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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Five" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Cosentino -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

America’s Got Talent: The Champions continues tonight with the FINAL 10 acts of 50 competing for YOUR votes.

America’s Got Talent: Champions Week 5 Preview 
AGT: Champions Spoilers – Find Out Acts Performing in the Finale

The NBC series features the judges panel from America’s Got Talent— executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as new host Terry Crews, star of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

At the end of the night, two of the acts will move on to the Finals. Ten acts will perform in each of the first five episodes. One act from each episode will move on via a “Golden Buzzer” and the other will be chosen by a panel of “superfans,” representing viewers from all 50 states.

There are no live shows or live votes. Therefore the Results are IN. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THEM IN COMMENTS. Or you WILL BE BANNED. Thank you.

Tonight, Terry Crews has the Golden Buzzer! 

Attraction – Shadow Dance Group – Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Winner – Attraction won “Britain’s Got Talent” season 7 and went on to win the Facebook BGT World Cup Champion 2018 trophy as the best performance of all 12 series of “Britain’s Got Talent.” It’s a very sentimental presentation. OH PANDERING TO USA USA USA. That’s one way to get 50 votes.  This is just OK. Too simple and smarmy for my tastes. Howie calls it concise, emotional, “You make my heart burst,” he says. Mel B calls it “brilliant on every single level.” Heidi calls it flawless, she loves their imagination and storytelling. Simon was reminded of how “amazing” they are. Eh.

Jackie Evancho – Opera Singer – America’s Got Talent 2010 – Runner-Up – Jackie Evancho first appeared on “America’s Got Talent” at age 10. She’s 18 now. At the time, everything “felt like a movie. Standing on the stage next to Michael Grimm, she thought she’d win. After, her life completely changed. She performed all over the world. She calls her life “crazy” at the time (And actually she’s described it even worse in some of her recent first person accounts.) She wants one more shot to win. She performs “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. She’s not a remarkable pop opera singer. Her thing was being a little kid with a big voice. Will she actually be able to transition to an adult career? That’s still a question.  Mel says “you have the voice of an angel…stunningly beautiful.” Simon believes she has improved with age. “That is a champion,” he says. Howie thinks she’s what AGT is all about. He hopes she’s voted through.

Colin Cloud – Mentalist – America’s Got Talent 2017  – Colin Cloud is a mind-reader from Edinburgh and semi finalist on Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent.” He describes himself as a  “modern day Sherlock Holmes.” He was cut at the semi-finals. He’s done well after the show, but wants a second chance to prove he’s finalist-caliber.  I remember this guy–he started off strong, but then petered out.  He asks the audience to put on “Colin Cloud masks” so he can read their minds…or something.  He guesses a number and letter Howie is thinking of.  And then there is some celebrity guessing. This is very chaotic! An audience member JUST HAPPENS to be thinking of former judge David Hasselhoff and WALLAH! He appears in the audience. Hm.  Howie thinks Colin stepped up his game. Simon believes he redeemed himself. “That was incredible.” Mel calls him “brilliant.” 

Lost Voice Guy – Comedian – Britain’s Got Talent 2018 – Winner – Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, won Season 12 of “Britain’s Got Talent.” Winning the show has really increased his confidence. Lee, who has cerebral palsy, is the first comedian to win the series and the first stand-up comedian to use a communication aid in order to speak. He’s always had the dream of being a standup comedian. It’s his first time performing in America.  Ehhhh. His bits aren’t funny? God bless the dude that he’s living life fully and following his dreams. But I’m not laughing. Howie calls him witty and wonderful. Heidi believes he’s teaching us all something today. Simon declares that he’s inspiring many people. 

Sal Valentinetti – Singer – America’s Got Talent 2016 – Finalist – Sal Valentinetti is from Long Island, N.Y., received the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum in 2016 and went on to become one of the top five finalists.  He was an American Idol contestant as well! He pours on the Italian stereotypes, which buuuuggggs me. He’s not a bad singer, though. Heidi is THRILLED to see her old pal. He sings Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife.” Swinging is hard! Standards are deceptively difficult to sing. Nice tone, needs more swing. “How yuuu doin'” he shouts. CRINGE. “You are just so cute,” gushes Heidi. Howie compares him to Sinatra. Noooo. Mel “LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.” Simon says he’s “slightly star struck….that was tremendous.” Simon’s standards are so low here (pun intended).

