AGT: All Stars 2023 Recap Final Performances (Videos)

Aidan Bryant America's Got Talent All Stars
Pictured: Aidan Bryant — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

AGT: All Stars 2023 Recap Final Performances

AGT: All Stars 2023 Recap Final Performances – It’s final performance week. The Final 11 will perform for the “superfans” vote. Five contestants are Golden Buzzers, handpicked by the judges, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowel and host Terry Crews.

Six acts were chosen by the “superfans” a group of fans described as representing every state in the country. Next week, an All-Star winner will be crowned during the two-hour finale.

Simon says there is no prize, however, the fine print in the credits state the winner receives a modest $35K for their trouble. But Simon wants ya’ll to think it’s all about bragging rights! Actually, for all 60 contestants, competing on All Stars is most likely all about television exposure.

Detroit Youth Choir – Choir – Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer

The kids share how their AGT experience has changed them. “We believe in ourselves,” one of the singers says. They are determined to beat Kodi Lee this time. Good luck with that! Terry hit the Golden Buzzer for this group twice.

The group is enthusiastic, and led by a conductor who obviously wants the group to excel. The choreography is a step up, but they only (mostly) sing together. The voices aren’t the point, I suppose. The group serves underrepresented kids and can inspire others like them. So that’s good!

Heidi calls them the best choir she has ever seen. Howie calls the music and the solos great. “You’re all stars,” he declares. Simon agrees with Heidi, they are his favorite choir, and thinks they should be booked on the Super Bowl. Yeah, sure Simon.

Ana-Maria Margean – Ventriloquist

The Romania’s Got Talent winner was inspired by season 2 winner Terry Fator to be a ventriloquist. She can’t believe that she made the finale but Terry didn’t. Nevertheless, he is “very proud” of her, a stage assistant tells her. NBC previewed this audition last week.

Ana-Maria brings out a different puppet this week. It’s an old lady puppet, “Mrs. Know It All” who is her mentor and voice teacher. Ana-Maria sings “I Put a Spell on You” until the puppet stops her, and shows her how it’s done. Louder and with feeling! Ana-Maria is a good singer and ventriloquist, but she’d be even better if she worked with a writer. Darci Lynne–an AGT winner and kid ventriloquist–has better material.

Heidi calls the act “flawless” and weirdly notes that she does it without moving her lips. Well, duh. “If Ariana Grande was 14 and sang without moving her lips with a puppet, that’s what we’re watching.” Har har har. Simon thinks there is a “massive massive market” for her talent and believes she deserves her spot.

Power Duo – Aerialists

The winners of Pilipinas Got Talent have a relationship right out of a rom com. Initially, when they formed their act, they didn’t get along. But eventually they fell for each other, declaring their love on the PGT stage. The “superfans” found their love story irresistible, despite making a mistake during their routine.

They perform to American Idol quitter Benson Boone’s “In The Stars.” The couple’s ariel routine is romantic while also graceful. The female is the real star in this duo. She is also in the most danger, hanging from her husband by her feet, before she drops down. And it ends with her falling from the straps dramatically into her waiting husband’s arms.

“You were born to do this together,” says Heidi, noting that the female began crying while performing. “It’s beautiful to watch,” notes Howie. Simon believes that the two upped their game.

Tom Ball – Singer – Group Golden Buzzer

He postponed his wedding and now his honeymoon to compete on All Stars. Dang, Tom’s got a mad case of rosacea, his cheeks are beyond rosey!

He performs “Creep” by Radiohead almost like it’s an opera. “I’M A WEIRDO” he croons. The verse is a little low for him, but his voice soars on the second verse and chorus. The second half is better than the first. But still, this song’s lyrics lose resonance sung in a classical style.

The judges are on their feet. Simon calls the performance “powerful and moving.” It shouldn’t have worked, but it did, he says. “You rose up nine levels,” Howie says. Heidi marvels at his ability to convey emotion, and attributes it at least partially to his new marriage.

Aidan McCann – Magician – Heidi’s Golden Buzzer

In 2020, Aidan made the Britain’s Got Talent finale. In his video package, the young magician namechecks Shin Lim and Piff the Magic Dragon as acts that inspire him. He’s hoping to be the youngest magician to win AGT.

“Simon when you were a kid on the 1870s.” Ha ha. Aidan starts his routine off small, starting a card trick at the judges table. But it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, ending with a cascade of balloons falling from the ceiling. All the while, he weaves cheeky humor into the act. This kid has potential.

“You are as confident and skilled as a grown magician,” Heidi says. Simon calls the act “quite amazing” and adds “you have an amazing personality. “The magic is impeccable,” remarks Howie calling him a “great comedian.”

