Alex Lambert Open Mike Night – Three Little Birds – VIDEO

via LA Times:

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

Alex Lambert and Justin Gaston performed a mini-set of covers for an online audience last night at the If I Can Dream house.

The two duetted on “Let it Be” and Alex sang “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Lean on Me” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.

Check out Alex performing “Three Little Birds” after the jump!

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. why is he singing in a fake Jamaican accent on the Bob Marley song? Sing in your own voice, kid

  2. I couldn’t hear any fake Bob Marley in his singing – Nice work Alex. Love his voice any way he wants to sing with it. This guy has a great future :)

  3. Who cares, girly? It’s artistic license, and regardless how he sang it there is no denying his awesome voice. He needs to get some songwriting sessions stat.

  4. I don’t know who Brendon Urie is, but the person that sang it best is Bob Marley.

    I absolutely love Alex’s voice…I still can tell that he has some nerve issues, (the little laugh after he finished singing)…I wish him the best

  5. Beautful, just beautiful. His confidence is growing by leaps and bounds, isn’t it? I really hope that this kid takes the time to grow and develop into the brilliant artist he is capable of becoming.

  6. From reading comments on sites like MJ’s Blog, Alex had such a great online fanbase. I kept reading comments saying that he was their favorite. Why didnt that translate to AI Votes??! Man, what could have been this season—!!!

  7. Apparently Alex sang a couple of his in-process originals last night as well — “Too Late / I Been Workin'” and “Butterflies” (aka ‘Love Song for a Lesbian’ ;) ). I assume vids will appear at some point.

    The IICD calendar shows both guitar & vocal lessons today.

    I’ve logged on to the IICD livestream a couple of times – it can be creepy/invasive, boring or entrancing depending on what you catch. Late on Saturday I used it as radio when Alex was playing around with all types of music; he’s got good taste. He was positively fanboying over Sam Cooke!

  8. Wow, IF ONLY… Just listened to his Let It Be duet with Gaston. That was GOOD. (At least Alex’s portion of it hehe.) Best one of this three snippets. It would have been sooo cool to hear that on the AI stage this week. Damn, what could have been.

    ETA: In the interest of self promotion, if I were Justin, I’d stop duetting with Alex – if you know what I mean.

  9. @seattle_girl — I agree about Justin’s voice compared to Alex’s, but in Justin’s defense he’s a more seasoned songwriter and his songs are more complete (obviously) and polished. They are different types of singers. But Alex rocks it! I love the little smiles here and there in his performances – very cute.

    Tuned in the IICD site a little bit ago and Alex received a phone call from “Kristen” (at the Dream Studio) and she told him he was going to have 3 writing sessions next week! That’s what he needs right now. Hopefully people are hearing his (to quote Kara) “recordable” voice and really wanting to write for/with him. G O A L E X ! ! ! !

  10. He had his first vocal lesson today too. Not related to the singing, but Alex is going out to dinner with Lacey tonight. They want to send a camera crew to film them and Alex asked if they have to–LOL. Of course they’ll film it since they are all about branding this thing with Idol these days.

  11. I love his voice. To me, he’s better than everyone else who’s still there (including Crystal). I hope he gets something out of this Dream House thing. Someone said they thought he had a “young Rod Stewart” sound. I could definitely hear that in these clips. (I LOVE Rod Stewart)

  12. I think with Angela Martin, Lilly Scott and Alex in the top ten with Crystal, Siobhan and Lee would have made a much better season 9 all around. Oh, and Casey for Kara’s eye candy and Todrick for the drama. At least he wasn’t boring. Still like Alex so much. His voice is unusual. So glad he got this opportunity. I voted like crazy for him, but I guess power texting is the key and I have no clue how to do that. :)

  13. What a unique voice. I like the sincerity of his performances. Season 9 would have been so much better with him there. I think he could have made the top three. Looking forward to what he does next.

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