That Darn Kat

That Darn Kat

Those of you who watched Access Hollywood last night, hoping to see the Chris Daughtry interview?  Well, wouldn’t you know–TomKat (I never get enough TomKat news, how ’bout you? *rollseyes*)  announced their wedding plans yesterday and bumped him right off the schedule.

Anyway, I’m hearing that the interview will be broadcast in some markets tonight and the rest tomorrow night. 

Exclusive Chris Daughtry Performance

Chris Daughtry will perform a few tunes from his upcoming album tomorrow morning on the Bob and the Showgram morning show out of WDCG-FM in Raleigh-Durham , NC.  The show streams, so anyone has the opportunity to listen live here.  Chris is scheduled to perform at 8:15 am EDT.

Chris Daughtry Comes Home

Then, Chris heads to North Carolina State University to headline the fourth annual Pack Howl Pep Rally and Concert in Reynolds Coliseum on Nov. 3. The NC State Wolfpack football team plays their homecoming game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets the next day.  For more information, check out the NC State homecoming page.

thanks lassie, carla and christina