Chris Daughtry Homecoming

Chris Daughtry Homecoming

Chris Daughtry greeted about 1200 enthusiastic fans at the McLeansville Shopping Center when he travelled back to McLeansville, NC for his homecoming party today.

He performed “Wanted Dead or Alive” from the Idol compilation CD and an acoustic version of “Keep Me Close”, a tune by his band, Absent Element.  Later in the afternoon, he was joined by the band at Jamieson Stadium in Greensboro to perform some original songs.  Chris also sang an original tune called “Home”, accompanying himself on guitar.

Chris told hometown fans that he will continue to live in the McLeansville area as he pursues his career in music.  He also announced that he turned down the Fuel gig.  The band offered Daughtry a job hours after he was eliminated from Idol last month.

Regarding his initial shock when voted off Idol, Chris says, “It was my time to go…It was the best thing that could have happened.”

I’m also reading around the net that Chris recently met and jammed with Billy Bob Thorton.  This afternoon, Chris was presented with a motorcycle by Harley Davidson.  And yesterday in New York City,  he attended a Pearl Jam concert.

thanks to Carla and the Daughtry Gang