Tokio Myers – Pianist – Britain’s Got Talent 2017 – Winner – Tokio Myers  showcased his skills as a composer, producer and performance artist. He grew up poor in London with big dreams. When the Grenfell project burned down, and Simon put a charity single together, he got involved. Simon believes he’s one of the best BGT winners ever. He plays piano, but his act is fully multimedia.  He seems to transport himself to another place when he performs. He’s talented! Howie calls him a world class musician “I see you as the next Quincy Jones.” Heidi says “You do it all…it was truly amazing to watch.” Simon says the night is feeling like the Olympics.  Simon implores the 50 states to vote for him. 

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Artist – Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 Winner – Kseniya Simonova is a sand animation artist. She’s a mom by day, and an artist by night. Her husband signed her up for Ukraine’s Got Talent.  Her family bought a house with her winnings.  The story she will tell is about an artist who grew up and forgot his parents. SOUNDS LIKE A BUMMER. She works really fast! Somebody dies.  Oh. His parents are dead and he’s remembering them. Gosh. This really is depressing. Simon believes she is one of the best contestants ever. “It was fantastic,” he says. Mel calls it “incredible…brilliant.” Howie calls it “emotional, beautiful.” He adds, ‘You are the champion. Then Terry Crews moves behind the judges desk. No, is he REALLY going to do this? And he says that he’s “never seen anyone with the ability to move audiences” the way she did. HE HITS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. That was an interesting act, but I don’t think it was Golden Buzzer worthy.

Cosentino – Escape Artist – Australia’s Got Talent 2011. Cosentino was the runner-up on “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2011, the winner of “Dancing with the Stars” Australia in 2013 and had a starring role in the Jackie Chan film “Bleeding Steel.” The exposure helped his career, but like everyone else in this competition who almost won, he wants a second chance.  There are 4 bows and arrows, a bear trap and more crazy stuff that can kill him! He has to get out of the restraints using a lock pick. Oh. THERE IS FIRE TOO. Dang. He just misses being skewered by the arrows. And at the last minute he unlocks the leg brace before the whole thing explodes. VERY DRAMATIC.  Howie says he has a dramatic delivery that’s beyond. “I loved everything,” he says. Heidi loved the presentation. “Very entertaining.” Simon loved that stuff could go wrong. “One of the best danger acts I’ve ever seen…you have a real shot after that.” 

Sons of Serendip – Musical Group – America’s Got Talent 2014 –  Sons of Serendip, a Billboard-charting quartet that creates “fresh” interpretations of popular music, competed as finalists on Season 9 of “America’s Got Talent.”  They met at Boston University. They can’t wait to show the judges how they’ve evolved. They perform “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. It’s nice! They have a pleasant talent, but I am not jumping out of my seat. I barely remember them from the show. Heidi says “It’s so nice to have you guys back…it’s magic.” Mel B calls it “dreamy” and “angelic.” Simon liked the song choice and felt the vocal was “stunning.” He says, “this one actually got me…a huge step up.”

Shin Lim – Magician – America’s Got Talent 2018 Winner.  Shin, a close up magician, is the reigning winner of America’s Got Talent. “Let’s keep it going!” says Shin about competing in the Charmpions. I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHIN WON. He’s one of my favorite winners. Maybe my favorite. He’s working in Vegas now.  Simon has absolute respect for Shin that he came back right after winning. Terry comes on stage to help.  After some fancy card flipping, Terry moves his hand where he was holding one card, and now there are several. Cards seem to disappear into thin air! His tricks are so deft. Amazing. The cards eventually spell out “Champions” and when Terry checks his pocket, there are more cards! WOW. The crowd is on its feet! Mel B says “WELL DONE.” Howie calls him “perfection…you should be in the final.” Heidi calls it “mind blowing.”  Simon thinks Shin has gained even more confidence. He jokes that his son Eric thinks he has magic powers…

RESULTS! Who has made it into the Top 3? 50 states have voted! 

Attraction – Won in the North East (See, the ‘Merica stuff works)
Shin Lim – Won the midwest 
Sons of Serendip – Won Alabama, Arizona and Tennessee

Act finishing in 3rd place: Sons of Serendip.
Act finishing in 2nd place: Attraction
Act moving on the the finals: Shin Lim

YAY SHIN! I would have chosen another act for the Golden Buzzer. The field of finalists have enough singers at this point–but maybe Cosentino? His danger act was very well done.

Moving on to next week’s final:

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Artist – Terry Crew’s Golden Buzzer
Shin Lim – Magician – 50 states voted through!

Next week: The Top 10 finalists perform. And there will be a big twist, says Terry. Which is, actually TWO wildcards–probably. I probably shouldn’t spoil it here. Click this link to find out all the details.


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