More Recaps…

I've been so busy the past few days, I haven't had time to post any reader recaps from the weekend Idol shows.  Here's what I got:

  • Patbscrooges caught a few details I totally missed in my Wilkes Barre recap.  For instance–the crew taped Chris's microphone stand down as a joke, and Bucky road a scooter out on stage to hand Chris a bottle of water.  Read her detailed recap here.
  • I met 3girls (a Chris fan) and her husband at the pre-show get-together.  Read her clever recap of the Idols show and LiMBO here.
  • Bird attended the Bridgeport CT show Saturday night. Enjoy her descriptive recap here.
  • Here's a great recap of the Wilkes Barre show from Buckymania! Enjoy.
  • Boomerang's whirlwind tour through New England to attend AI and LiMBO shows ended in Milford CT and Wilkes Barre PA.  Read her final recap here.
  • Priya saw the Idols in Providence, RI and she loves her some Ace.  Read her recap here.


Kelly,  a Kat fan attended five concerts this year: Manchester (both nights), Portland, Syracuse and Wilkes Barre.  Check out her photo album here.  She had great seats for all the shows, so her shots are good.

Jean sent along some photos from the Asylum LiMBO show. Enjoy.

Bobby Bennett!

And now, for a special treat.  MaryR and Boulder Soul attended Bobby Bennett's club appearance in Denver on Sunday.  Read Boulder Soul's recap of the concert here.

ETA:  MaryR's recap here.

They loved it, by the way.  Would go see him again in a heart beat…

If anyone who posted recaps in comments the past few days would like me to post a link to it, please email a copy to me.  Ditto for pictures and such…

I'll have some screen caps to post in the next few days.