September 21 Portland, ME Idols and LiMBO Show

Update:  I'm back.  It's late.  I'm tired.   Nevertheless, I had a great night.

Actually, I had a great (And mishap free! Yay!) day that began with a gorgeous drive up the coast.  It was one of those incredibly crisp, clear gold-spun days that we get here in New England in September.  I checked into my hotel (found out later that the idols stayed here too–seriously, I didn't know that) and then dashed off to meet Treppie (frequent blog commenter) and her friend Kelly.

We were going to eat at a popular Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood of the Civic Center, but there was a two-hour wait.  Instead, we had some lovely toasted sammiches at a Quiznos up the street.  We made out way to the Civic Center to find our seats.  The kid who led me to my seat looked at my ticket and said “Oh this ticket is for NEXT WEEK HA HA HA HA”  So funny.  Anyway.  I think I'll bullet my recap like I did for Syracuse.  That seemed to work out pretty well.

  • Wow.  I had great seats!  Fourth row,   1st seat on the inner aisle!  Whoo hoo!
  • Security did not search my bag.  In fact, security was competent and EXTREMELY laid back.  They were escorting people up the aisle to take pictures. And, at the very end of the show, they allowed folks to leave their seats to get closer to the stage.  I was so impressed, I made sure to tell them so.
  • A kid threw up in the aisle next to me.  Lovely.
  • Some dude near me screamed “I Love You Ace” and then “I Love You Chris” as a snark.  It actually was pretty funny.
  • Ace did NOT wear a tank top tonight under his jacket (he strips off his jacket during “Father Figure”)  Bummer.
  • During Kellie's patter, she noticed a big sign out in the audience.  She stopped right in the middle of what she was saying and exclaimed, “What is that?  I've never seen anything like that!”  It was a huge cardboard pickle, with Kellie's head pasted on top.  A little girl brought it, and Kellie signed it for her.  Cute.
  • I videoed nearly the entire 2nd half of the show.
  • Katharine told the audience she had a cold.  She was seen out by the buses wrapped in a blanket. She got a good response from the audience, along with the guys. 
  • Taylor's performance tonight was…interesting.  Watch the video and let me know what you think.  I saw a few moves I hadn't seen before.  He said that the last few shows would be dedicated to the band and the crew.
  • Kellie and Bucky wore big parrot heads during “We are the Champions, ”  Elliott had on a sombrero and big parrot feet.  Funny.

Taylor and the gang did not make it to the LiMBO show.  I wasn't surprised, or terribly disappointed really.  LiMBO put on great show tonight, and I spent the entire time up front with Treppie, her sister, Kelly and MH (another frequent commenter) dancing the night away to LiMBO's playful, inventive jams.  Yay.  I met a bunch of great fans at the club, and I have to thank Amy and Liz for putting together the little party in the VIP section.

I'll be uploading videos tomorrow morning.


Hi, I'm here in Portland for more Idol fun.  I'm just about to dash off to dinner.  What a beautiful day for a drive up the coast!  I love September in New England.

I'll check in VERY LATE tonight with the details…