Notes on the Top 12 Guys

The Sway song spoiler was WRONG.   I hate when that happens–I apologize.  I’ll do better, I promise.  

In the meantime, some notes on the guy’s performances tonight.   I’ll have some caps and more comments later.   Look for the girls recap soon:

Patrick Hall – “Come To My Window” Melissa Etheridge – I keep hearing Melissa in my head.   His performance was forgettable –Patrick doesn’t have the power to carry this song off.   He could be in trouble, but the judges were kind, and Patrick is likable–so he may live another week.

David Radford – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Queen – David has the cutest dimpled smile–which may keep him in the competition even though his vocals are sub-par.   David could knock someone out of the running for the Top 12 who is vocally more worthy. David wasn’t good, but Randy’s comments were  harsh. David looked close to tears.

Bucky Covington – “Simple Man” Lynyrd Skynyrd – Bucky has a raspy rock voice that he pushed too hard–maybe it was nerves. He had trouble staying on pitch. His southern charm and hot looks  will keep him in the competition, at least this week.

Will Makar – “I Want You Back” Jackson 5 – Damn, I have a weakness for these 70’s throwbacks. I love this kid–great voice and a performance that seemed effortless. If he doesn’t make the Top 12 something is very, very wrong.   The teen likability factor  will keep  him competitive this week, even with Simon’s lukewarm comments.

Sway – “Reasons” Earth Wind and Fire – Listening to Randy and Paula praise Sway’s performance, I thought I’d entered some alternate universe. I thought my eardrums were going to explode, he hit so many bad notes. It was terrible.   Even though he doesn’t deserve to, expect Sway to advance this week.

Chris Daughtry – “Wanted Dead or Alive” Bon Jovi – Not crazy about this song, but Chris performed it well. Positive comments, especially from Simon–means that Chris will have no trouble advancing this week.

Kevin Covais – “One Last Cry” Brian McKnight – He started out a little shaky, and was pitchy, but he had his moments tonight.     Randy/Paula’s compliments  cast  Kevin as the  sweetest kid ever–then that meanie Simon came in to tear  him down.   Everybody  will vote  to keep the poor kid in. It’s a very effective technique.   Kevin will live to see another week.

Gedeon McKinny – “Shout” There is something really…off…about Gedeon’s personality.   He speaks  with a pronounced enunciation, like he’s preaching or talking to a crowd of people.   Its really off-putting. Even though he picked a perfect song for his talents and did a great job–he’s a good bet for elimination this week.

Elliott Yamin – “If You Really Love Me” Stevie Wonder – Elliott has the blue-eyed soul thing going on.   He’s been unpimped–until now.   When Simon said he was potentially the best male vocalist,  he seemed to be casting Elliott as “the rough diamond” who will grow throughout the competition.    The high praise received from all three judges means he will advance.

Bobby Bennett – “Copacobana” Barry Manilow – WTF? What is this guy doing in the competition? His rough, crazy performance of this song was completely out of place and just plain bizarre. All I can say is–bye Bobby, it was nice barely knowing ya.

Ace Young – “Father Figure” George Michael – I’ve been critical of Ace and I still don’t think he’s a great singer.   But he picked a perfect song for his personality and talents. Ace will be moving on, without question.

Taylor Hicks – Elton John “Levon” – Taylor chose a great, classic pop song to sing, toned down the twitchiness, and sounded great on top of it.   The judges, including Simon raved.   I think Taylor will be sticking around. Yay.

Who could go on Thursday:   Patrick, Gedeon  or Bobby.