Amazing Race 21 – Week 4 – Recap (UPDATED)

Eliminated: Team Sub – Gary and Will

Eric’s Pre-Cap:

Another episode of Amazing Race on tonight and I think it will be a good one. The season is starting to get some front runners in Team Ego and Team Longhorn with Team Chippendale being able to slip in easily especially with a season that has been unpredictable and earlier eliminated teams having such bad luck with local transportation. The previews for this week also make it look like the another poor local will be yelled at by Team Monster, or specifically Rob who does most of the talking.

I am hoping Team Monster Truck is eliminated this week. They just rub me the wrong way and I like seeing Team Sub beat the odds and survive. Everyone loves an Underdog. I don’t want to see Team Sub make top 5 but I’ll be ok with them lasting another week or two with some more lucky breaks.

I’m expecting their to be a portion of the leg where teams have to sit around because I can’t see the producers allowing the huge gap in time between the Top 5 and Bottom 3 staying that large for long. Once there are able to check up I think my preseason pick of Team Twin can sneak into that Top 3 and have a shot. I think they just need to stop over thinking some things like the first clue last week. They allowed the other teams to catch up and pass them.

Hopefully you all enjoy the episode. My Recap will be up by the morning. For those who need it this was last weeks rankings.

  1. Team Ego (Abbie and Ryan)
  2. Team Longhorn (Trey and Lexi)
  3. Team Chippendale (Jaymes and James)
  4. Team Rocker (James and Mark)
  5. Team Goat (Josh and Brent)
  6. Team Twin (Natalie and Nadiya)
  7. Team Monster Truck (Rob and Kelley)
  8. Team Sub (Gary and Will)

Team Fierce (Caitlin and Brittany) Eliminated


Eric’s Recap

Starting the leg at night and Team Ego is off first. Teams are now flying to Dhaka, Bangladesh and must make their way to Rubel Model Auto Mobiles for their first clue. The first flight is at 10am so as I guessed this is where all teams catch up to each other.  They don’t even show the other teams getting tickets as all the teams are on the same flight to Bangladesh.

Teams are rushing for taxis while Team Monster Truck takes a nice leisurely stroll to the taxi stand to grab their taxi. The “season of the bad taxi drivers” continues as Team Longhorn get a taxi that runs out of gas. Team Sub gets a taxi that takes a “short cut” but is not really a short cut at all. Gary continues to snap at Will and I continue to feel sorry for Will since it’s not his fault.  The next case of bad taxi drivers shows Team Monster Truck being taking to a dump and leaving me wishing they would be taken out with the trash.

Team Ego and Team Twin get to the auto shop first and start this leg’s Roadblock: Who Wants to Fill in the Gaps. Teams must repair a bus by filling in the gaps with putty and then sanding it down. Once this is finished teams must then move three sets of seats to get the next clue.  The season’s first Fast Forward is also in play. As Team Ego and Team Twin get started the Chippendales show up and no one does fast forward yet. Team Chippendales fall behind as they are having trouble opening the putty can. Team Rocker show up and they decide to take their chances with the Fast Forward which involves teams needing to make three stops to pick up dead rats and then deliver them to pick up the next clue.

All the other teams stick with doing the Roadblock.  It is easily the hardest roadblock so far this season.  While doing the challenge Ryan sweated too much and destroyed clue.  He then makes an agreement to help Chippendales to be able to read their clue. He says a few things about sanding and it leaves me wondering what exactly Team Chippendale gets out of this agreement.

Team Chippendale continues to have trouble as they need to rip off putty and sand off because it is not smooth enough.  Team Goat, Longhorn and Team Sub also have to start over as their puttying skills are not on the skillful side.  Meanwhile the Rockers make it to the first stop and pick up the first batch of rats.

Team Twin are busy annoying the other tribes–in particular Team Ego who take the time to mimic the twins and make gun to head symbols. They also start a “long, strong, and hard” chant which sounds so wrong that it still makes me smile just thinking about it. It also gets the Chippendales chanting and commenting that it is an improper chant in Bangladesh.

