Idols Invited to Meet President Bush

Idols Invited to Meet President Bush at the White House

The Idols have been invited to the White House:

Bush plans to host American Idol Taylor Hicks and the other Top 10 finalists next Friday in the Oval Office. It will be the first time contestants from the hit television show have been invited to meet the president.

The meeting is scheduled for July 28, when the performers were scheduled to be in Washington for their American Idols Live show at the Verizon Center. Hicks has a personal connection inside the White House: Susan Whitson, Laura Bush’s press secretary, taught him 9th grade English at Hoover High School in Birmingham, Ala.

The finalists will get a tour of the White House before their audience with the president.

Katharine McPhee will be in Washington DC July 28 with the rest of the Idols.  Recent reports have her joining the tour on July 27 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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