Brianna Taylor?

In the “Dueling Idol Identities  Department”:    On January 6th  reader David Semper left me the following comment about potential Top 24 contestant Brianna Taylor:

Hey just so y’all know… Brianna Taylor went to my high school, and she’s a good friend of mine.. She 19 years old from Greensboro, she went to Walter Hines High School.. She and I both won the very prestigious “NORTH CAROLINA TEACHING FELLOWS SCHOLARSHIP” none of which she’ll be using now :).. As far as looks she’s about 5′ 4, she’s African American, very spunky, suuuper nice, very pretty but very simple.. Not a glammed up type of girl.. And DAMN SHE CAN SING!.. I can’t wait for y’all to see her.. She gonna be on the second day of the premiere.. The 18th I think .. So look out! BRIANNA D. TAYLOR IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!

Ahh, not so fast….

Another reader, Ryan Impagliazzo left this comment yesterday:

I think that’s the wrong Brianna Taylor. American Idol contestant Brianna Taylor went to my high school, Central Bucks High School – East, in Buckingham, PA (same school as first season contestant Justin Guarini). This girl is gorgeous and EXTREMELY talented. Check her out.

Brianna Taylor is not an uncommon name, as I found out when I did a Google search.   Anybody out there have information that can back up either story?  We’ll find out soon enough with the show starting in less than a week.   During the auditions, I’ll keep an organized tally of  what the rumor mill got right  and wrong.    I’m sure there will be items in both columns.

And, in the IAmATool or BloggersAreMorons otherwise known as Corrections Department: In my last post, I mentioned that an AI forum moderator over at TWOP  deleted some  posts regarding  AI contestant April  Walsh (who posted  her experiences at TWOP  very early in  her  audtion process)  as late as yesterday.    I was completely wrong about that.   In fact, the conversation I  was referring to still exists, in another  thread, modded by a different moderator.    Although I caught my own mistake, I StillBDumb.   My apologies.