AGT: The Champions 2020 Recap – Auditions 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Two" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Marc Spelmann and X, Shin Lim -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
 Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Marc Spelmann and X, Shin Lim — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Forty memorable and fan-favorite acts from AGT and Got Talent competitions around the globe are competing on season 2 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

On week 2 airing Monday January 13 on NBC, 10 acts will perform for judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum, and new judge, Britain’s Got Talent panelist and former Mystique member, Alesha Dixon. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews hosts. 

AGT: The Champions Week 2 Contestant List (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

In each of the four weeks of audition performances, 10 acts will perform, but only four acts will advance to the semifinals. Two will be voted through by a panel of “AGT” Superfans from each of the 50 states; one will be the Judges’ Choice; and one will receive a Golden Buzzer to advance straight to the finale. 

WE HAVE SPOILERS! If you want to know who wins? Click this link. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THE RESULTS HERE! Keep chatter in the spoiler comments.


Howie Mandel will choose tonight’s Golden Buzzer.

Marcelito Pomoy – Singer – “Pilipinas Got Talent” 2011 – Winner – He brought his wife on stage with him because….I’m not really sure why. He had a hard life! She says. He was an orphan after his father was thrown into jail. While homeless, he auditioned for PGT…so he could find his family. They attended the finale. That sounds crazy. He has a daughter now.  He sings in what sounds like a permanent falsetto…until he switches to a baritone. OK. His schtick is the solo duet, singing both male and female parts. This is pretty gimmicky. Actually, he’s a decent enough singer to just stick to the baritone. The audience gives him a standing ovation. Ehhhhh. Howie calls it unique, “Wonderful, beautiful, with a young woman trapped inside of you.” Alesha is impressed. Heidi pretends an act like that has never been on AGT before (It has). Howie likes the act, but says it’s too early in the show to give up his golden buzzer. Simon calls it a “10.” He thinks the Superfans will put him through.

Oz Pearlman – Mentalist – “America’s Got Talent” 2015 – Finalist – Mentalist from New York City got a job as a Wall Street Banker. But his dream was show business. He up and quit to follow it. He finished in 3rd place on AGT. Since then, he’s performed all over the world. This act was previewed a few days ago. The routine is really clever! The judges concentrate on a pleasant memory, and later Oz guesses what they’re thinking. Additionally, there is a lot of crazy addition and subtraction. And it all adds up! The last few seconds are very twisty. Very entertaining. Alesha loves his stage presence and confidence. Heidi calls him the real Wizard of Oz. Simon believes in magic! “It was incredible. OOP! Howie was thinking of his wedding night!

Boogie Storm – Dance Group – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2016 – Finalist – This futuristic dance group came in 3rd on BGT. They’re dressed like something out of Star Wars. But then they break dance through a bunch of radio hits. There’s not much happening here outside of the outfits. Is this supposed to be funny? Simon gives them a standing ovation. He, inexplicably, loves them. OK then. They were Simon’s Golden buzzer on BGT. Sheesh. Simon literally steals Howie’s Golden Buzzer, hitting it himself. The acts backstage are not amused.  “These guys are one of the most original groups we’ve ever had,” says Simon. This is so dumb. Heidi can’t stop rolling her eyes. And neither can I.

Ben Blaque – Danger Act – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2016 – Semi-finalist – His semi-final performance on BGT went haywire. Now, he’s back to try the exact same routine again. Like then, Alesha will take the stage to help. In the bit, Alesha picks a bow to shoot. She can only choose 4 out of 5. If she picks the wrong one, Ben will die. This is confusing. Oh good lord. He forgot to turn off the safeties. He’s blowing it again. How embarrassing. She could kill him and it wouldn’t be her fault. He’s a dumb a**. Finally, the act works, sort of! Another arrow fires off and for some reason, the show treats it like a nail biting cliffhanger, airing a commercial in between. Zzzzz. And we’re back and it’s a bigger disaster than even before. The arrows jam completely. Everyone buzzes and he’s done. Simon believes they could have had their first death on the show. So he stopped it.

Collabro – Singing Group – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2014 – Winner – So, they actually WON BGT season 8 six years ago. They’ve had a great career, but have always wanted to make it in America. Simon thinks they need to step up from BGT. He doesn’t seem thrilled. They really won? This is a pretty cheesy version of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”. Nope. I don’t like this at all. There are grannys that probably love them, though. Alesha thinks they’ve had better performances. Heidi isn’t impressed either. Howie disagrees. He really likes them. Simon calls it “wimpy.” He says, “It just didn’t feel like you guys tonight.” Well, they are toast. 

