Chart Watch

Chris Daughtry's “Wanted Dead or Alive” has re-appeared on the Hot Adult Contemporary chart.  WODA held steady at #36 this week and last.   Taylor Hicks' single, “Do I Make You Proud” fell to #29 from #27 last week on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Sales for Taylor Hicks' and Katharine McPhee's CD have slowed, but they continue to sell.  Here are the numbers for the past two weeks:

Taylor Hicks Week 12:
DIMYP Weekly Sales: 3151
DIMYP Total over 12 Weeks: 435, 574

Taylor Hicks Week 13:
DIMYP Weekly Sales: 2625
DIMYP Total over 13 Weeks: 438, 199

Katharine McPhee Week 10:
SOTR Weekly Sales: 2709
SOTR Total over 10 Weeks: 131, 811

Katharine McPhee Week 11:
SOTR Weekly Sales: 2185
SOTR Total over 11 Weeks: 133, 996

The singles were #3 and #4 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales chart this week, behind Janet Jackson/Nelly and Beyonce.

thanks kirsten