Amazing Race 21 – Week 6 – Recap (UPDATED)

Amazing Race discussion post. Look for Eric’s recap in the morning.

Team Monster Truck – Rob and Kelly were eliminated

Since there was no precap earlier here are last week’s results. It was a non-elimination leg so no one was eliminated.

  1. Team Rocker (James and Mark)
  2. Team Ego (Abbie and Ryan)
  3. Team Twin (Natalie and Nadiya)
  4. Team Monster Truck (Rob and Kelley)
  5. Team Longhorn (Trey and Lexi)
  6. Team Chippendale (Jaymes and James)
  7. Team Goat (Josh and Brent)

Teams start off by flying out to Istanbul, Turkey. Teams will touch down on the European side and must either take a taxi or the metro to Kabatas Ferry Terminal for next clue. After some quick editing all the teams end up at the Travel Agent to get tickets and nothing really interesting happens other than Rob rudely switching taxis and demanding a specific car. He says that the cockiness is a way to push him to be the best but really he just comes across like an ass.

We also find out that Abbie and Ryan don’t like the Rockers or the Twins. To be honest I’m not sure they like anyone else in the race. It also comes across that the other teams don’t really care about them.

While at the Travel Agent the Rockers end up leaving their money out in the open and the Twins pocket the cash quickly and leave with Team Longhorn agreeing with them to spilt the money. They note that by sharing the cash they can share the guilt. Also since Team Longhorns are Christians so they can pray for them.

This leaves the the Rockers with no money for the leg so they head over to the Business distract to beg for money. This was kind of weird since they had to walk by people who needed to actually beg for money. Maybe it was the cameras but they get the money pretty easily.

The other teams reach the ferries and must now take the ferry to the Asian side of Istanbul. The Rockers head out first followed by Team Ego, the Twins, Team Longhorn, and Team Goat. Team Monster Truck continues to fall behind as they stubbornly stay on the metro. Rob says he’s not a follower. I say he may lead them right to last place with his pigheadedness. I kinda feel bad when Monster Truck gets left behind and then Rob speaks and I no longer feel bad.

The Rockers arrive back in Asia first and now making way to Misir Carsisi to find Shop no. 14 for next clue. They are grabbing a taxi as the other teams arrive off the ferry. The teams continue to be too nice to each other as Trey yells out where the clue is. Ryan even tosses the Twins their clue. The all head off to the next clue as the Chippendales are arriving to take the ferry. Team Monster Truck are still on the metro.

The teams arrive at Shop No. 14 and must now perform the Detour:

  • Simit: Transport bagels to three different places. Must transfer bagels on head
  • Scrub It: Must be cleansed at a bath house

Team Rockers and Team Longhorn choose to do Scrub It. They are still joined by Team Ego and the Twins.

Team Goat gets their Speed Bump challenge and must buy Ice Cream. Seems easy but they go to the first stand they see and eat their Ice Cream. Turkish Ice Cream stands actually look really fun.  Of course when you are on a race it is not as fun watching for the second time. Back at the ferry Rob and Kelly now realize that they are in last but are determined to make a comeback.

The Chippendales head to the bathhouse as Team Goat and Monster Truck decide to carry bagels.

The bathhouse looks fun but I think I would have went with carrying the bagels. I hate people touching me and I’m kind of wimpy when it comes to massages. The Longhorns out first and are off to Kapali Carsi for next clue. They are followed by Team Rockers, Ego and Twins as the Chippendales arrive for their baths.

At the Bagel challenge Team Goat are having trouble finding the first location since they can’t find anyone who speaks English to provide directions. This allows Team Monster Truck to catch up and are only minutes behind them.

At the next clue teams reach the Detour and must serve Turkish Sherbet. The must sell 40 cups to finish the challenge. It starts off with Ryan and Lexi. Ryan has some trouble while Lexi seems to be excelling at the challenge as she uses her cheerleading skills to sell drinks.  They are soon joined by Abba and Natalie. Lexi finishes quickly and Team Longhorn are off for the Pit Stop. Nadiya says that she is happy Longhorns finished before Team Ego which makes Abbie pissed. Ryan finishes up calls them stupid once Abbie lets him know what Nadiya said.

Abba completes selling his drinks next as we shift over to Team Goat and Team Monster Truck dropping off the last of the Bagels. The Twins are also now finished leaving Chippendales at the Detour alone until Team Goat and Monster Truck make their way in.

Team Longhorns reach the Pit Stop first and win a trip for two to Australia. They are followed by Team Ego and Team Rocker.

At the Roadblock Brent and Kelly seem to be doing well as Jaymes is having trouble selling drinks. He finally starts shaking his body getting the ladies to buy some drinks and are off to the Pit Stop as Team Twins finish fourth and Team Chippendales breeze into fifth.

Team Goat and Team Monster Truck are shown stuck in traffic and Team Goat makes a ballsy move by getting out of the taxi try to fix a traffic jam. The move works as they finish sixth to stay alive and Team Monster Truck are eliminated from the race.  Rob says he is blessed to have Kelly in his life and she is worth more than One Million Dollars. They dance it out to end their journey

Next week’s preview shows that Team Ego and Goat are left behind when they miss a flight and it looks like Team Rockers lose their stuff when a taxi leaves on them.  See you then.

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