AGT: The Champions 2020 Recap – Finale Live Blog (VIDEO)

Pictured: Sandou Trio Russian Bar — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Forty memorable and fan-favorite acts from AGT and Got Talent competitions around the globe are competing on season 2 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

After four weeks of auditions and 1 week of semifinals, 10 acts will  compete tonight for the win. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum, and new judge, Britain’s Got Talent panelist and former Mystique member, Alesha Dixon will preside over it all. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews hosts. 

AGT: The Champions Season 2 Finale: Meet The Finalists (VIDEO)

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The SUPERFANS will determine who wins AGT: The Champions! “This is a title that will live forever” insists Simon, skirting past the fact there is no real prize for winning. Bragging rights I guess?

Alexa Lauenburger – Dog Act – Formerly a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent 2019, Alexa is only 11 years old. Oh look. in the comedic video package, her pooches talk, with German accents. “Shall I pee on Sandou Trio’s bar?” one says. Her doggos continue to be very cute. There are so many of them, and she manages to get them to perform tricks all together. That’s not easy. It took a little doing, but she finishes the routine with her doggos in a conga line. Alesha loved the last trick. “Please be proud of what you’ve done,” she says. Howie notes the pressure, “You nailed this.” Uh oh. Simon thinks she slipped compared to her first two appearances. “I think you’ve just blown your chances.” Mean. Heidi gives her credit for coming up with a new routine. She has a point. Sure, there was some mistakes, but Alexa deserves points for ambition. Simon should have been kinder, but then again, Alexa has no chance of winning in any case. 

Duo Transcend – Trapeze/Roller skating Duo – In their video package, the two talk about how they came together as professional and romantic partners. Working on their act, has made their relationship stronger, they say. Tonight, they will present a brand new act. The only difference is that they are BOTH blindfolded while they perform. She walks dramatically across his arm and back and then drops down. Will she fall on her head? FIND OUT AFTER THE BREAK! And….yes. He catches her safely! After more trapeze antics, the act ends. Sure, the blindfold makes the act more dangerous. But I thought their last outing which had both trazeze and roller skating, was more inventive. “It’s like 60 shades of dancing up there,” says Alesha. “You nailed it.” Heidi calls them “captivating….it was all feel and touch.” Howie truly believes the act is worthy of the finale, but he agrees with me–last week was better. But Simon insists that tonight was best ever because of the overall danger of performing completely blind. “I think you gave yourselves a shot,” he says

Angelina Jordan – Jazz Singer – Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer – Angelina won Norway’s Got Talent back in 2014. The preview video for this performance has already gone viral. Angelina sings Elton John’s classic 70’s hit “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” turning it into a torchy ballad. I’m going to be a stinker and say that I don’t really love this. Her stylized singing really isn’t my cup of tea. And I think she’s still a few years away from finding her true self and potential. “You make your golden buzzer proud,” says Heidi. She calls Angelina a “superstar.” Howie calls her rendition, “hypnotic.” He thinks she’s worthy to win. Alesha calls her an “old soul.” Simon loves that she took a risk, “I’m going to remember this for years and years and years to come.” He adds, “Great soul, great talent.” He is also impressed that she made the song “current” and “relevant.”

Boogie Storm – Dance Group – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer – The Star Wars inspired dance group were finalists on Britain’s Got Talent 2016. AND UGH SIMON chose this fairly talent-free troup as his golden buzzer. Obviously for the lulz, as he stole Howie’s turn that week. Oh geez. Again, pretending that the act saw reaction to their first performance before their finale performance.  THE ENTIRE SEASON was filmed in October. So maybe advancing the group was about giving Simon’s son Eric a chance to participate. I mean, they have a few moves. But they’re hardly special. Howie buzzes them. “I don’t get it,” says Howie, “The dancing isn’t fantastic, there’s no message.” Alesha was “pleasantly surprised….you make everyone in the room smile.” Heidi feels like they’ve come a long way from their audition. Simon says there is a message, and it’s “Hope.” “The dark side has become the light side and I applaud you.” Whatever, Simon.

The Silhouettes – Shadow Dance Group – Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer – This shadow dance group were finalists on AGT way back in 2006. This week’s shadow tableau tells the story of a family who become homeless after an eviction. They use the song “Stand in the Light” by The Voice season 9 winner Jordan Smith as a backdrop. So the message is: Help the homeless. They eventually find a home after a kind stranger reaches out. This group is all about the tear jerking, while using clever shadow play. Alesha is touched, “That was so beautiful. I loved it.” Howie calls them the inspiration for every act that comes after them. “You are here to change the world.” Heidi says it takes a lot for her to well up. Simon felt they didn’t bring their A game. “I really wanted to love it,” he says. The others vigorously disagree.

