More Pictures and a recap Worcester MA July 7 Idols show

There are actually two fabulous recaps of last night’s show here.  I was so busy taking crappy videos, I missed some of the details.  Speaking of videos, you can download media and check out my photobucket here.  I threw a bunch of screen captures from my videos into my photobucket, so check it out.

Despite already posting two excellent recaps, here’s mine anyway.  No show tonight for me, so I might as well…

Like I mentioned yesterday, Ayla Brown was sitting right behind me and my friend Lolly in the audience last night.  Ha ha, I had better seats than Ayla!  Just kidding.  I’ll bet she didn’t have to buy her tickets on Ebay at inflated prices.  Her family is very handsome.  Her mom (the local Boston newscaster Gail Huff) is WAY prettier in person than she is on TV.  Ayla was mobbed with fans both before the show and during intermission.  She very patiently signed autographs and took pictures with her fans.  She’s keeping busy–she sang the National Anthem at the big Boston 4th of July Pops concert.  In September, she starts as a freshman at Boston College on a Basketball scholarship.

A picture named July_7_203.JPG

“I’m Every Woman”
“If I Was Your Woman”

Ayla was introduced from the audience by Mandisa.  One thing I noticed this year–there aren’t as many signs in the audience compared to previous tours.  And the glowsticks seem to be scarcer too.  Is the audience become less cheesy along with the Idols?  I have a penchant for big, stupid looking, badly made signs myself.  But like the rest, I didn’t bring one this year.

Mandisa has a tendency to rely a bit too much on her belting skillz, but she’s good.  I think she’ll do very well in Gospel after the tour.


A picture named July_7_300.JPG

Mandisa and Ace performed “I’m Your Angel”.  I wouldn’t necessarily think of putting those two together, but they complimented each other nicely.  They both seem like sweet souls and on the same wavelenght when they perform.  Their vocal styles are very different, but it worked.






A picture named 2365.jpeg

“Father Figure”
“Harder to Breathe”

Ok.  Uhhm.  I think I’ve developed a little crush on Ace Young.  Ahem.  Shut up lolly. I’ll leave it at that.

Ace’s mannerisms can be goofy and cornball, but he’s so sincere.  Ace running his finger down his cheek as he sings the word “tear” should make me snicker, but it doesn’t.  Well, ok, maybe I’m snickering a little, but I can’t help but smile.   I really enjoyed his set–his singing was much better live than it was on the show.  “Father Figure” is one of my favorite cuts off the Encore CD.


A picture named July_7_305.JPG


“Signed, Sealed Delivered”
“Your Song”
“Someone Saved My Life Tonight”

Lisa Tucker’s got the pipes, but there is something empty about her performances.  She hasn’t learned to connect emotionally to what she’s singing.  She needs to shake off that child-star-imitating-a-grown-up deal she’s got going and tap into her own emotions.  When she does that, she’s got the potential to be fabulous.  I found myself a little bored during her numbers.


A picture named 4465.jpeg

“Waterfalls” with Lisa Tucker
“Midnight Train to Georgia”
“Crazy in Love”

On the other hand, I think Paris Bennett connects just fine.  I thought she was adorable. She danced her way through a really fun performance.  Admittedly, the dancing affected her vocals, but I give her props for attempting to dance and sing at the same time.  Your average pop tart is usually lip-syncing to those dance moves.

Having said that, I would have loved to hear some Billie or another jazz standard.  But this show is all about uptempo pop tunes, with a few exceptions.


A picture named 3994.jpeg

“Drift Away”

Bucky Covington was kinda gawky on stage and his vocals didn’t carry well in the big arena.  He seemed pretty much the same to me here as he did on the show.  However, his affable charm is winning.  During “Drift Away” he came down to the audience to shake hands, and he’s so sweet with the kids.  He needs to lose the cowboy hat though–without being able to see his eyes, it’s hard to connect.  His recorded voice is better than his live vocals, I think.  I suspect he’s a much better performer with a band in a small club setting.



A picture named July_7_311.JPG

“You’re the One that I Want” with Bucky Covington
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“Walking After Midnight”

Kellie Pickler changed it up tonight.  She sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” rather than “I’m the Only One”.  I still think this song is WAY too big for her.  She barely managed it.  “Walking after Midnight” was a better vocal performance, but her stage presence was clumsy.  She actually stomped around the stage. (she’s walking! Get it?) No wonder she broke her heel. (she did!)   However, her between stage banter (although the whole “I can’t pronounce Worcester routine was pretty contrived.  And I saw that one coming down Mass Avenue) was much better than her singing.  She can be really funny.  I’m still betting that if she finds success, it will be on a reality show or sitcom.


