AI Rewind Premiers this Weekend

AI Rewind Premiers this Weekend

ETA:  This week's episode was a general overview of the “American Idol” phenomenon.  There was an attempt to analyze why the show is so popular, but the conclusions were nothing new:  The show brings families together, allowing viewers to pick who moves on gets them invested in the show, folks love a good trainwreck, etc.


  • Footage from all 5 seasons of Idol
  • A short interview with Ruben.
  • Recaps of the Season 1, 2 and 3's Top Two.
  • For some reason I can't fathom, Bo was nowhere to be found.  In a montage that featured the top two contestants from all seasons,   Bo was absent.  However,   Top 32 contestant, Frenchie Davis (who was later disqualified over some topless pictures she did for an internet porn sight) was featured prominently.
  • Plenty of clips of bad auditioners from all seasons, particularly the earlier seasons.
  • I believe Clay Aiken has definitely had his ears pinned.  I forgot about those ears!  They stuck straight out…

Next week's episode should be more interesting, as the show will begin it's recap of Season 1.

Don't forget, American Idol Rewind premiers this weekend.  Check your local listings for times and stations.  Season One features highlights from the first season of American Idol.  Here's a synopsis of this weekend's debut episode:

What's American Idol's secret to success? In this episode, we hear from celebrity fans and Idol's own Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barino, Clay Aiken and Rubin Studdard. Is it the hope that everyone has a star in them just waiting to be brought out? Or is it Simon Cowell and his fountain of truth? Whatever the answer, American Idol is now part of American music and television history!

My local station broadcasts the show Saturdays at 6 pm.  I'll post a little recap later.