More on Taylor Hicks’s Upcoming Album

More on Taylor Hicks’s Upcoming Album

Publicity for the release of Taylor Hick’s upcoming album is gearing up. This press release,  about working with producer Matt Serletic, appeared around the net yesterday:

The whole recording process with Matt has been flawless so far. We’ve
just gotten started and with each day, we are really beginning to finish
each other’s sentences. He truly gets where I am coming from and I
completely respect his smarts in the studio and as a real song person, “
says Hicks. “It’s not easy to make a record expediently without sacrificing
integrity and aesthetic in the production, songwriting and performance
worlds. I really think Matt and I have the right chemistry and we have some
amazing players supporting me and the songs.

Here’s another article, from, reposted at Gray Charles (which becomes the Official Taylor Hicks Blog as of today. Yippie!):

“I want this record to be a stocking stuffer, which is why we’re putting in 13-hour days, ” he [Taylor] says. Serletic admits the work schedule is intense, but he adds that the project is moving quickly forward. He credits this to Hicks’ natural talent, as well as that of the crack musicians onboard, which include drummer Curt Bisquera, bassist Lee Sklar and guitarist James Harrah.

According to Hicks—who can currently be seen and heard in Ford’s “Drive on Us” ad campaign—the album’s sound will be his take on modern soul music. “I wanted brass with ass, and that’s what will be on the album, ” he says. Although Ray Charles is the base root of Hicks’ influences, artists like Al Stewart, Steve Winwood, Eddie Hinton, Gerry Rafferty, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye have also played roles in the 30-year-old’s life. Hicks says one song on the album—which will focus on original material penned by himself and others—will be a cover of an obscure Charles song, recorded in Charles’ studio. “It’s my way of saying ‘thanks, ’ ” he says.

Taylor’s album is set to be released December 5.

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