Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Tour – Namba Hatch, Osaka – 10/04/10

PHOTOS: Tuke18/weelassie, dashia/weelassie, Hoong Wei/weelassie   DESIGN: mlg

Adam Lambert and the Glam Nation Tour play another show in Japan, this time at the Namba Hatch in Osaka. The show starts at 6:00am EST. The venue holds 1.500 and it´s sold out. Yesterday Adam added the song “For Your Entertainment” to his set list. How about today? Do you think we have any chance in hearing a new song?

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Voodoo/FYE/DTRH/ROF by rddle601b

Fever by rddle601b

Sleepwalker by rddle601b

WWFM by rddle601b

Soaked by rddle601b

Broken Open by rddle601b

Aftermath by rddle601b

SFW by hiadamm1

Strut by glamien

Music Again by rddle601b

IIHY by glamien

20th Century Boy by rddle601b