Hans – Singer/Dancer/Musician – Hans made it to the Quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent 2018. He continues his “campaign” to rule the world! He starts off in an Elton John get up. He’s wearing a suit. A tearaway suit, I’m sure. He sings Danke Schoen again…”You know I’m not really going to sing this!” He striips down to a green glittery outfit *a homage to Jlo herself* to sing “Let’s Get Loud.” I love Hans, but he’s beginning to repeat himself here. Simon has already buzzed him. Simon liked the last song but calls the new routine “torture.” Hans declares that it’s for the fans. Howie calls Hans “fun loving.” Alesha loved that he used her song to start. “Let’s live a little people!” cries Heidi. She loves Hans. His last message to the Superfans: “I’m just like you, only better!”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Violinist – He’s a 12 year old violinist who beat cancer. He plays “Hallelujah” on the violin, without out any other accompaniment. It took me a minute to figure out the song. This would only work if he were a highly skilled musician. He’s not, so it’s more like a high school recital performance on the AGT stage. Again, he’s a sweet kid who has been through a lot. He has much to share with children battling illness and going through hard times. But he’s all backstory. Simon appreciated his vulnerability. He thinks Tyler could win. Nah. Heidi says, “You hold your own on that stage.” Alesha says, “You just made the superfans job very difficult.” Howie says, “He took a risk!”

V.Unbeatable – Dance Group – Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer – These young dancers were finalists on America’s Got Talent 2019. The little one pops up behind the judges desk, startling Heidi and Alesha. Two dancers toss him up on stage. The group does a Bollywood inspired routine, meshed with the usual crazy human toss and acrobatics. There are bicycles! Whoa. A kid is tossed up in the air and lands on a bicycle held high by his fellow dancers. They’ve outdone themselves here. The best they’ve ever done, easily. Howie is gushing. He calls them the best act ever. He loves their passion. Alesha calls it “pure brilliance…you danced for your lives up there.” Heidi says, “You cannot top this.” Simon likes that they aren’t a professional act. “Congratulations,” he says. 

Marcelito Pomoy – Singer – The winner of Pilipinas Got Talent 2011 has an odd talent. His huge range allows him to sing in both female and male vocal registers. He was working on a chicken farm when he “found” his voice. He sings Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” using several nasally voices. The vocal in the higher resistor is especially nasal. I’m sorry, this is just weird? He’d be better off just singing in his baritone. But I guess the party trick is the point. Thing is, lots of male singers have a falsetto and could probably pull off dual voices. But why would they? Heidi says “It never gets old!’ She likes his song choices. Howie really enjoys his performances, “Great job tonight.” Alesha thinks he upped his game. “You absolutely nailed it tonight.” Simon calls him nice and compliments his performance. But he disagrees with the others–he calls the song choice predictable. Aw. Marcelito looks disappointed. When Simon disses an act on AGT, they really have no chance to win.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Russian Bar – This trio were America’s Got Talent 2011 semifinalists. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME Terry reminds the audience. Dur. This time, she performs over a bed of large pointy spikes. Oof. The bounces come dangerously close to the nails. Next, she sets the nails on fire. Hm. I wonder if it’s an optical illusion? In other words, the bar is right next to the nails rather than directly above? Upping the ante even further, she dons a blindfold. Nails, fire and a blindfold. OK. Now the bar is on fire and her feet aren’t igniting. I had the same complaint last time. The display is dramatic, but not really dangerous–at least as far as the fire is concerned. Still, the Russian Bar is entertaining to watch.  Howie calls it “epic….that was raising the game, you literally lit a fire for this audience.” Alesha says, “You raise your bar, you get better and better…you command the stage…you are a superhero.” Heidi calls her “one crazy lady…you are so brave.” Simon says, “I think you just threw the competition wide open…I thought I knew what the competition was going beforehand.”

The winner will be revealed in next Monday’s “World Finale!” Spoilers who attended the taping, report that the current America’s Got Talent winner, Kodi Lee, performed. Also set to perform: Shin Lim, Colin Cloud, Lindsey Stirling, Kiss, and Travis Barker.

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