Bello Sisters – Hand Balancing

In their video package, the sibling trio shares how their mom is descended from a long line of performers, and will be in the audience to watch. She was the first to work stilts on a highwire! But first, the sister’s read an emotional letter from her. NBC previewed this audition last week.

The Bello Sisters are a perfect amalgam of strength, agility and grace. They perform against a dramatic blood red planet. Eventually, they are blindfolded and surrounded by fire. It’s a Vegas worthy act, for sure. The cameras cut to mom in the audience, who looks very proud.

“It was over too soon,” Heidi says, “Glitz Glamor and Glutes, and you’re so gorgeous!” Simon calls them “brilliant and beautiful.” He thinks they have a shot to win. Howie jokes that a fourth sister would be too much to lift. But as it turns out, a 4th sibling is waiting in the wings to join them.

Mike E. Winfield – Comedian – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

Mike has returned to All Stars to finally win it all! He thinks receiving the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell is like the seal of approval and will influence the “superfans.” Probably not.

He’s back with more jokes about his aged stepson, or “step-man” as he calls him. Ho hum. Jokes about child support checks and stealing stuff from a big box store. Sorry. Josh Blue was robbed, OK?

Simon loves this guy, declaring that he was even funnier than last time. Incredibly, Simon insists, “I think you’ve given yourself a shot.” Howie notes that a comedian has never won AGT. He envisions “Step Man” the TV show starring Terry Crews. Heidi adds, “You are just a true entertainer. You have it all. Your smile wins me over.”

Light Balance Kids – Dance – Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer

It’s Light Balance Kids from Ukraine. The war made it difficult to compete in the US. By the time they got permission to travel to the States for their audition, they only had five days to rehearse.

The group, made up of kids and adults, performs dance routines in the dark, lit up by LED lights. It’s always creative. This time the energetic and fun routine is spooky, with a spider web and creepy crawlers to escape from.

Howie calls the group “exciting and energetic. You proved me right. You need to have your own room in Las Vegas,” he says. Heidi thinks the group topped their audition. Simon trots out the whole “I didn’t like it….I loved it” bit. Are acts still fooled by that? Simon also believes they deserve a show in Vegas and calls them “maybe unbeatable.”

Avery Dixon – Saxophonist

Terry introduces his season 17 Golden Buzzer! Avery shares again how he lacked confidence until he hit the AGT stage last summer. He calls himself a totally different person now, leading his own band and calling the shots.

He performs a joyful saxophone rendition of “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. Who doesn’t love this song? He might consider bringing singers into his act, along with his “dance moves. He’s a talented “smooth jazz” type musician.

“That was astonishing!” gushes Simon. He notes how shy Avery was at first. He also believes that Avery has a shot. “That was SAXSATIONAL!” Heidi says adding, “You always rise to the occasion.” Howie obverves, “I’m voting you most improved. Keep raising the bar.”

Kodi Lee – Singer

Kodi won AGT in 2019. The blind and autistic musician is a prodigy. He can play back any song after hearing it only once, his mom states. She assures fans that HE asked to audition for America’s Got Talent. At this point, it’s clear that he’s not being taken advantage of. He seems to be doing the thing he was born to do.

He performs a piano driven rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” I said this last time, but Kodi has improved a lot from his 2019 run. Headlining the AGT Las Vegas residency at the Luxor has paid off for him. It’s another solid performance from Kodi.

“You are a hero every day,” says Howie. “You shine so bright on that stage,” adds Heidi. “I love you so much.” Simon calls the performance “Stunning” and “That lyric took on a whole new meaning.” Mom says they picked the song because “You guys are our heros.”

Aidan Bryant – Aerial Acrobat

Aidan is a self taught aerialist. He worked up routines with bedsheets in his backyard. His grandmother, who encouraged him, recently passed away. He’s dedicating the performance to her.

The new routine is very dramatic and very dangerous. His mother is in the audience very nervous! Frankly, The Power Duo had more acrobatic and dance moves in their routine. Plus it was also dangerous! But Aiden’s act is more athletic and includes one dangerous moment after another.

“You literally take my breath away. You are in a different league,” says Heidi. Howie says, “I have never seen anything like that in aerialism.” Simon is “literally searching for words” and would give Aidan all 10s if it were the Olympics. He calls the act incredible, dangerous and brilliant. “I think you’ve completely changed everything after that performance.”

The winner of America’s Got Talent: All Stars will be revealed on the Jan 27 finale, featuring performances from Adam Lambert, Lindsey Stirling, Terry Fator and more.

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