A picture named 3716.jpeg

“Whole Lotta Love”
“Wanted Dead or Alive”

New England totally loves them some Chris Daughtry, that’s for sure.  He had the audience in the palm of his hand.  The dude has no moves, he never smiles when he sings–it hurt him on Idol.  But, in a big arena setting, he was absolutely in his element.  Singing in his preferred genre, Chris is powerful and easily connects with his audience.  He was the first performer after intermission, and he really got the audience revved up.



A picture named 2013.jpeg

“Savin’ Me” with Chris Daughtry
“All My Love”
“Moody’s Mood For Love”

New England also loves Elliott Yamin.  And he loves them back.  Elliott was constantly looking out into the audience, smiling and waving.  On the opening show, he said “This is my first concert, EVER” and it’s obvious that he’s completely thrilled to be performing on the big stage.

His vocals are excellent, and he appears to be working on his stage presence.  His still awkward, but he’s relaxed and energetic, rather than stiff and scared like he sometimes was on the show.  He and Chris blend really well on their duet.  It’s definitely a highlight of the set.

A picture named 0729.jpeg


One more picture of Elliott…







A picture named 1027.jpeg

I’m cheating a little.  This picture of Bucky is from Thursday night’s performance of “Patience”, but its so purdy that I just had to post it.  I hope that when Katharine McPhee comes back, they find a way to keep “Patience” in the show.  The guys do a fantastic job playing and harmonizing together.






A picture named July_7_403.JPG

One of the many looks of Paris Bennett! I loved the straight hair.  And the curly hair.  This picture is from the girls medley.







A picture named 0473.jpeg

“Jailhouse Rock”
“Hollywood Nights”
“Sweet Soul Music”
“What’s Going On”
“Living for the City”
“Don’t Let Me Down”
“Do I Make You Proud”
“Takin’ it to the Streets”

Taylor Hicks came in a side entrance right by where we were sitting.  He entered the arena like a Rock Star and took command of the stage the minute he arrived.

He was all high energy and excitement.  And the crowd loved it.  Somebody in comments mentioned that Taylor changed the lyrics to “Hollywood Nights”, taking out the lyrics about the girl to make the song more of a reflection of what a whirlwind his life has been this past year.  I like the fact that he needs to connect to the music he sings.  And if he doesn’t, he either tosses it out (like his original coronation song) or finds a creative way to adapt the tune.  I’m hearing that Taylor put his set together, and I’m betting he worked on the arrangements with the musicians.  I’m impressed that he’s managed to find a way to “Dance with the Devil” without completely losing who he is as an artist.  I hope he continues down that path.

A picture named 4718.jpeg

My friend Lolly and I had an interesting conversation on the way home.  This was after we found my car.  Uhhh, we couldn’t remember where we parked! Ha.  Anyway, she mentioned that Taylor doesn’t smile at and connect with individual audience members like the other idols.  After I thought about it, I realized she was right.  It would be hard to get his attention with a sign, for instance (Although he did pick up a Teddy Bear that landed on the stage).  But Taylor is so in “the zone” when he performs, he is a bit oblivious.  He does connect to the audience in his way.  His energy is infectious and his ability to convey the emotion of his music is uncanny.  I can’t wait for his solo tour.



A picture named July_7_100.JPG

“We are the Champions”
“Living in America”

“We are the Champions” features the Idols without Taylor.  Taylor joins the rest (after resting a bit and getting out of what must be a very sweaty jacket) for “Living in America”.  It’s cool not to be completely deprived of some Pointy Pose goodness.





A picture named July_7_105.JPGThe Idols leave the stage, but then come back for one last bow.  I wish I had a good recording of this–they all come back out dancing and then take a bow together, like a curtain call for a stage show.  Finally, they dance themselves (Ace is particularly awesome–he leaps into the air on his way out.  That boy can jump) off the stage.

So, while Lolly and I were looking for my car, we passed by a stage door where some fans were waiting.  We hung around for awhile.  A guy came out and said that the Idols were all eating.  But then somebody came out and said they’d left through another entrance.  Actually, I think the bus was in the garage.  They probably drove out, waving to the fans…

Not sure though, because we left.  Meeting the Idols would be fun, but I’m not a patient girl…

a great big thank you AGAIN to LA for the awesome photo touchups…