September 5 Denver,  CO Idols Show

  • Kelly attends church in Boulder with Ace's Mom.  He and his family were invited to Ace's private M&G after the show.  Read Kelly's detailed recap here. He talks about the show, the M&G, and his connection to the Young family.
  • MaryR thoroughly enjoyed the AI show (and caught Chris's guitar pick!) but she and her husband totally dug the LiMBO show at Herman's Hideaway.  Read her recap of both shows here.
  • BoulderSoul had a blast at the LMBO show.  And she met Bobby Bennett afterward! Read her recap here.
  • DeeDee's take on the Denver Idol's show is snarky and humorous.  Read her recap here.
  • PJ goes bowling with Ace!  Seriously.  Some Ace fans organized a bowling party and Ace and his family made an appearance.  Wow.  PJ also attended the AI show and LiMBO After Party.  While she was not impressed with Taylor on the show, his performance with LiMBO WOWed her.  Read her recap here.

Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Elliott Yamin, Bucky Covington and Katharine McPhee (yes, Kat!) All hit the LMBO show last night at Herman's Hideaway.  Taylor, Elliott and Ace performed.  Bucky hung back, drinking some beers.  And Katharine watched unobtrusively from the back.  So quiet was she, that many of the club-goers didn't even notice her…

While we're waiting for Denver recaps, check out Plantwalker's Tacoma WA recap.  She met Ace and Taylor at the buses before the show.