All-Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 4 – Recap and Results (UPDATED)

Who will be fired tonight from Celebrity Apprentice? Discuss the show here, and later, read Montavilla’s recap.

In tonight’s episode, The all-stars must use a glass truck to create a marketing campaign for Farouk Systems Products.

Team Manager Claudia Jordan lost the challenge. She brought back Lil John and Dennis Rodman to the boardroom. Again, Trump was surprised Omarosa was not brought back, as Claudia complained to Don Trump, Jr, that she did not hold her weight.

In the end, Claudia Jordan was fired.


Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him

The recap shows these themes: Gary Busey’s team mates keep throwing him under the bus, and Omarosa is a “conniving witch.”

In the suite, Gary is still upset about being called the weakest link on his team. Lisa Rinna tells him to “work harder, do more.” Omarosa is shocked that she wasn’t called back into the Board Room, but wastes no time in targeting Claudia Jordan for the next elimination.

Stephen meets with his mother, Carol M. Baldwin. He gives her a check for $50,000 and she does lip service to the show by talking about how much she’d like to jump sexy Donald Trump. Even Stephen looks embarrassed.

The celebrities meet up with Trump and Farouk Shami, owner of Farouk Systems, which sells hair care products — by hairdressers for hairdressers. Arsenio, who looks pleased, and Don, Jr., who looks bored, will oversee the task.

The task itself is to create a social event using a “glass truck.” This confuses the celebrities, who don’t know what that is — or what Farouk Systems does. Nevertheless, Marilu Henner steps up for Plan B, and Omarosa puts her next evil plan in motion by pressuring Claudia to take charge.

Team Power brainstorms. Lil Jon, having done a Farouk Systems task before, stresses the importance of incorporating “America” as a theme in their event. Claudia wants to get Miss U.S.A. to show up. Dennis Rodman favors make-overs for homeless women and drag queens. Omarosa coils around the meeting like a snake, hissing that Claudia is trying to appeassssse everyone.

Meanwhile, Marilu is delegating tasks to her team. She gives Gary the accounting position in order to keep him busy. Penn is “big ideas,” but he seems to be holding back on the ideas and letting others take that ball. They also come up with the idea of Miss America and make-overs. Marilu calls her Miss America contacts and Stephen starts yelling the name “Matt Rich” over and over again. It turns out that Matt Rich is Stephen’s publicist.

While Stephen is obnoxious throughout the task, his publicist does manage to deliver Miss America and several other pageant winners. Gary takes the money bag and shops for props with Lisa and Trace Adkins. He cracks Lisa up something fierce by claiming that he can see farts — specifically hers. He panics when he briefly loses the money bag, but Trace finds it on the floor of their car and all is well.

Meanwhile Claudia is having one hell of a hard time. First, Omarosa and Dennis take forever to buy props — and end up only getting half the stuff on her list. (At least Omarosa isn’t emailing photos back for each purchase this week.) Then, Claudia finds out that Miss America has been booked by Marilu Henner. She comes up with an alternate plan to use celebrity impersonators — only to find out that the celebrity Donald Trump died the day before. Lil Jon worries that this is a bad omen. Meanwhile, Omarosa hurriedly calls in some other pageant winners in order to cover her ass in the Board Room.

On the day of the event, Plan B gets to their spot long before Team Power. Marilu delegates tasks. Apparently, she put Stephen in charge of following her around and bugging her, because that’s what he does throughout. A random woman leans out her car window to tell Gary that he’s got dirt on his back.

Team Power straggles in to their spot. Omarosa and Dennis are late. Claudia’s hair starts to wilt from the stress. When Omarosa does show up, she tries to get Claudia to steal Plan B’s idea of doing make-overs inside (instead of outside) the glass truck. Claudia opts to stick with her idea of using the truck as a photo shoot spot.

