Jason Horn

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No new Top 24 spoilerage to report, but I found something funny over at the AI forum at Survivor Sucks in the Spoiler Thread.  

Spoilerai listed some possible Hollywood Contestants (they probably aren’t Top 24) and one of them is Jason Horn, who is a funeral director at what looks to be a family-run funeral  business.   The site features a pic and bio. (left)    Ok. So, when he’s not embalming bodies and stuff, he sings in the church choir? Cool. Jason is lucky.  Every year, the producers  let a few people through with unusual backstories just for the entertainment factor.   This dude may even get some nice  pimpage due to his rather interesting day job.   I wonder if he auditioned with the bad haircut and dorky suit?   That could be part of the gimmick.   He might even be able to sing.

Reader, Auburn Tiger, left another comment today.   He posted a  link (this link has actually been floating around the  net for  a  few days now) to an MP3 of Taylor Hicks singing “Georgia on My Mind.”   I just gave it a listen, and I must say, Taylor’s blusey vocals are pretty impressive.   I’m thinking he’ll be compared to Bo Bice.   But,  while  Bo is a  rock singer with  blues influences, Taylor  clearly sings the blues.    The guitarist on the track  is  really talented too–he plays a  couple of  really sweet extended solos.   I look forward to Taylor looking younger and younger as the competition progresses.  Hee. Once the stylists get ahold of him, I’m guessing the gray hair will be the first thing to go.    

And yes,  accounts  from Auburn and Spoilerai (and others, like CT and Grrr,  who have stories of other  Idols who went ahead with their gigs anyway, despite their contestant status)  have convinced me that  this guy,  really is  an AI contestant.   And maybe in the Top 24.