August 7 Little Memphis Blues Orchestra @ Workplay, Birmingham AL Part 2

A big thank you, again, to Jena for calling in on her cell phone from Workplay tonight.  Despite some technical difficulties, we got a conference call going  just as Taylor and Co. hit the stage with LiMBO.

I just spoke to Jena on the phone.  She’s still on a post-concert high.  A few details: Elliott, Bucky and Ace were at Workplay along with Taylor.  Taylor and Elliott sang “Whipping Post.” Elliott also sang “Use Me.”  Ace and Bucky sang back-ups.  The crowd was nuts.

Onstage, Taylor said, “We are bringing real F*cking music back to pop music.  And you can take. that. to. the. bank.”  The other guys were all nodding their heads in agreement.

Jena will be stopping by the blog tomorrow with a full recap.