Everyone tries to attract passersby with their celebrity superpowers. Trace climbs up on top of their glass truck and plucks at his guitar. He comments that he has now destroyed any credibility he ever had as a country music artist. Lil Jon wears an Uncle Sam costume. Penn juggles fire. Dennis Rodman goes over to steal customers from Marilu’s truck.

Arsenio, Don, Farouk, and Basim show up to make assessments. Don gets Claudia to admit her weak links are Omarosa and Dennis. Farouk looks like he genuinely loves both events. When pressed, he says only positive things.

Claudia arrives at the Board Room wearing a tiara and short pageant dress. Trump asks Team Power if they think they won. Why does he bother? They always say that they did. Omarosa is acting super sweet to Claudia and praises her leadership. Asked about strong and weak links, Claudia names Brande as the strongest and Dennis as the weakest. Don reminds her about naming Omarosa as weak earlier. Trump tries to get Claudia to commit to bringing Omarosa back, but Claudia dodges the question.

Trump expresses his disappointment in team Plan B. They get along too well, he says. Marilu admits that Gary is still weak, but claims he was 10 times better this week than last. Trace claims Plan B won because of Penn’s fire juggling. Stephen, just to be a jerk, calls Marilu “distracted” throughout the task. Marilu refuses to name her sacrificial choices until she learns why (and if) they lost.

As it turns out, the team’s only negative was their slogan, “Experience Silk.” Since Trace came up with it, Marilu chooses Gary and Trace to bring back.

But she doesn’t have to. Plan B has won the challenge. Marilu Henner wins $50,000 (including $30,000 from Farouk Shami) for Alzheimer’s Association. Farouk has pledged an additional $1 for each “like” on the event’s Facebook page (up to $50,000).

There really isn’t much reason given for Team Power losing the task. Something about not using their glass truck as well as Plan B. Plan B had stylists inside the truck, remember, while Team Power put stylists outside the truck. And then Plan B had the additional “experience” of a photo that customers could take home with them. For this, they lost.

As Plan B gloats, Claudia tells Trump she’s shocked to have lost. She mentions that her team lacked fire jugglers and that might have made the difference. She explains her reasoning behind their use of the glass truck, but Trump cuts her off. He tells her to choose two people and “they better be good.”

Claudia — despite Trump practically pointing a gun at her and demanding she bring back Omarosa — opts for Lil Jon and Dennis. Trump turns pale at the thought of trying to fill the remaining time with such a boring group. Don whines that Claudia called Omarosa weak — why won’t she bring her back? Arsenio basically calls Claudia a coward.

Brande hugs all three potential losers, since she knows she won’t see one of them again. Then they wait, with Lil Jon warning Claudia that Trump isn’t about to fire Dennis Rodman this soon in the season.

Trump and Co. mutter darkly about not getting to see Omarosa do her thing this week, then call their victims in for a lackluster firing session. Five minutes left in the hour. Claudia is toast.

They go through the motions, but nobody really has anything to say except that Claudia sucks for robbing them some much-needed cat fighting. Claudia’s reasoning turns out to be: 1) they might have won if Lil Jon’s marketing has been more inspired, and 2) Dennis Rodman refused to rap during a brainstorming exercise.

None of this file, of course. Lil Jon was deemed by all to be a star for donning the Uncle Sam costume. Dennis is too incoherent to form a sentence, let alone rap. Trump delivers the final blow. It didn’t even matter that Claudia gave Omarosa a pass. She would have been fired in any case. He fires her and Claudia immediately stalks out in her blue hooker heels and tiara.

In the car, Claudia insists that she wasn’t scared to fight Omarosa, but admits that Omarosa pulled a “Jedi mind trick” on her.

Next week Trump brings Piers Morgan back in a last-ditch attempt to engage Omarosa in a full fight. Why not? He’s got nothing to lose.

Did you think the reasoning behind Claudia’s loss was as lame as I did? Do you think the teams will be reshuffled to put Stephen and Omarosa together? Sound off below!