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More Media…

In case anybody missed it, I taped GMA yesterday and uploaded Taylor’s performances to Go Fish:  Do I Make You Proud,   Taking it to the Streets,  Interviews and bits of songs.  Enjoy!

Worth posting again:

From the Manchester NH July 6–Taking it to the Streets, Don’t Let Me Down and the guys sing Patience.  More of my videos, from Worcester MA here and here.  I’ve been adding screen caps from the NH and MA Idol concerts to my photobucket– Manchester, NH and Worcester, MA.

And, from Lori, (thank you!) photos from July 19 Cleveland, OH Idols show.

ETA:  YAY!  Thanks to Idolwatcher33, there is a full video of Taylor Hicks singing his original song, “Hell of a Day” on Good Morning America.  Check it Out