Team Ego and Team Monster finish the sanding first and move on to the moving the seats. Team Ego has a slight lead but Rob shows some strength by taking two sets of seats at the same time. Team Ego finish first and get the next clue. They are now off to Kawran Bazar Shootkir Market to find a shop and dig through a bag of fish until they find one with race colors. They are followed by Team Monster Truck and Team Twins.

Team Rockers reach their second stop for rats and They fall into sewage which makes me feel sick. Something about sewage makes me want to throw up. Maybe it’s the horrible smell and strong chance to give me diseases. At the Roadblock Gary continues to show his frustration as he has trouble puttying the bus. All the teams are off to the next clue except Team Longhorn and Team Sub who are still sanding.

At the market Team Ego find the fish first and also get the clue for the Detour.

  • Pound the Metal: Must sledge hammer beat iron rod into a spike
  • Pound the Cotton:  Must beat clumps in feather like consistency, stuff a mattress and sew it closed.

Team Ego chooses go work with cotton because Abbie has one year of Fashion School under her belt while the twins and Team Monster Truck decide to pound the metal. Team Ego does the mattress easily but must open the mattress because they left out too much cotton. The Twins start swinging and missing the spike but they get a nice rhythm going as Team Rockers get the last of their rats. They lead a parade of people through the streets like Pied Pipers.

Team Rockers are off to the Pit Stop: Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. In the taxi Team Rocker are sanitizing their feet to make sure they are safe from diseases. I think this is a wise choice.

Back at the Roadblock, Team Longhorn are off to move seats, leaving Team Sub behind. But they also finish and both are off to the next clue. I’m starting to feel sorry for Team Longhorn. Their taxi breaks down and poor Trey has to help push start the taxi. Team Sub briefly pass them but unfortunately for them they always get the world’s slowest drivers and Team Longhorn zoom past them to the detour.

Team Rockers finish first and win a trip for two to Antigua.  The Twins finish the spike first and are followed by Team Monster Truck. Teams must now head off to Keranigonj Kholamora Launch Ghat to take a river boat and make their way to the pit stop. There were a lot of words in the description that I had no clue about,  but it all leads to the pit stop.

Team Goat and the Chippendales decide to do cotton. Team Ego finish the detour as they start. Based on watching them get started it is clear that having that year of fashion school actually benefitted Team Ego. I laughed when they first mentioned it but I guess you never know what life experience will help you on the race. While they are going, Team Longhorn decides to pound the metal and Team Sub works with cotton.

Team Ego arrives at Keranigonj Kholamora Launch Ghat first for the river boat. They are hoping to leave on their own but the Twins make the same boat and it becomes clear that these two tribes are not fans of each other as the Twins call Team Ego psychos.

The Chippendales have trouble with sewing, when it is announced that Josh used to sew his costumes when he was a drag queen.  Apparently he was called Aquadesiac and someone will be sleeping on an Aquadesiac Mattress. Team Goat finish while the Chippendales are told they left out too much cotton and must open the mattress and fix the problem.

There is a foot race between the Twins and Team Ego ending with Team Ego finishing second and Team Twin third. Team Monster Truck get to the river boat but are taken in the wrong direction and go straight to the pit stop.  I enjoyed their faces when they were told they arrived fourth but did not complete the leg and had to turn back. Rob also has one of the biggest overreactions ever when he yells at the boat driver saying he lost them a million dollars. Like they ever really had the chance to win it all.

Team Goat finish fourth and are followed by Team Monster Truck in fifth and Team Chippendales in sixth.  Team Longhorn takes a taxi straight to where the Pit Stop is, but Team Goat corrects them and they take a round trip on a boat to complete the leg. As they arrive back off the boats they run into Team Sub who made the same mistake and must take the same round trip. As they travel, Team Longhorn easily finish seventh.

I expected a non-elimination leg but instead Team Sub is eliminated. Especially since we are four weeks into the season–but alas we lose Team Sub. I’m actually ok with this since Gary’s lamenting was getting on the annoying side and I kept wishing Will would punch him. Also they really had no chance to win and there are still teams to both root for and Team Monster Truck to root against.

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