Ryan Niemiller – Comedian – “America’s Got Talent” 2019 – Finalist – Ryan’s 3rd place act is likable, relatable. He uses his disability to perfect effect, without self pity or loathing. His life has changed in amazing ways since the summer, he says. That’s good! Oh. I guess Gabrielle Union won’t be producing that movie with him… He jokes around about people recognizing him. He compares his arms to a woman having big boobs. “Eyes up here!” Heh. Oh he was a hit by a truck, and the driver took one look at Ryan and freaked out!!! This is hilarious. It’s not often I find an AGT comic funny. Howie is REALLY MAD he can’t use his golden buzzer. Even Heidi, who usually hates the comedians, loves Ryan. Simon says he’s even funnier this time.

Puddles Pity Party – Singer – “America’s Got Talent” 2017 – Quarter-finalist – I don’t really like clowns! I have mixed feelings about Puddles. I mostly don’t like this act. There’s something kind of creepy about him. Heidi notes things have been great since AGT. Actually, Puddles was kind of known before the show. He has toured with the popular retro act Postmodern Jukebox. He sings “I Want to Know What Love Is” exactly like…a sad clown. Ehhh. This still isn’t my cup of tea. Photos of the judges’ pet doggos flash on the screen, Puddles crowns photoshopped atop them. I love a cute pupper, but I don’t get the point. Howie thinks Puddles is special. Alesha isn’t sure he’s good enough to win Champions. She’s confused! Simon agrees that he’s confusing. “It’s marmite. You either love it or hate it. I loved it!”

Marc Spelmann and X – Magician – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2019 – Runner-up – He was a golden buzzer act in 2018. But he was eliminated. The following year he came back as another character named X. He wore a mask. He came in as the runner-up. Supposedly, nobody knew his real identity until the end. Hm. Weird! He performs his act tonight as X. OH MY GOD SHIN LIM IS X. That was crazy. And then Marc sneaks up from behind, also X, and scares the crap out of Heidi. That was so much fun. BONUS SHIN LIM I LOVE HIM.  He gave Alesha “chills.” Howie admits “THIS would have been my golden buzzer.” Simon calls it “your best performance yet…spectacular,” he says. 

Luke Islam – Singer – “America’s Got Talent” 2019 – Semi-finalist – He was Julianne Hough’s Golden Buzzer. Luke’s dream was to be on Broadway. And after he was eliminated from the show, he finally made it to the Great White Way, with Sara Bareilles. He sings a big song, “Ashes” hitting those high notes. This is the song The Voice 9 winner Jordan Smith co-wrote, and Celine Dion sang. Young Luke has improved since the summer, I’ll give him that. He still needs more time to mature, though. The audience loves it! Alesha loved him before he even began to sing. Simon didn’t like the song. Oops. He doesn’t think it’s a great showcase for his voice. Howie agrees. That’s a pretty dumb take. It’s a big song, perfect for Luke’s voice. But, as a movie theme, the song was not a big radio hit. Hence, Simon has probably never heard it. 

Spencer Horsman – Danger Act – “America’s Got Talent” 2012 – Quarter-finalist – After AGT, he did a bit with Criss Angel. But he blacked out underwater and it freaked him out. He had a major issue getting back on stage again. Now he’s back. He’s already had injuries rehearsing his new routine–splitting his head open. Yikes. The judges watch the act outside. There are ambulances at the ready! He’ll be locked in a box of water, he has two minutes to free himself. If he misses the deadline, the box will open, and Spencer will drop. SPLAT. However, he unlocks and latches himself just as the water box explodes. So that’s the act, last minute escape, worried wife, emerges looking shaky… Howie is amazed he’s still alive. The act freaked Alesha out. Heidi calls him a crazy nut job. Ha. 

Results! Marcelito Pomoy, Collabro and Puddles Pity step forward. The act going into the semifinal is…Marcelito Pomoy. Hm. Ben Blaque, Oz Pearlman and Marc Spellman/X step forward. The next act heading to the semifinal is…Marc Spellman/X. Next, Spencer Horsman, Ryan Niemiller and Luke Islam step forward. The trio were voted into 3rd, 4th and 5th place. The judges will choose!

Judges vote

Simon – Ryan Niemiller
Alesha – Ryan Niemiller
Heidi – Ryan Niemiller!

Obviously, Howie would have also chosen Ryan. He regretted not choosing him as his Golden Buzzer. Heidi says started off admitting she doesn’t like comics…but then takes a left turn. Ryan is the exception!


Boogie Storm – Howie’s (Simon’s) Golden Buzzer straight to the Final
Marcelito Pomoy – 50 States votes through to the semi final
Marc Spellman/X – 50 States votes though to the semi final
Ryan Niemiller – Judges vote through to the semi final

Both of Howie’s potential “Golden Buzzers” were voted through to the next round. Still, it’s ridiculous that the lame act, Boogie Storm, got an automatic pass to the final. With all the talent on hand, there is no point in advancing joke acts. Well, maybe Hans from last week, whom the judges chose, is an exception. But if I’m being really honest–probably not even.


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