Actress Lauren Bacall Dead at 89

Lauren Bacall

Legendary screen actress, Lauren Bacall, is dead at age 89. Robbert de Klerk, co-managing partner of the Humphrey Bogart Estate, said Bacall died in New York.  Grandson, Jamie Bogart confirms she had a “massive stroke.”

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“She was, you can say she was a tough personality. She wanted the best and if you weren’t doing the best she let you know about it. She was a great person. Catch her on a bad day it could be interesting. She was a good grandma,” said Bogart, who got the news early Tuesday from his father, “She was lucky to have a pretty unique life.”

Bacall shot to fame in 1944 with her first film, To Have and Have Not, which she made with future husband Humphrey Bogart.

They married in 1945, had two children and went on to make four more films together. Those films include, The Big Sleep (1946), Dark Passage (1947) and Key Largo (1948). Bogart died in 1957.

Later, she married another actor, Jason Robards, and had another son, actor, Sam Robards. The marriage ended in divorce. Between marriages, she dated singer, Frank Sinatra.

Bacall also had a successful Broadway career. She won two Tony Awards for best Actress in a Musical. First, in 1970 for Applause, and in 1981 for Woman of the Year.

She penned two memoirs: By Myself in 1978, which won a National Book Award in 1980, and Now in 1994.

Via CNN, The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I loved Lauren Bacall. To Have and Have Not is great, but my favorite movie of hers is How to Marry A Millionaire, in which her character says, when trying to convince William Powell that their age difference doesn’t matter, saying she’s always been attracted to older men, says “look at whatshisname in African Queen”.

    And I have a special bond with her because we were born on the same day (Sept. 16).


  2. She was the ideal 40s to today actress, who radiated class and spunk. She was one of my personal favorites and her movies have stood the test of time. I regret not seeing her on Broadway. Can’t think of any current actress today that comes close to her persona.

  3. Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth were my Dad’s favorite actresses. I love that quote gilygirl I cannot think of any current actresses who possess that certain something that made these women special. Probably Sharon Stone, but I don’t think she’s as talented. RIP Lauren.

  4. Ms. Bacall was a true beauty of many eras. She had a mysterious quality to her, which made her even more beautiful.

    My mother was a long distance telephone operator in Palm Springs during the early 1950’s.

    She connected calls for Bogart and Bacall from their yacht more than a few times.

    She said they were both very polite to her, and Bogart would say “Thank You, sweetheart.” Bacall would tell her she has a nice voice.

    Thanks, Ms. Bacall, for giving my mom stories to tell!

  5. Sad news. The lady seemed ageless, and she had an amazing life. With her passing, it seems now that Bogie also is truly gone – but we can still watch the two of them light up the movie screen…so in a way the Ageless part is true. R.I.P.

  6. I love How to Marry a Millionaire. It’s so daffy, but it’s definitely a movie “of its time.” (And the close are just breathtaking.)

    Here’s a scene with the three leading ladies: Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable (who had her legs insured), and of course, Lauren Bacall

    Even though Bacall was just as good at drama as she was at comedy, I loved her comedic roles like the one above. Another one I loved, which is lesser known, is Designing Woman, costarring Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck.

    Movie Trailer:

  7. Read her books when I was a kid, then watched her movies and saw “Applause” (with Bonnie Franklin in the “Eve”role) on T.V.Must have been on Great Performances or something. I will never forget sitting mesmerized in front of my grandmother’s box T.V.

  8. Yeah, one fun thing about that movie us the references the ladies make about their true life significant others.

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