Alex Lambert – Ryan Seacrest Interview

Alex Lambert has a new gig…but he still sounds kinda sad (bad?) on the phone with Ryan Seacrest, on the Idol host’s KIIS radio show… After, Ryan tells his co-host that Alex needs to wake up…

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Alex will be moving into the If I Can Dream House today. He’ll be filmed 24/7 as he writes music, works with vocal coaches and takes his music “to the next level.”

Alex Lambert – Ryan Seacrest

That was such a lame interview!

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  1. I don’t think he’s sad, but he’s a bad interviewee. Can they give him lessons on that in the house? He needs some media training stat.

  2. Okay, it’s official: I hate Ryan Seacrest. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt, and a lot of former contestants claimed that he was a really nice guy, but he’s turning into the biggest douchebag since Perez Hilton.

    Poor Alex. I think it was very wise of him to take this opportunity, but clearly he cut out a little part of his soul when he cut off the mullet and agreed to do this gig. Maybe he’s like Samson, and when the mullet returns, he’ll get his groove back!

    As somebody who was looking forward to his “Idol makeover” before he was prematurely (IMHO) sent home, now I kind of wish they let him keep the hair.

  3. They should have let him keep his mullet hairstyle, actually in a way it was even somewhat appealing. He seems somewhat shy and very inexperienced with interviews. I seldom care for radio interviews, I am not that into humor and get tired of the lame jokes.

  4. Ryan was right about this interview – and it was very kind of him to say that Alex was bad in interview because of lack of sleep. Good opportunity pointlessly wasted.

  5. I like Alex a lot, but he was bad at interviews when he had the mullet. He’s okay in face to face interviews, though still not great, but the few radio interviews I’ve heard have pretty much been like this. I don’t know if it’s nerves or inexperience or the shock that anybody cares to interview him in the first place or what. If he’s going to be taking voice lessons and working on his music in the house, I really do think he could benefit from some PR/media training lessons as well. They don’t have to change who he is, but he needs to be able to make the most of opportunities like this one.

  6. Seacrest has been annoying to me for years and I do think he’s a douche. I can’t stand his show and his ‘girls’ who laugh at everything he says … and it’s never funny. With that said, Alex could benefit from some media training. I think everyone could.

  7. Ryan is very funny on his radio show, but of course, it’s matter of opinion.

  8. I don’t like Ryan, his radio show or his hosting of Idol. Over rated, over exposed hack. This Alex kid is a real drip though.

  9. Well, at least it was kept nice & short. He’s a prime candidate for media training. Radio can be hard with the need to fill air & interact without the usual visual cues.

    Wonder if Ryan will be pimping Alex / If I Can Dream on idol one of these days?

    They’ve updated the IICD website with his room, makeover pictures and such. Still can’t quite believe I’m checking on all this…I wonder how long it will be before we get some music?

  10. I always hated Seacrest until I had the chance to see him in person. Now I have a lot of respect for him; he’s very nice, and great at what he does.

  11. I’ve always liked Seacrest. No one should have a mullet. Ever. For any reason. I think this might be the lamest reality series I’ve ever heard about. (I don’t think I’d even know it existed if not for mj’s). I’m not sure how great of an opportunity this is.

  12. It’s an opportunity – as opposed to none.

    Maybe he’s already talking to “people” and this was a convenient way to get him somewhere to live — with a group of people in similar situations. I wish him the best!

  13. They’ve updated the IICD website with his room, makeover pictures and such.

    I peeked over there and was skeered by Alex’s open-shirt “sexy” pics, it was so jarring after terrified mullet boy on Idol. Heh. Of course I’m old enough to be his mama so this is good that they skeered me :) (How old is he, BTW? Like 19? I woulda been a really young mama, but still.)

  14. You guys are not looking close enough – the mullett has been turned into a shag (or it is that still called a mullett???)…they only really updated the top/front…

    I am not going to watch this show online, but I wish Alex the best, I hope to hear from him soon.

    My real preference would have been for him to be on X Factor…I hope he can still do that. Anybody know the requirements for being on X Factor???

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