Happy Kellie Pickler Day!

Happy Kellie Pickler Day!

Kellie Pickler is the first kid off the Season 5 block to release an album.  And her brand-spankin new CD, “Small Town Girl” drops TODAY!  You can pick it up retail, or download it off one of the various online music sites around the net.  

Kellie Pickler 2.0

Reading back through my archives reminds me of how so very much I hated Kellie Pickler during the competition.  Ok, hate is really too strong a word.  But, basically, I wanted her off my Tee Vee, like, NOW.  I couldn’t believe this girl of few vocal gifts was getting by on a sob story and a “personality”.  A personality that seemed to be completely contrived and not at all amusing.  “What’s a ballsey?” indeed…

But, something has happened in the months since her elimination at 6th place.  Kellie no longer irritates me.  I still think she’s limited vocally.  And on tour, she was stiff and awkward on stage–something she’s going to have to work on before she tours to promote her new album.  But now, I find her kind of charming and find myself actually rooting for her.  Her new album is well produced and full of, yep–personality.  Except, now I’m thinking that’s not such a bad thing.

How did my attitude evolve? My feelings began to change almost immediately after she was eliminated. When Kellie did her post-boot interviews, she made no excuses for her bad performances–she appeared plucky and unaffected rather than whiny and fake.  Her skits with Wolfgang Puck on the Idol finale actually made me laugh.  Later, on the talk-show circuit, I found myself cracking a smile at a few of her “kellieisms”.  Only a few days after having her wisdom teeth pulled, she still managed to suit up and show up to perform on tour.  Later, when she missed a few shows due to vocal problems, she made an appearance on stage to wave to her fans–sweet.  She appears upbeat and level-headed in interviews.  And absolutely NOT dumb.

Sincere, bright and grounded–is this post-idol Kellie the real Kellie?  Does it matter?  For me, the two-faces-of-Kellie is yet more proof that the tight little box the contestants are shoved into during the competition allows them to reveal only a sliver of who they really are. Like any “reality” show, American Idol offers little in the way of reality.  It’s television–drama–soap opera.  Once a contestant is off the show and no longer playing a character created for them by the Powers That Be,  we are often introduced to a different person altogether.

Have I learned anything? No. I realize I’m possibly still being manipulated. And I just don’t care.    Furthermore,  I have big plans to get sucked into the manufactured melodrama that is American Idol again next year. Yep. I’m hopeless.

But in the meantime–Kellie! You Go Girl!  Hee.