminating themselves so that teams might think they are behind them and not rush as much. It is also shared that Young Love choose to not use the Express Pass and were eliminated with makes the Newlyweds ridicule them. Usually this would annoy me but I would probably laugh at it as well.

Before heading back to the action we are shown Team Kickass arriving at the mat to eliminate themselves. It sucks to see such a strong team eliminated this way but Conner wouldn’t have been able to continue with his leg when at some point he would have had to do all the roadblocks for the team if Conner kept doing too many. But that does make me wonder if this will be a non-elimination leg or if we will get a second team going home.

All teams agree to U-Turn Team YouTube and the Derby Moms as they were aligned with Young Love. For their part YouTube and the Derby Moms are saying they need to reach the U-Turn first. From what I see I wouldn’t waste it on either of those teams. There are stronger teams left and I would focus on getting them out first but that is just me. I just don’t think major alliances are needed on the Amazing Race.

As Gallery 22 opens we are ready for the Roadblock. Teams must listen to the performance of patriotic Vietnamese song and are shown a quote on umbrellas. They must then go to a room filled with posters to find the quote and finish the roadblock.

The singers are like a Vietnamese “One Direction.” After the first performance most teams are mixing up words but the Besties are able to finish as Pam works in ads and is able to remember things. Teams are now off to Cong Vien Thong Nhat where they must take part in a Vietnamese Bamboo dance.

The Besties are followed by the Newlyweds, Stealing Angels and Old timers. After a third listen the last three teams are off. Meanwhile the Besties complete the Bamboo dance and are ready for the Detour.

  • Male Your Move: Teams must set up a giant chess board with human chess pieces using symbols on a board and on tunics the players are wearing.
  • Make Your Meal: Teams must gather the menu items needed for Vietnam’s national dish and make the dishes.

The Besties choose Make Your Move as the Newlyweds and Old timers are trying the Bamboo Dance but seem to be missing steps or not holding hands. Elsewhere Stealing Angels seem to be the ones having cabbie issues this week as their driver seems lost.

The Newlyweds choose Make Your Meal. They are followed by YouTube and Team Hockey. Chuck and Wynona are having issues with the dance as they keep being sent back. They keep failing to notice that they must hold hands until they finally notice the Derby Moms holding hands and finish behind them. All other teams figure out the dance and are off for the Detours.

The Besties miss some on their first try but figure out that they had the wrong colors and finish the detour and are off. Teams must now proceed to the B-52 Memorial where they will find the next clue. At the other Detour the Newlyweds find someone to help them shop but mess up amounts on two ingredients and must head back to fix them. The Old Timers also arrive but forget the chickens and I believe they were told to walk and got a drive but I cannot be certain on that. I rewinded back and nothing was said about getting a drive. That makes sense since you shouldn’t have had to travel far to get to the market.

The Besties arrive at the B-52 Memorial and U-Turn Team YouTube. In this case the teams doing the U-Turning are anonymous. The Besties are now off to the Pit Stop.

The Hockey Players finish the detour in second as the Newlyweds are picking up their last few ingredients and the Old Timers seem to be taken somewhere other than the market outside the temple. Chuck goes into a shop to see if he can get some directions.

Team YouTube are finished in third as the Newlyweds are cooking. They also finish and are now off to the Memorial.

The Besties arrive in first finally and win a trip for two to Whistler, BC.  It’s a beautiful place and nice to see Canada featured even in a small way.

The Old Timers finally find out where to go and are off to the market while Team YouTube arrives at the Memorial and discover that they have been U-Turned and are upset that it was done. The Derby Moms finish next while Stealing Angels seem to have no clue what to do.

Team Hockey arrives at the Memorial and discover that Team YouTube have U-Turned the Old Timers. They wonder why they weren’t U-Turned but it makes sense since they left the Detour first Team YouTube’s thinking might have been that they already passed and had to ensure that they U-Turned a team that was behind them to try to stay alive.

Stealing Angels finally figure out the chess board and are off to the Memorial while the Hockey Players, Newlyweds, and Derby moms are off to the Pit Stop.  Team YouTube arrive at the market and right away take the chickens.

Team Hockey must have had a horrible driver this episode since they were passed by Team YouTube to the Memorial and the Newlyweds and Derby Moms finish second and third for the leg even through Team Hockey left the memorial first. They finish in fourth followed by Stealing Angels in fifth.

Both YouTube and the Old Timers are having issues gathering the ingredients as it appears Team YouTube were given ingredients they didn’t even need. At least Chuck and Wynona notice that they don’t have chickens and head back to them.

Team YouTube finish the challenge and Team Old Timers haven’t even found out that they have to do the second detour. YouTube grab a taxi and are taken to an apartment 52a. They grab a new taxi and get to the pit stop in sixth place.

Chuck and Wynona realize they were U-Turned and complete the second U-Turn before finally reaching the Pit Stop. The way Phil is talking this is obviously a “non-elimination leg.” The will start the next leg in seventh place.

Next Week teams go on a hunt with a Bushman in Botswana. See you next week.