More on Spoilers

HA HA.   Punked by a poster  from the IdolonFox message boards!  That entire spoiler list I posted right before the show was wrong.    For you West coasters, I  posted the real song selections in red  next to the fake spoilers.       It was probably a fake list planted  by a Fox operative… Hee.  

Spoilers posted on message boards are often unreliable, I’ve found.

Just to clarify.   The spoilers I posted Sunday, Monday and earlier today came from sources that have been 100% accurate for me in the past.   What I posted earlier about the girls–the Ayla Brown spoiler and the bit of gossip about the judges not being happy with the girls (lots of country) performances and song selections–actually were accurate.   So, don’t go hatin’ on me, OK?   Just kidding.

I’ll probably continue to post  message board spoilers, but with a giant caveat and asterisk to separate them from the  spoilers that I get from more reliable sources.    Thank you….

Girls recap coming up soon….