Allison Iraheta In Sweden Working on Her Album With Max Martin

The American Idols Live tour only ended on Tuesday, and Allison Iraheta has already left the country to work on her upcoming album.

She twittered on Wednesday:

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in Sweden.. Arrived this mornin’ .. got no sleep on the plane.. so im all screwed up… yep.. i feeeeeel awesome!!..

and on top of that.. i have no reception on my phone!! AWESOME ! AWESOME! AWESOME!!, but thats gett’n fixed in a few..

Word is, she’s working with hit-maker Max Martin, the producer responsible for songs from Kelly Clarson (“My Life Would Suck Without You”, “Since U Been Gone”), Pink (“So What”) and Katy Perry (“I Kissed a Girl”, “Hot N Cold”)

UPDATE: According to USA Today, Allison’s album will be released on December 1.

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  1. Woud Jive make her travel so far for only one song? Hope she gets to record several of them, Martin is probably the biggest pop producer out there and certainly the n °1 for female pop rock.
    With a lot of luck she could be getting another Since U Been Gone.

    This is maybee why they didn’t release any single yet, they must be waiting that she comes back to go on a promo tour.

    ETA: you work really late MJ, that’s not very healthy.

  2. Her A&R Teresa LaBarbera Whites is with her and she also tweeted.

    They apparently got there and their hotel rooms weren’t ready so they ended up sleeping in the restaurant.

    She also got a tweet from one of the other guys that Allison worked with a few weeks ago in which he tells them to say hi to Max, so yeah, she’s working with Max Martin over there.

    She’ll be there a whole week so maybe it’s more than just one song. I hope she gets a good few songs from him and she gets a hit out of this. Maybe this is why there’s no single yet. They might be waiting to see what comes out of this to decide on a single.

  3. Great news! Her album will be awesome! I’m so glad Jive is not rushing it and instead they are taking there time and making sure she gets the material she deserves like Kevin Rudolf said.

  4. Good for Allison. Hope she’ll get some great work done and maybe just a little bit of relaxation. I’m sure Sweden is beautiful this time of year, everything crisp and clear (says the girl who have never been to Sweden even though it’s right next door and her family goes there almost every year!).

  5. This is so exciting for Allison! She’s 17 and already a jetsetter!
    Her head must be spinning…

  6. I’m sure Sweden is beautiful this time of year, everything crisp and clear.

    Actually the weather was really nice yesterday but it’s a bit chilly. Britney used to come and stay in Sweden for 1-2 weeks when she was recording with Max Martin back in the days before things went totally crazy for her.

  7. Poor BB; she must be blind tired. But Max Martin sounds like the perfect match for her. Whoo hoo, Alli!! Can’t wait to hear what they come up with for her.

  8. Poor Alli, she must be dead tired. It usually takes me 2 days to overcome the jetlag when I cross the ocean, and I sleep on the plane to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Well, when I was her age, I do not remember having jetlag ;-)
    I guess it is chilly in Sweeden because it is in Spain. We even have snow in some places and rain in most of the country.

  9. Good for her! I love Sweden! Get out to a club, girl, and for sure, get out on a lake somewhere.

  10. Her A&R just tweeted:

    TeresaLWhitesAllison in the studio!
    31 minutes ago from Echofon

    So, I guess she’s in the studio recording. So exciting for her!


    Kind of sorry that she had to take off so soon, and sleep in a restaurant (?), but I figured she had to really push it if she was going to get a record out in November, so you go, girl!!! (I don’t understand what she is tweeting half the time, but no one is more enthusiastic than she is. ;-))

  12. Good Luck Allison! Too bad her CD isn’t coming out until December – I hope we get a single way before then.

  13. Good Luck Allison! Too bad her CD isn’t coming out until December ‘“ I hope we get a single way before then.

    Oh, is this official? I hadn’t heard yet.

  14. I’m thinking they’re probably waiting on the result of these recording sessions to decide on her first single and it might be the reason why they’ll be pushing her release to December 1st. If she gets her first single out of these sessions, it could be out by the end of the month. Releasing the album on November 10th doesn’t give her a lot of time to promote the single before the album hits the stores. By pushing it to December 1st she gains almost a full month of promotion. It sucks for us waiting for new music, but if it’s for the best, by all means, I’ll wait.

  15. In Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Music Preview they also listed Allison as releasing in December as well (but they didn’t give an exact date).

    Looks like she’ll go up against Alicia Keys who’s also releasing December 1st.

  16. Allison was my favorite contestant this year. I really hope she becomes really successful, and it sounds like she’s getting the support to make it happen!

    Good luck Allison!!

  17. She’ll need a single out by the end of the month to be able to get a solid position on CHR station play lists by the end of November. It will be perfect timing, especially if the first single has any type of dance vibe to it. SYTYCD will be hitting the performance/results show part of the season. I’m sure Nigel will give her a a guest spot if the first single is good and danceable.

  18. well it definitely won’t be a rush job on her alvum, which is her more time to promote

    plus, I think her first single will come down to Max martin or the kevin rudolf produced song(s)

  19. That’s my brothers birthday!!!!!


  20. I’m really hoping that the CD will showcase Allison’s great voice. She could be the one to watch, even though Adam has the most buzz going. I’m excited about her upcoming CD!

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