Kellie Pickler Reports from Nashville

The second installment of “The Pickler Report” was posted on Ken Barnes Idol Chatter blog today.  While Kellie was on vocal rest for a few days prior to hitting Nashville, she continued writing songs for her debut album, due to be released October 31.

While in Nashville, TN with the Idol tour,  Kellie began recording her record:

Plus, not only were we touring there [Nashville], I began recording the album too, which comes out October 31. Yeah, my first time in the studio recording for my album, I will never forget that feeling! During my first session this man walks in the door and I looked over my shoulder and quickly took a second look. I was so excited when I realized who it was…it was Kenny Chesney!!!!! I couldn’t believe that he was standing next to me! It was so weird because just last year I went to one of his concerts and after his show I remember going home and calling my friend Summer and telling her that after seeing Kenny on the stage that night, I knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

If her release date doesn't change, her album will be the first release from this year's crop of Idols.