AGT: The Champions 2020 Recap – Auditions 4 Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Four" Episode 204 -- Pictured: (l-r) Strauss Serpent, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, JJ Pantano, Terry Crews, Silhouettes -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Pictured: (l-r) Strauss Serpent, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, JJ Pantano, Terry Crews, Silhouettes — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Forty memorable and fan-favorite acts from AGT and Got Talent competitions around the globe are competing on season 2 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

On week 4 airing Monday January 27 on NBC, the final 10 acts will perform for judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum, and new judge, Britain’s Got Talent panelist and former Mystique member, Alesha Dixon. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews hosts. 

AGT: The Champions Week 4 Spoilers (Voices of Service, Connie Talbot)

In each of the four weeks of audition performances, 10 acts will perform, but only four acts will advance to the semifinals. Two will be voted through by a panel of “AGT” Superfans from each of the 50 states; one will be the Judges’ Choice; and one will receive a Golden Buzzer to advance straight to the finale. 

WE HAVE SPOILERS! If you want to know who wins? Click this link. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THE RESULTS HERE! Keep chatter in the spoiler comments.


Alesha Dixon picks the Golden Buzzer tonight.

Christian and Percy – Hand Balancer/Dog Act – “America’s Got Talent” 2014 – Finalist – His 16 year old dog Scooby has retired. So now he works with Percy. He growls a lot. What a b-e-o-t-c-h. Christian was eliminated last time because he left his pupper out of the routine. AS IF the star of the act is Christian! I remember Scooby. He was really cute. In the act, Christian hand balances, while his dog performs tricks on his body. The new dog definitely steals the show. Heidi calls it perfect, and notes Percy loves to kiss! Howie thinks he stepped it up from last time. “A match made in heaven” says Alesha. Simon thinks calls Percy “a little star.”

Voices of Service – Singing Group – “America’s Got Talent 2019” – Finalist – They were Top 5 on AGT 2019. They’re back on the show to hopefully take the whole thing. The singers, former and current service members, perform to help fellow vets who may be struggling. All of them have great voices, beautiful harmonies too. I admire their sincerity. I don’t know this song, but it’s a powerful performance. In lesser hands, it would be corny. But not here. They finish to a standing ovation. Howie loves their powerful harmonies. “The soul is just bursting out of all of you,” says Alesha. Heidi calls their voices are weapons of hope. Simon believes the performance is a “massive step up.” He adds, “You could win.”

JJ Pantano – Comedian – “Australia’s Got Talent 2019” – Semi-finalist – Tiny Australian comic insults people. That’s the act! He’s only 7 years old. His mother is a singer, so he wants to be a performer too. This kid is hella precocious, which is not my favorite thing. The entire set consists of JJ “insulting” each of the judges and Terry, one by one. He’s a mini Don Rickles. Heidi thinks he’s “hilarious” and “a little star.” Alesha calls him “brutal.” “One day,” Howie declares, “I want to grow up and be just like you.” Simon thinks JJ has “a little star glow” about him.  

Emil Rengle – Dancer – “Romania’s Got Talent” 2018 – Winner – Emile was the first openly gay act to appear on Romania’s Got Talent. It was very controversial. But then he won the whole thing! People wanted change, he believes. “I am really living my dream,” he says. Emil comes out in a shiny red rubber one piece. Already fabulous! He’s a dancer. Simon smiles at first. But he turns around and notices the audience is bored. He hits his buzzer. I like his personality, but it actually is an underwhelming performance. Howie buzzes him too. It’s amazing the types of acts that win in small countries. Emile is upset. Alesha appreciates how tough it is to dance in high heels. Simon likes him and his message, but admits that “it’s not the caliber to be the best of the best.”

The Silhouettes – Shadow Dance Group – “America’s Got Talent” season 6 – Finalist – The act was the first “shadow” act on AGT. Oh they were runners up to Landau Eugene Murphy. The original group members have all grown up and moved on to bigger things. One member works with Cher now. There’s one original member left, however. The routine involves a growing family and the dog that loves them. Very sentimental, of course. Gotta thrown in the family member going off to war. The dog is played by a bunch of kids, which is a clever idea. The service person comes back home in a wheelchair. And the doggo helps her stand! Syrupy sweet. Heidi is crying. Simon calls it “beautiful.” He wants to know where the dog is. Ha ha. Smart to center the routine around the thing Simon loves most–dogs! He loved it. Howie admits he “welled up in tears.” And Alesha….hm….hm….OF COURSE SHE HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER!!!

Brian King Joseph – Violinist – “America’s Got Talent” 2018 – Finalist – He was diagnosed 3 years ago with Neuropathy, that will eventually leave him paralyzed. But that won’t stop him from playing violin for as long as he can. He came in 3rd place his season. Since the show, he’s got health insurance and better doctors. Also better bookings! He will play an original song tonight. Brian’s routine is very energetic, starting off performing to each of the judges. He brings a sparkler wielding dancer on stage with him. His playing, the bells and whistles make the act. The song though, was kind of boring. Alesha loves his energy. Heidi is happy to see him again. The song is Brian’s first original single, he says. Simon believes he’s capable of more. But he admires his talent.

Connie Talbot – Singer – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2007 – Finalist – Connie was 6 years old when she auditioned for BGT. She was the runner up to Paul Potts on season 1. She cried when she lost. Of course, she was just a kid! But since then, she’s released four albums. Her parents wanted her to stay in school. Now graduated, she is devoting all her time to a singing career. She performs an original song. The singing talent has translated to adulthood (it doesn’t always!). At 19, Connie has managed to transcend the pageant princess pitfall. She’s developed her own style. I didn’t expect to be impressed, actually. She plays piano too! Heidi calls her “beautiful.” She thinks it would make a perfect “first dance” song for a wedding. “You nailed it,” says Simon. Alesha loves the “full circle” moment.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Russian Bar – “America’s Got Talent” 2011 – Semi-finalist – The last time they were on, they made a huge mistake. They wanted to do something different. So the female member played the piano upside down while singing…and it was a dud. But since then, the trio have worked steadily in Las Vegas and for corporations. She promises no singing tonight. The Russian bar is crazy. It entails jumping up and down on a bouncy, narrow beam held by two guys. The jumps and somersaults go higher and higher, heightening the danger. The opportunity for serious injury is high. Tonight, the big trick is jumping super high…blindfolded. There is a cliffhanger. And….she doesn’t die. They finish with one last trick, right in front of the judges. They are impressed. Howie calls it “scary.” He almost wished she was singing and playing the piano. Heidi calls her a strong, dangerous woman. Alesha admires that she came here to win. Simon call it the most “relevant” act of the night. Not sure what that means.

Bars & Melody – Singing Duo – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2014 – Finalist – They met as teens and received Simon Cowell’s first Golden Buzzer ever. Eventually, the duo came in 3rd. Since then, they’ve played headline tours all over the world…but not America. Tonight, they perform an original song. They get up on a platform, right in front of the judges. So, they’re rappers. No. One raps, the other sings. Hence the name. Ha ha. They’re OK. The crowd seems to be into it. HOWIE BUZZES THEM. That was unnecessary. Howie calls it a “youtube” level performance. Alesha noted nerves. She liked the song, though. Heidi agrees. She thinks the nerves got the best of them. Simon is frustrated the audience didn’t see their original performance on BGT. Poor dudes. They’re toast.

Strauss Serpent – Contortionist – “Africa’s Got Talent” 2018 – Winner – Yuck. I do not like contortionists. He grew up in the Congo where his dad died suddenly. He performed on the street to help support his family. He became a refugee, and his talent saved him. That’s a moving story. But I still don’t want to watch this. I CAN’T WATCH SORRY. Y’all will have to check out for yourself what he does with his body, that no human should be doing. The cracking noises on the soundtrack do not help. UGGGH. Heidi believes “we needed to see you here.” Howie calls it amazing, “You will bend over backwards to win this thing.” Har dee har har. Alesha loved it. Simon compares the act to people loving to watch horror movies. For the record, I can’t watch horror movies either. 

RESULTS: Emile Rangel, Voices of Service and Strauss Serpent step forward. The first act going into the semi-finals is…Strauss Serpent. WHAT THE HECK? I HAVE TO WATCH HIM OR NOT AGAIN. Bars and Melody, Connie Talbot and Sandou Trio Russian Bar step forward. the next act going into the semi-final is…Sandou Trio Russian Bar

Brian King Joseph, JJ Pantano and Christian and Percy came in 3rd, 4th and 5th in the superfans votes. The judges will pick the winner. Simon is the tie breaker. He chooses JJ Pantono. What the heck? THE WORST ACTS were put through tonight. To be clear: I’m OK with Russian Bar. The Silhouettes aren’t the worst, but they aren’t the best either. But the contortionist and the bratty little comic? NOPE NOPE NOPE.  Connie Talbot, Brian King Joseph, Voices of Service were all robbed. 

Howie – JJ Pantano
Alesha – Brian King Joseph
Heidi – Christian and Percy
Simon – JJ Pantano 

Advancing to another round

The Silhouettes – Alesha’s Golden Buzzer through to the Finals. 
Strauss Serpent – Superfans vote through to the Semifinals
Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Superfans vote through to the Semifinals
JJ Pantan0 – Judges choice  through to the Semifinals


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